Today, we have twisting and turning printable mazes for kids from all over the internet. Enjoy maze puzzles from sharks to unicorns in these fun free printable mazes!

beginner mazes printable-Circular snippets of assorted mazes on a blue green colored maze background.
So many fun maze activities for kids!

There is much to be said about a happy face when younger children solve problems, even if it’s seasonal mazes, school mazes, or their own maze they create. So keep reading for more maze excitement!

Fun printable mazes FOR KIDS

Toddlers can enjoy animal mazes whereas, preschoolers can use beginner mazes to develop fine motor skills. Kindergartners will expand on their cognitive skills with lesson plans that contain theme mazes, number maze, alphabet mazes, and more. A middle schooler will gain more benefits from more difficult mazes containing crossword puzzles or a word search.

Fun maze activity pages and kids just go together!

That is one of the reasons why these free mazes are so perfect. Maze worksheets provide so much fun in the form of problem-solving for kids of all ages. Printable activities like the following mazes in varying difficulty levels are a great way to provide children with a lot of fun!

If these maze printables look like fun, grab your pencils or crayons and print your favorite maze activity to try!

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beginner mazes printable-An assortment of three mazes are pictured about ocean animals. One has octopi pictured red, yellow, green; and orange in the maze. The second is a starfish maze pictured in peach and the third sheet has a blue seahorse with a pink mane on the edge of the maze. All from Kids Activities Blog.
Ride the waves with these ocean animals!

1. Ocean Animals Printable Mazes for Kids

Let’s discover some sea creatures with these ocean animals printable mazes!

beginner mazes printable-An assortment of space related mazes are pictured including a star with a yellow background, a simple black and white maze of the moon, and rocket ship in black and white with blue dots and yellow and red fire. Other sheets pictured are duplicate mazes from Kids Activities Blog.
These printable mazes are out of this world!

2. Space Mazes For Kids

Find your way through outer space with these printable worksheets space mazes for kids.

beginner mazes printable- Pictured is a black and white maze worksheet depicting the Day of the Dead. Assorted crayons are also pictured along with orange flowers behind a decorated pink skull from Kids Activities Blog.
Celebrate Day of the Dead with these printable mazes!

3. Festive Day of the Dead Printable Mazes for Kids

Help children remember and honor their loved ones with these Day of the Dead simple mazes.

beginner mazes printable- Black and white circular maze with a raindrop in the center looking for the rain cloud. The printable is lying on a rainbow colored background from Kids Activities Blog.
Help the raindrop get to her rainy clouds!

4. Super Cute Printable Rainbow Mazes

These rainbow mazes are easy and perfect for younger kids on rainy days!

beginner mazes printable- Halloween maze pictured on a brown background with an assortment of multicolored markers, coloring pencils, and paper clips from Kids Activities Blog.
The perfect mazes for every candy fan!

5. Halloween Printables Mazes

Printable Halloween mazes are a sweet addition to a candy lover’s festivities!

beginner mazes printable- Printable maze of hay and other barnyard items. Pictured on a background of greenish blue and purple paper with pink, blue, and purple markers lying on the sheets from Kids Activities Blog.
These hay maze coloring pages are all ready to be printed and colored.

6. Hay Maze Coloring Pages

Scare all the crows away with this printable hay maze coloring page!

beginner mazes printable- Three animal mazes offset on a light blue background from Kids Activities Blog.
These mazes for young children are so fun!

7. Printable Mazes for Kids

Help your little bunny find the vegetables in these easy printable mazes for kids!

beginner mazes printable- Picture shows an assortment of letter maze sheets with strawberries at the bottom of the S letter maze. There are also grape bunches at the bottom of the G maze from Kids Activities Blog.
Solve the mazes by following the letter!

8. Letter Mazes

Younger children will have loads of fun with these letter maze printable worksheets!

beginner mazes printable- Baby shark maze printables on a white background pictured with assorted colors of oil pastels, oil paints, markers and pencils from Kids Activities Blog.
Help Baby Shark get to William!

9. Adorable Baby Shark Mazes 

Baby Shark needs your help! Solve the baby shark maze to rescue him!

beginner mazes printable- Shark maze printables on a white background pictured with assorted colors of oil pastels, oil paints, markers and pencils from Kids Activities Blog.
Let’s help the shark get through the maze!

10. Shark Games for Shark Week

Celebrate shark week by helping the shark through the shark games maze.

beginner mazes printable- Unicorn maze printable sheet on a multicolored background, pictured with pink, purple, blue, orange, and yellow markers from Kids Activities Blog.
Help the unicorn solve the maze to get to the party!

11. Unicorn Mazes For Kids

These printable unicorn mazes are a great way to have fun when kids are bored!

beginner mazes printable- This picture shows a blue lined maze with a purple bird in the upper left corner of the page and a nest of eggs in the lower right corner. This sheet from Learning Resources is on a purple background.
Complete the maze to return the bird to the nest!

12. Summer Brain Gain Printable Maze

This maze from Learning Resources will help keep minds sharp through the summer months.

beginner mazes printable- Pictured are three preschool mazes with a graphic pencil on a light blue background from Planes and Balloons.
So many fun mazes for kids!

13. Free Printable Mazes For Preschoolers

These mazes from Planes and Balloons are difficult enough to keep your child engaged for a while.

St. Patrick's Day hat and pot of gold maze sheets on a green background from Planes and Balloons.
Find your luck with these printable mazes!

14. St. Patrick’s Day Mazes

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with these mazes from Planes and Balloons.

beginner mazes printable- Two printable maze sheets with polar bears on a very light blue background from Planes and Balloons.
Let’s have some fun with polar bears!

15. Polar Bear Mazes

Print these mazes for kids to enjoy polar bears anytime from Planes and Balloons.

beginner mazes printable- Three outer space mazes staggered on a yellow background from Chevron Lemon.
Let’s explore space with these printable worksheets.

16. Outer Space Mazes

These space mazes in PDF file form from Chevron Lemon are for multi-skill levels.

beginner mazes printable- Squirrel maze sheet pictured on a blue background from Muse Printables.
This maze of a squirrel looking for his acorn is so cute!

17. Squirrel Maze

Muse Printables‘ squirrel maze will be so much fun for your little one!

beginner mazes printable- The picture shows a spring maze of a bee looking for the friends at the end from My Teen Guide.
Everyone needs to be with friends!

18. Spring Maze For Kids

My Teen Guide‘s maze is the right place for seasonal maze fun.

beginner mazes printable- A simple maze of a unicorn trying to reach a rainbow in the clouds from Maple Planners.
Let’s help the unicorn reach the rainbow!

19. Item

Maple Planners maze can help your unicorn reach the colorful rainbow.

beginner mazes printable- A collection of five easy mazes lying on a very light blue background from The Artisan Life.
Dinosaurs make mazes so much easier!


The Artisan Life makes learning problem-solving skills so much fun with dinosaurs!


Which of the printable mazes for kids are you going to try first? Which maze is your favorite?

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