22 Totally Delicious Easter Treats

Get ready for the bunny with these 22 Totally Delicious Easter Treats!

With Easter just around the color you’re going to want to make some delicious Easter Treats. Make them for you kids, your church group, for the school party, or hand them out as a gift!

22 Totally Delicious Easter Treats

Easter Treats For Kids 

One of the easiest ways to hype your kids up for Easter, is by baking yummy Easter treats together! These Easter treat recipes would be really fun to have at a family gathering, or just as an excuse to get in the kitchen and bake with your kids.

Don’t worry if you don’t have all the ingredients you need! We can help! This post contains affiliate links.

2 girls with bunny ears enjoying their Easter treats which are cupcakes

Easter Treats Your Kids Will Love! 

Bunny Tails

Aw, these little cookies look just like bunny tails! They’re delicious, sweet, chocolately, and full of shredded coconut.

Easter Muddy Buddies

These Easter Muddy Buddies, from Love + Marriage and a Baby Carriage, have the cutest chick sprinkles, and are totally sweet for spring and Easter!

Reeses Chocolate Bunny

Turn a Reese’s into a Reese’s Chocolate Bunny – kids love this one! They can help put them together! Just need Reeses in all shapes, graham crackers, frosting, and food coloring!

Easter Cake

This pink, blue, and yellow layered Easter Cake, from The Gunny Sack, is absolutely beautiful, and would make the perfect centerpiece on your Easter dinner table!

Easter Pretzels

Add chocolate to small pretzels to turn them into Easter Pretzels, with this sweet idea from One Little Project. These are the absolute cutest! I love the little bunnies and duckies so much!

Easter Rice Krispie Treats

Easter Rice Krispie Treats are the yummiest! Shhh… Peeps are the secret ingredient! Plus they give them fun colors and a little extra sweetness!

Easter Bark

Lil Luna‘s Easter Bark is so amazing. It’s sure to be a crowd pleaser! Plus it only takes 3 ingredients! It looks festive and delicious, and is simple. Can’t ask for more than that.

Easter treats for kids like the carrot rice krispie treats, marshmallow rice krispie treats, easter pretzels that look like bunnies and duckies, chocolate bunny made from reeses, and easter cheesecake in strawberries with graham cracker bunnies on top.

Easter Treats That Will Be The Talk Of Your Easter Dinner

Nothing brightens up the table for your Easter dinner like a vibrant Easter treat as your centerpiece!

Peep Rice Krispie Treats

Yellow Bliss Road‘s layered Peeps Rice Krispie Treats are so colorful and fun for Easter. It could be a fun twist if you use different flavored peeps as well. Maybe not all together, but adding 1 flavor.

Easter Cheesecake

These Easter Cheesecake bunnies from Living Locurto are all I want in my Easter basket this year!  They are super cute and delicious! Who doesn’t love strawberry and Easter cheesecake? It’s the perfect Easter treat.

Carrot Rice Krispie Treats

They look just like a carrot but they’re actually Carrot Rice Krispie Treats, from Frugal Coupon Living. Don’t worry, it isn’t carrot flavored or anything, they just look like carrots!

Bunny Butt Cookies

Pillsbury‘s Bunny Butt Cookies are beyond adorable! They have a fluffy tail and little feet and toe beans! I love them so much!

Marshmallow Desserts

This Marshmallow Dessert, from Butter With a Side of Bread, is like a Rice Krispie treat and a cookie combined with lots of marshmallows. Yum!

Swimming Peeps Jello Cups

The First Year Blog‘s Swimming Peeps Jello cups is a great idea. These are funny because they look like a tiny Peeps swimming pool! It’s super clever and the concept could also be used later for a summer treat as well.

Easter desserts for toddlers with peep pops, peeps swimming in jello, peep dirt pudding, and Easter cake with peeps and candy corn.

Easter Cake

Betty Crocker‘s Easter Cake features bunnies in the garden, and it’s the sweetest! It literally looks like a cute little carrot garden with colorful bunnies everywhere.

Easter Cookies

The 36th Avenue‘s Easter Cookies are a simple dessert, with fun pastel colors for Easter. Sometimes less is more and that is definitely the case as these are still delicious.

Peep Pops

How cute are these Peeps Pops from Love From The Oven? Just dip Peeps into chocolate, and stick them on colorful paper straws, and then add a shimmer Sixlets tail, to  make these pops. That’s it!

Bunny Bites Recipes

These bunny bites recipe is in the shape of a bunny – how fun! Loving this sweet idea from No. 2 Pencil!

Betty Crocker bunny tales, egg cookies, and cheese cake in strawberries with bunny graham crackers

Bunny Trail Mix Recipe

This Bunny Trail Mix recipe is festive, simple, and the perfect Easter treat for kids from Hostessatheheart. This would a be a particularly good Easter dessert for toddlers. It isn’t too messy and not overly sweet or crazy.

Easter M&M Cookies

Easter M&M’s  Cookies, from The Rebel Chick, are one of the easiest desserts to make! Plus they’re small and bite sized. They are one of the best Easter treats because they are small and simple.

Jelly Belly Recipes

How amazing does Shugary SweetsJellybean Fudge sound? This is one of the more unique Jelly Belly recipes I’ve ever heard of. Will definitely satisfy that sweet tooth!

Easter Dirt Pudding Recipe

A Zesty Bite‘s Easter Dirt Pudding Recipe is a  fun twist on the classic dirt and worms! Instead of gummy worms add peeps and chocolate eggs! I think I like this recipe better than the dirt and worms recipes.

Healthy baby easter treats made with fruit impaled on pinwheels.

Healthy Easter Treats

Last but not least, we can’t forget some healthy Easter treats for kids! Here are a couple of “bonus” ideas to celebrate Easter, that are small on processed sugar, and big on creativity!

Fruit Kabobs

Kids will be so excited to help make their own Fruit Kabobs! The best part is, you make these with colorful pinwheels so you can play with them afterwards!

Grape Caterpillars

Foodlet‘s Grape Caterpillars will be the cutest addition to your plate this Easter. It’s bright, fresh, and can still be fun.

Healthy Baby Easter Treat

This one isn’t really a “treat”, but Roxy’s Kitchen‘s Egg Easter Bunny is the perfect Easter breakfast!

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