When you think of Easter, does candy come to mind? This year, moderate the sugar with 100 No-Candy Easter Basket Ideas! These Easter basket ideas for kids are also great for children who made have food allergies too. Oh! And these Easter gift ideas perfect for your Easter basket are inexpensive and fun too!

100 No-Candy Easter Basket Ideas (text) with spring flowers, Easter eggs, ribbon and confetti on a white background - Kids Activities Blog
Easter basket ideas for kids that are candy-free! Yay!

Easter Basket Ideas Filled with Easter Gifts without Candy

Whether you just want the Easter Bunny to gift a couple pieces in their Easter Basket, or no candy at all, we’ve got you covered with a ton of Easter basket inspiration! There is an Easter gift idea for everyone! Between outside toys, puzzles, books, crafts and more, we can help you find the perfect thing to add to an Easter basket.

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Easter basket stuffers don’t have to be jelly beans and chocolate. There are plenty of fun Easter basket ideas for younger kids, older kids, and even teen girls, teen boys and even adults too. Whether you want a traditional Easter basket, themed basket, we have fun Easter basket ideas for everyone! 

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Outside Easter Basket Ideas For Kids

Empty Easter basket on white background - green basket with pink Easter grass - Kids Activities blog
Let’s fill that Easter basket with all sorts of outdoor fun!

As a kid, Easter always brought so much excitement because it meant it was time for it to finally starting to warm up enough that my brother and I could play outside! We have some great outdoor DIY Easter basket ideas, that could also be used for gift basket ideas later for like birthdays. An outside play theme Easter basket allows you to gift your kids with fun toys they can play with all Spring and summer! Kids of all ages will have a great time with these.

1. Sidewalk Chalk

Use Glitter Sidewalk Chalk to create murals that will rival Bert’s, in Mary Poppins! And how cute is this Easter Egg sidewalk chalk? It even comes in a little egg carton! There’s also funky Tie-Dye Sidewalk Chalk that will still appeal to older kids.

Non Candy Easter basket ideas: Easter chalk melts (text) showing bunny shaped homemade chalk on a grass background
Make your own Easter Bunny Chalk!

DIY This Easter Basket Idea:

2. Ring Toss

Backyard games, like Bunny Ears Ring Toss, are the best way to bring the family together this Easter! This one one of the easier Easter basket ideas as it is already bunny themed!

non candy Easter basket ideas - ring toss made with paper plate craft - Kids Activities Blog

DIY This Easter Basket Idea:

3. Playground Ball

Kids will have hours of fun with a Playground BallBounce it, dodge it, kick it, this playground ball is perfect for an outdoors themed Easter Basket.

4. Bug Catcher

Who knows… this Bug Catcher might inspire your child to become an entomologist! Catch butterflies, moths, caterpillars, spiders, and more! This Easter toy may require some adult supervision though. Don’t want to pick up the wrong creepy crawlie.

non candy Easter basket ideas - make your own bug catcher

DIY This Easter Basket Idea

5. LED Bike Wheel Lights

Your kiddo will be the coolest kid in the neighborhood this summer with LED Bike Wheel Lights (plus safer, due to more visibility in the evening). This is a great Easter basket idea to make your kids want to be active!

6. Neon Sidewalk Paint

Take their sidewalk creations to another level with Neon Sidewalk Paint. Draw a cross, and Easter egg, the Easter bunny, or whatever you like with this awesome neon sidewalk paint.

DIY This Easter Basket Idea

7. Rocket Copters

Rocket Copters are so fun to play with! They light up so it could be a fun way to play outside, as a family, in the evening! Who says Easter is only fun during the day?

DIY This Easter Basket Idea

8. Sidewalk Mandala Kit

I sort of want this Sidewalk Mandala Kit in MY Easter Basket! Create beautiful Easter designs all over the sidewalk and driveway!

Non candy Easter basket ideas - make your own mandala patterns - easy zentangle coloring pages shown on white background with art supplies
Make your own Mandala Pattern

DIY This Easter Basket Idea

9. No Spill Bubble Tumblers

No Spill Bubble Tumblers are a lifesaver! This is a great idea for a toddler Easter basket because not only can they get outside with this toy, but they won’t ruin their Easter clothes by making a mess.

non candy Easter basket ideas - bouncing bubbles - gloved hand holding large bubble on white background
Let’s Make Bubbles at Home!

DIY This Easter Basket Idea

10. Butterfly Binoculars

Examine Nature in style with Butterfly Binoculars! These are precious and another great idea for a toddler Easter Basket. Let them get outside and look at the birds, butterflies, and more.

DIY This Easter Basket Idea

11. Beach Toys

Beach Toys are something you will most likely need this summer, anyway, and they make the perfect addition to an Easter basket. This beach toy set even comes with a little wagon! Perfect for sand boxes or if you’re like me and live on the coast, this is a viable gift all year round.

DIY This Easter Basket Idea

12. Bubble Machines

Kids love Bubble Machines and well, so do I! This is one of my favorite Easter basket ideas to make Easter extra fun and festive.

DIY This Easter Basket Idea

13. Bouncy Balls

Bouncy Balls are always a hit! These are also non candy things to put in Easter eggs because they are small enough! What a fun surprise.

non candy Easter basket ideas - make your own bouncy ball at home - collage of steps to making a bouncy ball including child holding finished ball
You can Make a Bouncy Ball!

DIY This Easter Basket Idea

14. Glow Sticks

Glow Sticks are perfect for summer evenings! Snap them and wear them, dance with them, or even craft with them! The options are endless.

DIY This Easter Basket Idea

15. Walkie Talkies

Walkie Talkies are way cooler than iPads! Who doesn’t love walkie talkies?! They were the coolest when I was a kid and they are great for getting kids to play together and promote pretend play. Which makes these, in my opinion, one of the cool Easter basket ideas.

Easter Basket Craft Ideas

100 No-Candy Easter Basket Ideas - crafts for kids - craft kit baskets for Easter shown is clay for modeling with child making picture
Let’s fill our Easter baskets with craft supplies!

When in doubt, craft supplies are the gift that keeps on giving! Crafts are the best way to spend those last cold days of Spring, before kids can get outside and play more. Crafts also work well for kids of every age! These are the best Easter baskets for artists! These colorful Easter goodies are great for any kid’s Easter basket. Such a creative idea. Get it? Because art? I’ll see my way out…

16. Easter Coloring Book

Disney Easter Coloring and Sticker Books are a fun way to stick with an Easter theme! Plus, it’ll work on your child’s fine motor skills and keep them busy while you work on Easter dinner.

Free REsources for This Easter Basket Idea

17. Wikki Stix

Wikki Stix are great for crafting on-the-go! They’re bendable and stick to each other and mess free. Perfect!

18. Paint Brush Set

Paint Brush Set... every artist can always use a new one, because you can never have too many paint brushes!

19. Water Wow!

Coloring with water in this Water Reveal Flip Pad is relaxing! This Water Wow! book is cool because all you need is the clear marker to see the colors on the page.

20. Wooden Stamps

Wooden Stamp Kits are perfect for creating your own stationary, wrapping paper, and greeting cards! Plus, if we’re being honest, it is just fun to stamp things in general and it’s a classic craft making this one of my favorite Easter basket craft ideas.

Cheap Easter basket ideas like paintbrushes
Art supplies are a great Easter basket filler.

21. Rainbow Stamp Pad

Speaking of stamps! This Rainbow Stamp Pad will go with your stamps! Make sure to add this to your child’s Easter basket as well! Plush, it’s washable, which is a must!

22. Shrinky Dinks

Shrinky Dinks are so fun to make! Do you remember making these as a kid? I do! This is one of my favorite Easter Basket ideas, because while kids can make cool stuff for themselves, they often give these out as gift! What a great lesson on kindness and on Easter of all days! Can’t get more perfect than that.

DIY This Easter Basket Idea

23. Washable Kids Paint

Washable Kids Paint is a crafting must! It will go perfect with the paintbrushes!

DIY This Easter Basket Idea

24. Reusable Sticker Pads

Reusable Sticker Pads are awesome to keep in the car for road trips! To me, this is a cool Easter basket idea! I have never heard of reusable stickers until now!

25. Color By Numbers Coloring Book

Practice coloring with Color by Numbers Coloring Pads! Work on your numbers and fine motor skills all at once. Plus, it is one of those great Easter basket ideas that promotes quiet play.

DIY This Easter Basket Idea

Brainy Easter Basket Ideas

Easter Egg Basket Ideas like puzzles
Puzzles are fun things to stuff an Easter basket with!

Channel your inner Bob Newby, from Stranger Things, and show kids how fun it is to use their minds and figure out different puzzles and word games! These brain games Easter baskets are perfect if you have a road trip coming up during or after Spring break!

26. Snake Cube Twist Puzzle

This Snake Cube Twist Puzzle will keep them busy for hours! Plus, will work on their problem solving skills.

27. Easter Mad Libs

Easter Themed Mad Libs are a fun way to stick with an Easter theme.

28. Easter Activity Books

Easter Activity Books are something that kids will always play with! Plus, they work on problem solving skills as well.

DIY This Easter Basket Idea

29. Easter Jokes

Try the jokes from this “Don’t Laugh Challenge” Easter Joke Book on your family during Easter brunch!

30. Neon Slinky

This Neon Slinky is a classic! My brother and I used to love “racing” slinkies  on stairs as kids!

31. Kids Card Game

How fun does this Smack It! Kids Card Game look? It kind of makes me think of that card game we would play as a kids called War.

32. Go Fish Card Game

An Easter Go Fish Card Game is the perfect addition to any Easter basket! Did you know you can use a soap bar container to keep cards together. Look little organization hack.

33. Maze Book

Who could turn down a good maze? I know I can’t! Loving this On the Go Maze Book! A simple yet fun Easter basket idea!

DIY This Easter Basket Idea

34. Easter Lego Set

Keep the fun of your annual Easter egg hunt alive year-round, with this LEGO Easter Egg Decorating Set.

35. Brain Quest Cards

Brain Quest Cards are the best gift for kids of nearly any age, and they can be used all year long!

36. Easter Batman

Easter Batman is basically the coolest thing, ever! This is another non candy thing to put in Easter eggs! A fun surprise.

More Fun And Brainy Easter Basket Ideas

100 No-Candy Easter Basket Ideas include puzzles like the ones in this picture with kids working to solve
Kids love Easter basket puzzles!

37. Kids Cards Games

This 6 pack of Kids Card Games is awesome to keep in the car, or bring along in a carry-on for any Spring travel! Plus, they sit so nicely in Easter baskets

38. Alphabet Magnets

Alphabet Magnets are an oldie but a goodie! These are great if you’re making a toddler Easter basket without candy. They can learn letters and words!

39. Gear Magnets

Gearation Refrigerator Magnets will spark their curiosity! This could become a fun way to teach physical science and can quickly become a STEM activity.

40. Bath Pipes

Building Bath Pipes will take bath time to the next level of fun! Stick these pipes all over the walls and watch as water pours down them.

41. Let’s Go Fishing Game

I received this Let’s Go Fishing Game for Christmas one year, and it was a favorite!

42. Uno

Easter baskets are the perfect way to stock up on Family Game Night essentials, like this Uno Card Game! I love this game so much.

43. Rubik’s Cube

Rubik’s Cubes are magical! Do you know the secret to solving it? Well, besides moving the stickers?

Best Easter basket gifts for kids: math games
Math and Easter are perfect when paired with a game.

44. Preschool Flashcards

Your preschooler’s Easter basket can help prepare him/ her for kindergarten with these Preschool Flash Cards!

45. Easter Puzzles

Easter puzzles are a great way to bring the family together! Plus, look how cute that cotton tail is! This 1000 pieces Easter puzzle is a great Easter basket idea.

DIY This Easter Basket Idea

46. Etch A Sketch

Etch A Sketch is the best gift, because it can literally go anywhere! Plus it is mess free! Not to mention they make big ones and little ones so you can find one for any size Easter Basket.

47. Water Gears

Water Gears are more bath time fun! My kids love these! Pour water on them and watch them whirl.

48. Math Game

If you have a math fan, you should totally pop this Math Dice Mental Math Game in their Easter basket this year!

Book Easter Basket Ideas

Easter bunny sitting on a book - Kids Activities Blog
Fill your Easter basket with books!

What could be better than a basket full of books? They truly are the gift that keeps on giving!

49. Put Me In The Story Book

Put Me In The Story Book–how epic is this?! Your little one will love reading about their own adventures!

50. Easter Stories

Stock up on some Easter-Themed books. Read up on Peter Rabbit and all his fun adventures this Easter!

51. Library Card for the Win

You can also include either your child’s first library card, or a gift card to their favorite bookstore, to keep the fun going past Easter morning!

52. Magazine Subscription

Sign up for a subscription to a magazine for your child! They will be so excited to get their very own mail.

“Experience” Easter Basket Ideas

Easter basket filler ideas - gift experiences like zoo trip - mom and child at zoo feeding giraffe - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s fill our Easter basket with experiences!

My kids have been blessed with toys, books, and craft supplies from loving family and friends, but one gift we all really appreciate is the gift of experiences and memories!

Toys pile up and are eventually outgrown, but an experience is forever (and won’t clutter the house)! I love to save these gift cards and experiences to share with my kids during breaks from school and summer vacation.

53. Easter basket ideas to gives your child experiences:

  • ABC Mouse Membership
  • Movie Gift Cards
  • Zoo/ Aquarium Membership
  • Season Pass to an Amusement Park (then you will be prepared for summer!)
  • Join our Printables Library for non-stop coloring and crafting fun!
  • Art Classes (Check Groupon or your local school district class catalog)

Glamorous Easter Basket Ideas

Glamorous Easter basket ideas - makeup and small box on pink background surrounded by candy - Kids Activities Blog
Fill your Easter basket with pampering!

Looking for basket ideas fit for a little diva? Pamper her with these fun ideas!

54. Lip Gloss

Your little princess will love this Cupcake Lip GlossEach container looks like cupcakes!

55. Bath Bombs

Each Kid Bath Bomb is multicolored and comes with a toy! Once the bath bomb dissolved you’ll have a special little animal friend. I really like this Easter basket idea for kids.

56. Temporary Tattoos

These Metallic Temporary Tattoos For Kids are cool and chic! These used to be my favorite as a kid!

57. Electric Toothbrush

Combine a gift with learning about oral hygiene with this cool Electric Toothbrush for Kids. It even plays music so that they know how long to brush! I love useful Easter basket ideas.

58. Color Bath Drops

Color Bath Drops help create a bath fit for a prince or princess! Each drop will change your bath a different color! This is a great Easter present for kids.

59. Glitter Hairspray

Glitter Hairspray For Kids… need I say anything more? I won’t lie, I may also need this for my Easter basket as well.

60. Barbie Clothes

Barbie Clothes are a gift that will get lots of use! This is Easter Barbie can be ready for any occasion! I think this is a really cool Easter basket gift.

61. Necklace Activity Set

They will love creating their own jewels with this Disney Princess Necklace Activity Set! This is another awesome Easter basket activity, because it promotes giving.

62. Tiaras

Dress Up Tiaras are pretty much a given in this Easter basket! Be the prettiest princess or prince!

63. Make Your Own Bracelets

Design Your Own Bracelets, and keep on shining! These sparkly cute bracelets are also slap bracelets I believe which bring back memories!

Musical Easter Basket Ideas

Easter basket gift idea of music - Kids Activities Blog - girl sitting on bed with guitar
Fill your Easter basket with music!

Do you have a musician who you’re looking for Easter basket inspiration for? Add some of these instruments to their basket, and then start a band named the Jellybeans!

62. Harmonica

Play the blues with this nifty Harmonica. This is a cool Easter egg basket idea!

63. Recorder

We all learned to play the Recorder in school. Teach your child how to play Mary Had A Little Lamb, Hot Cross Buns, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

64. Kazoo

I never had a Wooden Kazoo, always plastic, but I loved these things. These are perfect for an Easter basket.

Character Easter Baskets

Paw patrol toys for Easter baskets
Favorite characters are perfect Easter basket themes!

Every kid has a favorite character (or two!) from shoes, movies, and books. This is a great idea to work with, if you are having a hard time finding a theme for your candy-free Easter basket.

65. Paw Patrol

Paw Patrol Mini Figures are perfect for the Easter basket. These are more non candy things to put in Easter eggs.

66. Shopkins Cups

Shopkins Cups filled with goodies like the cupcake lip gloss is another great Easter basket idea.

67. Paw Patrol Cups

These Paw Patrol Cups are spill proof, no BPA, and will fit perfectly into an Easter basket!

68. PJ Mask Figurines

This PJ Mask Set is more non candy things to put in Easter eggs! I’m loving all these Easter egg surprises.

69. Emoji Keychains

Emoji Keychains are plushy, great for older kids, and are even great Easter basket ideas for adults.

70. Family Movie Night

Family Movies are a great way to spend time together. Plus, DVD’s fit perfectly into Easter baskets as well. Add a bag of microwaveable popcorn or a healthy snack and you have a movie themed Easter basket.

71. Fingerlings

How cute are Fingerlings!? They’re tiny animals that bend around your finger. These are precious and  is among the cutest Easter stuff for kids.

72. Paw Patrol Easter Basket

Don’t have a lot of time on your hands? Then check out this pre-filled Paw Patrol Easter basket! No candy, all toys! How cool!

73. Minnie Mouse Puzzle

I love this Minnie Mouse Wooden Dress Up Set. You can use this as a puzzle to put all the clothes together as they came or dress her up anyway you want!

74. Moana Figurines

This Moana Figurine Set is perfect for any girl or boy who loves Moana! These are also non candy things to put into Easter eggs as well.

Sensory Easter Basket Ideas

Sensory Toys for Easter Gifts - Kids Activities Blog - slime on child's hand
Fill your Easter basket with sensory gifts!

Sensory Easter basket items are great for home, and the classroom, if you are looking for ideas!

75. Motion Timer

This Liquid Motion Timer for Sensory Play will not only fit in an Easter basket, but also promotes sensory play and can also be used as a calming bottle.

76. Water Beads

Rainbow Water Beads are must have for any sensory bin! Plus, all the different colors fit the Easter theme as Easter is a bright and colorful holiday.

77. Sticky Hands

These Sticky Hands were all the craze when I was a kid! We used to slap this onto windows and watch them stick. These are definitely the best non candy things to put in Easter eggs.

78. Silly String

Who doesn’t love Silly String?! Silly string is a fun way to play outside, make a mess, spray each other, and it’s a unique way to play tag!

79. Slime Putty

Slime Putty is a little new to me. I was always used to silly putty, but I’m loving the colors. Plus, this is egg shaped which makes it perfect for the Easter basket.

Easter basket ideas like colorful playdough
Playdough is so much fun for Easter!

80. Play Doh Stampers

How precious are these Play-Doh Easter Bunny & Chick Stampers? This is such a cute activity that is Easter themed, I love it.

81. Mini Play Dough

Well, you can’t play with Play Doh stampers without Mini Play Doh! There are so many colors!

82. Play Foam

Play Foam is such a cool sensory toy. It is sticky, slimy, but also textured because of the foam beads. It is a fun Easter present for kids.

83. Fidget Toys

Do you have a child that can’t sit still? A Tangle Jr. Fidget Toy is perfect! They’ll be so focused on the grooves, sounds, and colors!

84. Kinetic Sand

Looking for more Easter basket ideas that don’t involve candy? Kinetic Sand is also a great sensory activity. It sticks, it’s rough, and it is colorful!

Easter Baskets Ideas for Car and Truck Lovers

Easter basket ideas for car and truck lovers - Kids Activities Blog - car on chalk drawn track
Give the Easter gift of cars and trucks.

Is your little one intrigued by the garbage truck when it rolls down your street every week? Can they name all of the different vehicles that surround your car as you run errands? Feed their curiosity with vehicle-themed Easter basket!

85. Build Your Own Monster Truck Kit

How cool is this build your own monster truck kit? I love when a craft is tailored to my child’s interests!

86. Hot Wheels Easter Basket

Hot Wheels are a classic childhood toy! Fill up your child’s basket with Hot Wheels for the coolest Hot Wheels Easter basket.

87. Construction Vehicles

Let them use their imagination to build anything with this Mini Construction Vehicle Set!

Nature and Animal Easter Baskets

Easter Nature Gifts - Kids Activities Blog - child peeking over a rock
Fill your Easter basket with nature gifts for kids!

Is your little one a big nature fan? Celebrate Spring, and their curiosity, with these fun nature-themed ideas!

88. Tickle Me Plants

This Tickle Me Plant is the cutest and actually really cool. Some plants actually protect itself when touched and now you can experience it! This is a cool science activity that fits in an Easter basket.

89. Dinosaurs

Mini Dinosaur Toys are roar-riffic fun for any kid that adores Dinosaurs.

90. Stretchy Flying Frog

Stretchy Flying Frogs are so fun! I think most kids would love to have one of these in their basket!

91. Hatchimal

How sweet is this Spring Hatchimals Basket? It’s all ready to go!

92. Finger Puppets

Kids can use Animal Finger Puppets to act out their favorite animal tales!

Faith Based Easter Basket Ideas

Religious Easter gifts - Kids activities Blog - He is Risen x 3
Add celebration to your Easter basket!

93. Resurrection Eggs

Learn about the journey of Jesus using these resurrection eggs. Each figurine has a story and there is a Spanish and English booklet.

94. DIY Easter Craft Kits

Make your own Easter cross with this fun kit. There are foam crosses, stickers, tape, stickers, and pom poms.

95. Happy Easter Rubber Wristbands

These Easter bracelets are colorful, say happy Easter, and have crosses, bunnies, and eggs on them. They are super cute, and can easily fit into a plastic egg.

96. Easter Basket Scripture Scrolls

Learn about Easter with Bible verses. These little Bible scrolls can fit into plastic eggs.

97. Bible Verse Stickers

Stick these Bible Verse Stickers in your child’s Easter basket or put these in Easter eggs in place of sweets! These stickers are so cute, and educational.

98. 16 Piece Resurrection Scene 3D Craft

This 16 piece resurrection scene 3D craft is so cute. You can color each piece with markers. You can color Jesus, His disciples, the sky, cross, guards, and angles!

99. Scratch Cross Ornaments

Decorate this cross! It starts out black, but as you scratch it becomes colorful! These scratch cross ornaments are so lovely.

100. Bible Verse Bookmarks

These are great treat alternatives. These Bible verse bookmarks are great for kids of any age, especially if you pair it with one of the reading Easter egg basket gifts.

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Easter crafts and treats are so colorful and fun to make:

What do you like to include in your kid’s Easter baskets? Comment below! 

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