Coloring by number printable — one of our favorite activities! So much fun to follow (& change) the picture by decoding the puzzle through color. Printable color by number activities for kids of all ages.

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100+ Free Color by Number Printable Coloring Pages for Kids: Easy to Difficult

A color by number printable page is more than a coloring sheet. It is an adventure!

Through the magic of the color by number key, kids can reveal the hidden picture within the worksheet.

Free Color by Number Printable

Color by number for kids is something we absolutely get excited about. Kids Activities Blog is a little obsessed with free coloring pages, worksheets and color by number activities. Looking for a specific holiday?

Easy Color by Number Printable

Check out our BIG collection of free color by number worksheets. Kids will love the adventure of uncovering the hidden picture. Browse, select, download & print these fun coloring pages to help kids with basic number and letter skills through a fun art activity.

There is a wide variety of color by number levels from easy color by number sheets to more difficult color by number activities.

Number Recognition Skills

Color by number worksheets are uniquely able to reinforce number (and letter) recognition skills while allowing kids to concentrate on another task. Everyone loves color by number activities because it is like unlocking a secret code. Follow the key or legend for best results :). The numbered coloring spaces correspond to the key.

Color by Number pdf Worksheets for Kids

Browse the images below to choose the best color by number pdf for your child’s level and desired theme. Simply click on the image, open the article and download & print the worksheet…

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