STEM and STEAM activities for kids are the ultimate kids activities. They are packed with learning and fun. These engaging STEM activities for kids can be used at home or in the classroom.

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60+ Best STEM Activities for Kids of All Ages: Toddlers through Teenagers

Let’s dive into STEM! STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Here at Kids Activities Blog we often add the “A” for Art to make it STEAM. Since so much science, technology, engineering and math have artful aspects, it only seems natural!

What is a STEM Activity?

STEM activities are simple projects, experiments, challenges and demonstrations that leverage the concepts of science, technology, engineering and math for learning. While that may sound complicated, it isn’t! These are easy STEM activities that the entire family can enjoy. They use household items that you probably already have on hand, take just a few minutes and require very little set-up.

STEM in the Classroom

Many teachers are bringing STEM activities into the classroom to help encourage critical thinking, spark curiosity and add some fun and games to the class curriculum. Simple tweaks to traditional games, experiments and projects can turn an ordinary activity into a STEM activity.

STEM learning fosters problem solving, creativity, ingenuity, increased resilience, independent work, teamwork, adaption and analytical thinking. These are all life skills kids will need to be successful!

Programs for STEM are designed for the age of the student: primary, secondary and college level learning to help students use these skills in the real world.

Encouraging STEM at Home

Y’all know us well. We can’t stop celebrating all things STEAM…which is why you can keep scrolling to discover tons of activities that you can do at home, in the classroom & just for fun…

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