Let’s make leaf art and crafts from leaves. Leaves are so pretty on their own and have inspired us to make this collection of the best fall leaf crafts for kids of all ages. From traditional leaf crafts to painting with leaves to make leaf art, we have a leaf craft idea for kids that is perfect for home or in the classroom.

30 Fun and Festive Fall Leaf Crafts - 8 kids leaf crafts shown including tissue paper leaves, painting leaves, leaf turkey, leaf collage, leaf lacing, leaf string art and leaf messages
So many fun fall leaf crafts for kids!

Leaf Arts & Crafts for Kids

There is so much beauty in the fall leaves and autumn brings with it oodles of crafting with leaves and learning opportunities for our kids no matter the age:

  • Toddlers first experienced leaves by picking them up off the ground and marveling at what they have found.
  • Preschoolers may have experienced running through a pile of leaves while giggling.
  • Kindergartners and older kids help with the raking so a large leaf pile can be created to jump into!

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Fall leaves and kids just go together so let’s be inspired into leaf art projects!

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Fall Leaves for Crafts & Leaf Art Projects

If you live in an area where there are piles of autumn leaves, start by sending the kids outside on a leaf scavenger hunt to find the perfect crafting leaf. If these leaf crafts look like fun but you don’t live where fall is turning your leaves beautiful colors, you can buy these pretend leaves that will do the trick!

FAvorite Leaf Craft Ideas for Kids

1. Traditional Tissue Paper Crumple Craft

Leaf Art- Tissue paper leaf craft for kids of all ages - shown are tissue paper leaves on a stem of a stick
Let’s make leaves out of tissue paper!

Tissue paper leaves are a throwback to your own school days, and a great way to share stories with your kiddos.

2. Sparkly Glitter Leaf Craft

Leaf Art- Fall leaf craft shown is 3 leaves created from hot glue gun glitter leaves from Craft Your Happiness
These glitter leaves are so pretty!

Mom will manage the hot glue while the kids take charge of the glitter in this sparkly leaf craft from Craft Your Happiness

FAvorite Leaf Art Projects

3. Leaf Craft Turns to Leaf Art

Leaf Art- Warhol inspired leaf art for kids from Kids Activities Blog - finished leaf painting shown on white background
Let’s paint leaves!

More than just an art project, these Warhol inspired leaves create a wonderful learning opportunity!

Leaves Art Ideas for Kids

4. Leaf Watercolor Painting

Leaf Art- Print color and cut leaf placemat templates for kids crafts shown with water color paint, water and scissors
Let’s paint some leaves in bright colors!

Use our printable leaf placemat template as the inspiration for your own watercolor leaf painting. It doesn’t matter what colors you use! Let’s make colorful fall leaves.

5. Autumn Sewing Cards

Leaf Art- Printable leaf sewing cards craft for kids to download, print and sew
Let’s sew autumn leaves!

Autumn leaf sewing cards are easy when you use this free printable. So fun!

6. Marble Leaf Art Project

Preschoolers will have a blast making this colorful leaf marble art from I Heart Arts N Crafts.

7. Leaf Mosaic Art

Leaf Art- These leaf bean mosaic crafts shown with peas in a bowl and a printing of a leaf outlined with black beans and dried peas
Let’s make a fall leaf bean mosiac!

Create a leaf mosaic with beans! Kids love this fun fall leaf craft from Craft Whack.

Easy Leaf Art & Craft Ideas

8. Make a Leaf Suncatcher

Leaf Art- autumn leaf suncatcher craft for kids shown with orange yellow and red leaves on a window from Happy Hooligans
I love these colorful fall leaf suncatchers hanging in the window!

Bring the outside inside and make these really fun leaf suncatcher crafts from Happy Hooligans.

9. Leaf Turkey Craft

Leaf Art- Leaf turkey craft for kids from Crafty Morning.  Finished leaf turkey show held by child
What a cute craft…a leaf turkey!

Make Crafty Morning‘s Thanksgiving turkey, with leaves as the feathers!

10. Leaf Rubbing Ideas

Leaf Art- Leaf Crayon Rubbing - Kids activities blog - 5 leaf rubbings shown with crayon colors green, purple, yellow red and blue
Let’s make leaf rubbings…grab your crayons!

Remember doing leaf rubbings when you were a kid? Well, they’re still awesome!

11. Leaf Fairy Craft

Leaf Art- Make a leaf and pinecone fairy from The Magic Onions - finished fall craft shown with child holding leaf fairy hanging from string
What a cute leaf craft for kids!

This autumn fairy, from The Magic Onions, is adorable! The best part is that you can gather materials during your next nature walk! 

Unique Leaf Art Kids Can Make

12. Watercolor Fall Leaf Craft

Leaf Art- painted watercolor leaves on paper shown with paints from Nuturestore
What lovely painted watercolor leaves!

Nurture Store‘s cute autumn leaf letter game is fun and really easy to create. 

13. Make Leaf Prints on Rocks

Leaf Art- Painted rocks with leaf stamps on them from Projects with Kids - fern leaves shown with multiple colored rocks stamped with fall leaves
Let’s use leaves to stamp paint rocks!

While you are outside, pick up some leaves AND some rocks for this really cool leaf stamping on rocks idea from Projects with Kids.

14. Explore Chalk Leaf Art

Leaf Art- Oak leaves with chalk marker drawings on them - three leaf crafts shown from  Art Bar Blog
Love this idea of drawing on leaves with chalk markers!

Chalk markers plus leaves = Art Bar Blog‘s gorgeous one-of-a-kind art.  Chalk markers are a really fun idea for many fall crafts. The set of chalk markers we love is here.

15. Make Leaf People Craft

Leaf Art- Leaf people craft for kids - two leaves crafted to look like people with stick bodies and acorn eyes from Fantastic Fun and Learning
Let’s make leaf people!

Your creative little ones will love making Fantastic Fun & Learning‘s leaf people!

16. Use Yarn for Kids Leaf Art

Use the templates from Kids Craft Room to create these fun wrapped yarn fall leaves in bright colors!

17. Stained Glass Leaves

Leaf Art- Fall stained glass leaf craft for kids from Ginger Casa shown on black with colorful leaf shape
These are beautiful stained glass leaves you can craft!

Making Ginger Casa‘s stained glass leaves is fun for kids, and a cool way to decorate the house for autumn.

Leaf Paper Craft Ideas

18. Make a Color Changing Leaf Craft

Leaf Art- This paper plate color changing leaf craft shown with four colors is from Non Toy gifts
Make a color changing leaf!

This cleaver use of paper plates and a leaf cut out creates a color wheel of sorts that allows the leaf to change colors in the autumn from Non Toy Gifts.

19. Make a Leaf Sticky Wall

Leaf Art- 30 Fun and Festive Fall Leaf Crafts with supplies like construction paper, glue stick, and scissors
Let’s craft some leaves!

These two clever leaf sticky wall ideas are so much fun!

Art with Leaves

20. Leaf Doodling

Leaf Art- leaf mandala crafts for kids shown with gold and silver metallic leaf art from Artful Parent
These mandala leaves are so pretty!

Metallic Sharpies turn this leaf doodling craft from The Artful Parent into something absolutely beautiful. 

21. Craft Animals Out of Fall Leaves

Leaf Art- Fall leaf crafts to make fall leaf animals from Kokoko Kids - 6 animal leaf crafts shown
Let’s make animals out of leaves!

This genius use of autumn leaves for crafting comes from the blog Kokoko Kids and has all sorts of lovely ways to make fall leaves look playful.

Crafts from Leaves

22. Leaf Bowl Craft

From gathering the leaves to popping the balloon, making Made With Happy‘s leaf bowl couldn’t be easier or more fun. 

23. Glue and Salt Leaves Craft

Leaf Art- Watercolor and salt leaves from mess for less craft for kids
These colorful leaves are so pretty!

Use Mess for Less‘ free printable to make pretty glue and salt leaves your kids will love hanging up!

24. Leaf Lantern Craft

Light up the dark fall evenings with Red Ted Art‘s leaf lanterns. The video above shows the basic lantern she used to make her original idea of the leaf lantern you can see when you click through to the leaf lantern tutorial.

25. Toilet Paper Roll Fall Tree

Leaf Art- Toilet paper roll leaf stamping craft for kids from Crafty Morning shown here as a tree on blue background
Let’s make a leaf stamp!

Paint your own colorful fall tree using recycled toilet paper rolls with this tutorial from Crafty Morning.

26. Make Fall People Out of Leaves

Leaf Art- Leaf people with leaf hair from Glued to My crafts Blog
What fun leaf hair!

Use leaves as hair for Glued to My Crafts Blog‘s fun fall men you can create.

27. Autumn Leaf Craft for Toddlers

Leaf Art- easy fall painted leaf craft for kids using painters tape from No Time for Flashcards
This is a genius technique for the youngest painters!

This fall leaf craft from No Time for Flashcards is perfect for toddlers. It’s so easy!

28. Make Foxes from Leaves

Leaf Art- Make a fox out of a leaf with this fall leaf craft from Easy Peasy and Fun
What cute foxes made from leaves!

This is probably my favorite leaf craft for kids of all. These adorable leaf foxes are as fun to make as they are to display. Grab all the instructions over at Easy Peasy and Fun.

Leaf Activities for Kids

29. What Are Leaves?

Leaf Art- 30 Fun and Festive Fall Leaf Crafts- acorn and leaf people, painting, and zentangle leaves

Do your kids really understand what leaves are? This wonderful resource from Science With Me is the perfect way to teach kids all about leaves

30. Leaf Shape Exercise

Teaching children about shapes becomes a fun game with the help of fallen leaves.  

31. Mod Podge Leaf Art For Kids

Leaf Art- Fall leaf lantern with orange leaves and candle inside.
Make your very own fall leaf lantern!

Use mod podge, leaves, and a glass jar to make the prettiest fall lanterns. If you have small children and animals, I would suggest LED tea candles rather than flammable ones. This would be a great fall leaf craft for older kids!

32. Oil Leaf Pastel Art For Kids

Leaf Art- Fall leaf colored orange brown and green on a white canvas
Bust out the oil pastels to make a beautiful fall leaf!

All you need is oil pastels to color this pretty leaf and make it ready for fall. If you don’t have oil pastels, you could easily use watercolors or even acrylic paints. This leaf craft is so much fun!

Some Of Our Favorite Leaf Art Crafting Supplies

Not all of us live in areas that give us pretty fall leaves. The sub-tropical area I live in, the trees stay green until nearly December. And the place I lived before that had palm trees mostly. So, we got you covered with some of our the leaf art crafting supplies you may need if you don’t have real leaves or need some extras:

More Fall Crafts & Fun from Kids Activities Blog

Which of the fall leaf crafts for kids are you going to try first? Which leaf craft is your favorite?

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