Let’s watch a favorite family movie tonight! Family movie night is such a fun and special tradition. And over the years so many really good family-friendly movies have been released. We have created a list of good family movies you do not want to miss and will be adding new kids movies to it with your help…

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What family-friendly Movie will you watch next?

–>What movie titles are your family’s favorites? Please share your family’s favorite flicks: from classic cartoons to modern live action in the comments below so we can add them to our list.

Must-See Movies For Family Night

We have split this list of favorite kids movies into 2 lists – favorite animated films and favorite movies (non-animated) to make it easier to find the perfect movie for everyone.  You may also want to check the comments of this article for 100s of suggestions of our readers’ favorite family movies too! Psssst…be sure to add your suggestions!

Please note that some of these selections are not intended for the very youngest family members, common sense media is a great resource for checking if a movie is  age appropriate.

Here is the list that is family-approved movie night watching!

10 Animated Fun Family Movies

best family animated movies - 10 animated films we love for family movie night
Check out our best animated family movie ideas!

Let’s start with our favorite family animated movies!  I am sure there are several on this list you have watched a few too many times…

1. The Lego Movie

An ordinary lego finds the extraordinary within himself and leads a quest that will have the whole family laughing.

2. How to Train Your Dragon

An uplifting tale of how  one boy’s brains and bravery helps him make a very special friend.

3. Kung-Fu Panda

A hilarious and unlikely hero discovers self confidence and saves the day in this star packed movie that is at times zen like and others totally awesome.

4. Epic

A teenage girl finds her way back to a connection with her father through a most unusual and exhilarating stint helping tiny protectors of the forest.

5. Big Hero 6

Equal parts touching and action packed this film has something for everyone.  Watch one boy discover the power of friendship and healing with the help of the lovable robot Baymax.

6. Frozen

A classic animated musical with a wonderfully modern twist, Frozen tells the story of the power of sibling love with plenty of singing and humor to keep everyone entertained.

7. The Incredibles

What better for family movie night than an entire family of super hero out to reconnect and save the world.

8. Rise Of The Guardians

A beautiful take on the magic of childhood beliefs.  It makes such a compelling case for magic it may even leave  the adults believing in the tooth fairy.

9. Wall-E

Serious topics presented with plenty of whimsy and the beauty of a classic love story, Wall-E will if nothing else, inspire better stewardship of our earth.

10. The Emperor’s New Groove

This lesser known Disney film is perfect for family movie night, loaded with humor and sprinkled with morals it’s sure to make it on your family’s list of favorites.

10 Best Family Movies to Watch: Non-Animated

best family movies - non-animated films that are great for family movie night
What is your favorite non-animated family movie?

OK, we are moving on to the best family non-animated movies.  Several of these are my absolute favorite movies of all time…

1. The Princess Bride

This cult classic is an epic tale of love full of daring adventure complete with sword fights and the storming of castle walls.

2. The Goonies

Lovable misfits seek adventure and treasure and make unlikely friends whilst overcoming impossible odds and comedic villains.

3. Never Ending Story

This family friendly  fantasy entertains while teaching the importance of imagination and friendship.

4. Mary Poppins

Everyone’s favorite nanny teaches much more that proper posture.  Through fantastical adventures and catchy songs this classic musical tells the story of a family reunited.

5. Honey I Shrunk the Kids

When a scientist unwittingly shrinks his and his neighbor’s children a comical and touching adventure ensues.

6. Mrs. Doubtfire

A father’s love shines in this hilarious and heartwarming movie.

7. Alexander and the No Good Very Bad Day

Not every day can be a good one, this family learns what’s most important through a series of hilariously unfortunate events.

8. Big

A young boy gets the chance to experience the highs and lows of adulthood in this thoughtful and heartfelt family film.

9. Night At The Museum

Every child’s (young and old) dream come true, an adventure featuring dinosaurs, cowboys, and the very best history has to offer.

10. Captain Ron

A busy family reconnects under the zany influence of Captain Ron and many nights out to sea.

Best Family Movies on Netflix

Netflix is a great place to find family movies for even the pickiest family. 5 family movies on Netflix you don’t want to miss: Despicable Me & Despicable Me II, The Cat in the Hat,Inside the Mind of a Cat, Charlottes Web and The Sea Beast.

Best Movies for Family Movie Night: G Rated

There are so many G Rated movies that everyone can enjoy from old movies like The Wizard of Oz to newer movies like Encanto. 5 G rated movies not to miss are: The Parent Trap, Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Mary Poppins and The LEGO Movie.

Movies to Watch with Family (Older Kids)

One thing I like to do with my older kids is revisit some of the movies I loved as a kid or teen. 5 movies you might try with older kids is Jumanji, Ferris Buellers Day Off, Harry Potter, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Babe.

Family Movie Night FAQ

How do you get the best movie night with your family?

Family movie night is less about the movie and snacks and more about spending time with those you love. It is a great excuse to sit down together! Don’t overthink the event and make it easy for everyone to participate. If you start a movie that everyone groans at, then start another!

Note: This best family movies list first appeared on Kids Activities Blog in 2015 and has been updated multiple times. Our next step is to make it a much bigger list in the near future, so please help by adding your favorite classic kids movies and funny family movies to the comments below!

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Our Favorite PopCorn REcipes for Your Family Movie Night

What is your favorite family movie?  Please add it in the comments below!

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  1. The Princess Bride is my all-time favorite movie. I can’t even begin to count how many times I have watched it – and I have passed on my love of the movie to my children. My daughter and I especially love it and it makes me happy that we share a bond over it.

  2. We recently got our active 3yr old who would only watch Minion Movies to sit through Mr. Popper’s Penguins

    1. Excellent choices! Thank you, Kristin! I will have to check out The Adam Project. I keep hearing so many good things about it!

  3. I have recently watched River dance with my grand children.
    They enjoyed it very much.
    Even my 10 month old little one bopped to the rhythm of the celtic music.
    I had as much fun watching the movie than my little granddaughter. 🙂