How to Make Easter Chalk Melt Bunnies that are Basket Ready!

Let’s make homemade chalk bunnies!  It is a chalk melt recipe that you can put in these cute bunny molds and include in an Easter basket as a non-candy treat.

Wait, did I just say chalk melts?

Yes I did and chalk melts are going to become your child’s new favorite way to use chalk! 

Easter Chalk Melts

How to Make Homemade Easter Bunny Chalk Melts

These Easter themed chalk melts are easy to make and even if you are planning on putting them in the Easter basket, you may want the kids to help just because it is fun.

What is a chalk melt?

A chalk melt is a soft chalk recipe that you add extra stability through the process of freezing overnight.  Kids love using chalk melts for sidewalk and driveway art because the color transfers easily to those surfaces with deeper color intensity and less pressure.  It reminds me of using pastels for drawing.  Chalk melts are great for younger kids who don’t have the coordination to push down hard while drawing or artists of any age that want to control the color more easily.

Chalk melts can get a little messy but that is a big part of the fun!

We originally created this recipe for a guest post over at the Imperial Sugar site.

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Supplies to Make Easter Chalk Melts

Steps to Make a Color Batch of Easter Chalk Melts

Steps for Making homemade Chalk Melts for Easter - Bunny - Kids Activities Blog
Follow these 6 easy steps for making Easter chalk melts!
Step 1

Start with 1/4th cup of sugar in the bowl.

Step 2

Add the tempera paint color of your choice to the sugar and mix with a spoon or stick.

Step 3

Add the cold water until the entire sugary mixture is dissolved.

Step 4

Add the 3/4th cup of Plaster of Paris stirring until there is no clumps.

Step 5

Pour the mixture into the silicone mold.

Step 6 

Freeze overnight (or longer) and pop out of silicone molds when ready for use.  You can also make batches of these by freezing in the molds and then popping them out when frozen into another container to leave in the freezer until use.

Repeat the process for as many colors as you desire!

Our Experience with Chalk Melts

You can see my boys having so much fun with the chalk melts.  They were making very competitive tic tac toe games in our driveway!

What I like about using this recipe is that it is really easy for their little fingers to get the color on the highly textured driveway without a lot of effort.

chalk melts outside

What I Learned from Making Homemade Chalk 

I really like this recipe and it is something we have made for other occasions…or just because.

The kids’ hands get really messy with color, but because we used a washable tempera paint, a little hose water will clean them up thoroughly before letting them back in the house!

Homemade Bunny Chalk Melts in Easter Baskets

homemade easter chalk melts2

If you are using Easter baskets full of Easter grass or another filler and you are going to be using the baskets within a few hours (and they aren’t sitting in the sun), you can place them in the basket.  If you are waiting a longer period or might have baskets sitting in the sun, then waiting or individually wrapping them might be best.

I think if you treat them like you would a chocolate bunny – not leaving in sun, etc. – it will work great!

With Easter right around the corner, now is the perfect time to make these and head outside for some good, melting fun!


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Did you have fun with your Easter bunny chalk melts?