Glow-in-the-dark things fascinate my kids! I bet my munchkins aren’t the only ones who love nightlights and neon bling. Here are OVER 25 things that will glow and mesmerize your kiddo!

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get glowing with these activity ideas for kids

25+ Glow-in-the Dark – Hacks and Must-Haves

Homemade Glow Bouncy Ball – These are a blast to make and a blast to chase as they bounce around the house! via Growing a Jeweled Rose Enjoy some Glowing Jello at your kids next slumber party. They mix the jello with tonic water and add a black light! Brilliant and tasty! via Mom Advice Related: Making Our Own Glow Stick  Perfect Halloween party accessory – Glowing Slime – make it yourself with this recipe using glowing paint. via A Pumpkin and A Princess These shoes were made for dancing! LED light laces are a blast! via Amazon get glowing with these activity ideas Fuzzy, Tasty Glow Puff. Stuff a glow stick into a colorful puff of cotton candy – viola, edible fun. Don’t give it to toddlers who might think it’s okay to eat the stick. via Fat Boys Finish Last Shoe Laces – These glow in the dark. Charge them by walking around during the day and at night your feet will shine. via Amazon Glowing Glop – Create a batch of neon oobleck – turn on a black light and it turns into an eerie play date! via Growing a Jeweled Rose Giant Orb – Stuff a glow stick inside a bouncy ball and turn out the lights for a game of dodge ball. via True Aim Education get glowing with these activity ideas Make Rocky Eyeballs – paint rocks with glow paint.  Add “eyeball” embellishments and line your walkway for Halloween. via Red Ted Art ALL the things you can do!! Glow powder. You can add it to nail polish, mix it into a glue stick, use spray adhesive and coat things with it! Fun stuff! via Amazon For sensory fun, make a batch of glowing water beads. Add dye to the beads as they swell. Then turn on the black light! via Learn Play Imagine Flecked glowing jars – super cool! I want a set! Transform your jelly jars and gift them as party favors. via From Panka With Love glowing supplies The best of glowing products online! Be the talk of the block and pass out glow sticks instead of candy! Lipgloss – A sure hit if you are out and about in twilight. via Amazon Duct tape – Cause we all need glow-in-the-dark duct tape for something, right? via Amazon Light up your ceiling with a set of stars. via Amazon My favorite!! Glow in the dark nail polish! via Amazon The longest lasting glow sticks – they last for 12 hours and come in a bunch of colors. via Amazon Rainbow sticks. They even have the hard to find purple and dark blue colors! via Amazon Neon face crayons. You will need a black light, but these are FUN to decorate with and then glow. via Amazon get glowing with these activity ideas for kids Glow eyes. Transform a TP tube with a glow stick and hide the eyes somewhere fun. at Kids Activities Blog Glowing water balloons. Fill balloons with water and add a stick. The water makes the balloon more reflective! via Design Dazzle Sparkling glittered jar. Use iridescent glitter and glow paint to create a fun jar. Great for calming down too! Have your kids watch this as they are going to bed. via Glow stick glasses  – So retro!  Perfect for almost every costume (and you can see your kiddo when out) Fiber lightup hair extensions  – My daughter is begging for a set!  You can actually braid them like hair too!

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  1. Don’t we all love to glow in the dark 🙂 Some great new ideas to use on a fairy party just to bring that extra bit of magic especially the sparkling glittered jars. Thank you for sharing some great ideas!