Download and print these free Easter worksheets for preschool, pre-K & Kindergarten with a fun Easter bunny theme. Kids (Preschoolers & Kindergartners) can practice tracing, letter recognition and matching skills with the help of these free Easter activity sheets. Use the bunny themed Easter worksheet pack of Easter activity pages at home or in the classroom.

Easter Printable Preschool Worksheets - pictured are 4 of the 7 printable pdf with a background of bunny and Easter basket
Let’s have some Easter bunny fun with these printable worksheets!

Free Easter Worksheets You Can Print

These Easter Worksheets for Kindergarten, Pre-K and preschoolers that feature the Easter bunny!  Click the purple button to download your Easter worksheet learning pack now:

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Younger kids will be able to do some of the printable spring activities as well. 

  • Bunnies, Easter baskets and Easter eggs fill printable pages for pre-writing skills and early math lessons. 
  • Printable Easter worksheets are hands-on activities for preschoolers and Kindergartners with fun Easter activities to improve kids’ fine motor skills and ability to follow instructions.
  • Your preschoolers will be busy and engaged with fun, adorable, and colorful Easter graphics and Easter words.

1. Easter Worksheets: Cover Sheet

Easter Worksheets For Preschoolers- Cover Sheet with sky, grass, Easter eggs, and bunny- Page 1 Colored Printed PDF File- Kids Activities Blog
This is the colorful cover sheet is the first page of our Easter Worksheet set.

The first page of our Easter worksheet set it this adorably colorful Easter cover. It’s the perfect cover for a binder or folder that holds all of our fun worksheets that your preschooler will love doing.

2. Easter Worksheets: Trace The Lines

Easter Worksheets For Preschoolers- Worksheet with colorful Easter baskets- Page 2 Colored Printed PDF File- Kids Activities Blog
Grab your pens and trace the lines on this worksheet.

Work on your fine motor skills with this trace the lines worksheet of our Easter worksheet set. Trace the loopty loops, the zig zags, and the squares. Reach connect the Easter eggs, the baskets, and candies.

3. Easter Worksheets: Trace The Shapes

Easter Worksheets For Preschoolers- Worksheet trace the shapes around the Easter pictures- Page 3 Colored Printed PDF File- Kids Activities Blog
Trace the fun shapes around the pretty Easter pictures.

See all the lovely Easter icons? The Easter egg, flag, basket, and bunny? Trace the shapes around each item on this trace the shape Easter worksheet. Grab your pen or pencil and trace the square, circle, triangle, and hexagon.

4. Easter Worksheets: Find and Circle The Letter E

Easter Worksheets For Preschoolers- Find and circle the letter E- Page 4 Colored Printed PDF File- Kids Activities Blog
can you find and circle all the letter E’s?

You can trace the uppercase and the lowercase E. And then you can find all the letter E’s amongst the other letters around the colorfully decorated Easter egg. There are 4 letter E’s. Can you find them all?

5. Easter Worksheets: Number Tracing

Easter Worksheets For Preschoolers- Number Tracing- Page 5 Colored Printed PDF File- Kids Activities Blog
Trace the numbers 1 through 9.

These Easter worksheets for preschoolers aren’t just fun, they’re educational too. Practicing fine motor skills and learning to count! Trace all the numbers 1 through 9 using a pen, pencil, or marker!

6. Easter Worksheets: Cutting Practice

Easter Worksheets For Preschoolers- Cutting practice with Easter images- Page 6 Colored Printed PDF File- Kids Activities Blog
Grab your scissors to practice on this cut the line worksheet for preschoolers.

Grab your scissors! Cut along the lines and reach each fun Easter picture in this cutting practice worksheet. This is great gross motor skills practice. There are 3 lines to cut.

7. Easter Worksheets: Counting Practice

Easter Worksheets For Preschoolers- Counting practice- Page 7 Colored Printed PDF File- Kids Activities Blog
Let’s count all the Easter items! Count the candy, the carrots, and Easter Eggs.

This Easter worksheet for preschoolers helps teach counting! How many pieces of candy are there? How many carrots? Were you able to count all the Easter eggs? Don’t forget to write down the numbers of each on the blank space provided.

8. Easter Worksheets: Super Fun Easter Maze

Easter Worksheets For Preschoolers- Easter Bunny Maze- Page 8 Colored Printed PDF File- Kids Activities Blog

This is the last page in our Easter worksheet set for preschoolers. The twins hid the Easter eggs from the Easter bunny. Can you help the Easter bunny get through the maze and to the Easter eggs?

Text: Easter bunny worksheets - free printable for Pre-k - K - Kids Activities Blog Easter Printable Preschool Worksheet Packet shown on blue dotted background
Which Easter worksheet page will you start with first?

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Download & Print Easter Worksheets PDF Files Here

Easy Easter Bunny Worksheets Preschool

This Easter worksheets for preschool pack is full of 7 fun pdf pages to download & print at home or in the classroom:

  • trace the lines – this is great for building those fine motor skills
  • trace the shapes – what a fun way to practice hand-eye coordination!
  • number tracing – learning to recognize and write numbers is an important early math skill
  • cutting practice – build those hand muscles to make it easier to write later on
  • counting practice – before your child starts to do math problems, they have to learn to count
  • letter recognition – knowing the names and sounds of each letter is a critical pre-reading skill that builds into reading comprehension
  • activity maze – this helps build hand-eye coordination and develop problem-solving skills

More Printable Easter Worksheets Free for Kids of All Ages

We hope your kids have fun with these free printable preschool Easter worksheets. Which pdf page did they print first?

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