Play and learn!  That is why we love to create and curate the best learning activities for kids.  Hands-on learning helps kids understand, remember and process…oh, and it is fun!

Put down the textbook and get some hands-on learning through play! Here at Kids Activities Blog we are big champions of fun. We know that when kids learn something through an activity or craft, they will remember it longer, process it more fully and have more fun.

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Learn through play by choosing from over 700 educational activities for kids!

Educational Activities for Kids

  • Many of our learning activities are used in classrooms and homeschool lessons, but don’t stop there! These are just plain fun. They make the perfect after school, rainy day or “mom I’m bored” activity too!
  • Reading, writing, STEM, Science and so many other things can be learned through play.
  • What makes it even more fun is that kids of different ages can learn and play together.

Reading for Kids

  • Explore books, reading and play games! Learning to read is an incredibly important skill for kids which can seem challenging for many children. We have reading activities, reading games and reading tips to make it easy to gain reading skills. Reading is fun and opening the adventure for kids is key to their reading level development.
  • Check out all our reading activities: Reading for Kids
  • Do you have a favorite book? Or want to explore reading beyond the pages? Check out over 40 resources on books for kids!

Learn Colors, Letters, Numbers & More

These essential preschool skills allow future success in school and are the foundational building block on so many lessons. Here are some resources to teach kids colors, letters, numbers and more…

File Folder Games

File folder games are perfect to make with and for kids because they put all the learning fun into one place…a file folder! And because they are in a file folder, they are easily stored for future learning. Teachers, homeschoolers and parents use file folder games to create educational activities for children to play.

Alphabet Letter Learning Center for Kids

Every single letter has a learning center here at Kids Activities Blog devoted to worksheets, spelling words, sight words, crafts and activities…and more!

Our Top Educational Activities for Kids

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