7 Easter Egg Coloring Pages for Kids

Today we have some fun Easter Egg coloring pages!  With Easter coming up, you can design and color your own Easter eggs!

Free Printable Easter Egg Coloring Pages

Today we have some fun printable Easter Egg coloring pages!  With Easter coming up, you can design and color your own Easter eggs without dye, water, and real, messy eggs! Coloring pages are perfect for a quiet activity and these pages let you and your kids add designs to Easter eggs in a clean manner! Use some nice soft pastels for an Easter feel, or vibrant spring colors!

Kids Acitivites Blog loves printable coloring sheets as they are free, fun, and kids love them!


 Easter Egg Coloring Pages

Print off the Kids Activities Blog Easter Egg coloring pages for some great Easter fun! There are 7 different egg designs in the pack, including a printable blank egg to make your own creation! Use the coloring pages to plan out how you will decorate real eggs, or just use the printable coloring sheets to let your creative side loose! Either way, it’s sure to be fun!


Printable Easter Egg Coloring Sheets

Don’t feel limited by crayons “ try new and different ways to use coloring sheets!
Leave some areas blank and then wipe over the picture with baby oil for a translucent effect
Paint with a new tool (cardboard, sponge, loofah!)
Add Glitter on some of the lines (or all over!)
Do a mosaic with tissue paper, construction paper, or buttons
Use gems or beads to ‘color’ the page


Download the Printable Easter Egg Coloring Pages

The Easter Egg Coloring Pages are available for download here!

Make sure to print out enough to share with everyone!

More Coloring Page Options

We love to use coloring pages for all kinds of activities! Kids Activities Blog has many options for different coloring sheets! Check out these links for many more coloring pages!

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    Do you have some free colouring Autumn pages please

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