This star craft for kids of all ages makes a cool constellations telescope with things you have around the house. This constellations for kids project is a simple and creative way to help your children learn about the night sky constellations–during daylight hours!

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Let’s make this easy telescope craft with constellation cards!

Constellation Craft for Kids: Telescope + Constellation Cards

On those clear beautiful summer sky nights it’s just wonderful to see the stars come out to play. After making this kids telescope, you will be able to look at the constellation cards no matter the weather!

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The crafty fun element of this constellation activity is making the paper tube telescope out of a cardboard tube you have at home.

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Supplies Needed for Kids Telescope Craft

Free Printable Constellations Cards for Kids

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How To Make a Kids Constellation Telescope

Step 1

Paint the paper tube with navy or black paint.

Step 2

Step 2 - Kids Telescope craft - text: sprinkles of moon dust (aka glitter) and silver thread or wire - painted cardboard tube shown on white background
Make your telescope as fancy as you want!

When it’s dry, decorate with metallic pens, glitter pens or star stickers – whatever you have at hand.

Optional Step

I wrapped a little silver wire around our tube to make it fancy.

Step 3

Print the constellation cards and cut them out with a pair of scissors so they are each independent cards with one constellation each.

Step 4

Step 4 - telescope craft for kids - printed constellation cards shown in a stack

Check to see if the constellation can be seen through the telescope when held up to the end when in a lighted area. If it isn’t clear enough, use a straight pin to push through the dots (stars) of each constellation card.

Learn the Constellations

This learning activity can be enjoyed indoors, holding the telescope up to a light or window, or outdoors on a bright sunny day. When the kids hold the telescope up to their eye and hold the constellation cards to the other end the image of the stars appear.

  • The Big Dipper – part of the Ursa Major Constellation – points to the North Star
  • The Little Dipper – also known as Ursa Minor
  • Orion – known as Orion the Hunter – located on the celestial equator visible throughout the world
  • Cassiopeia – named after the vain mythical queen – located in the Northern sky
  • Canis Major – means the Greater Dog in latin – located in the Southern sky
  • Andromeda – named after the mythical princess Andromeda – located in the Northern sky

Additional Constellation Learning Ideas

  1. See the stars during the day
  2. Understand the role that stars and other celestial bodies play in our universe
  3. Discover the mythical stories behind the constellations
Yield: 1

Make a Constellation Telescope Craft for Kids

constellation craft and learning activity for kids

This simple telescope craft uses the (provided) free printable constellations cards to let kids look through the telescope and see different star constellations for fun and learning. This simple craft is easy to make and works great for kids of all ages.

Active Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Difficulty easy
Estimated Cost $0


  • Cardboard tube or craft roll – you can use toilet paper roll or kitchen paper towel roll
  • Black or navy paint
  • Metallic paint or pens, glitter or star stickers
  • (Optional) Wire piece
  • Printed free constellation card template – see article


  • Paint brush
  • Scissors or preschool training scissors
  • (Optional) Straight pin or sharp pointed object


  1. Paint the paper tube black or dark blue and let dry.
  2. Decorate with metallic pens, paint, glitter pens or star stickers.
  3. Wrap with a metal wire if desired.
  4. Print and cut out the constellation cards for kids.
  5. Hold the card at the end of the telescope tube in a well lit area to see the constellation.
  6. If the constellations don't show up well, then use a straight pin to poke a small hole for each of the stars in the constellation.

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Did your kids enjoy making this constellation craft and then learning about constellations?

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  1. Thank you for your wonderful idea and free printables.. this is going to be so much fun, we are all going to make one so that we can do this together!