Easy and fun ways to learn colors for kids. Activities, games, crafts, worksheets, coloring pages and so many other ways to play with colors!

When Do Kids Learn Colors?

Generally, kids around the age of 2 years old learn colors. Some kids will learn earlier and some later. It is a skill that kids easily pick up, so don’t stress if your child isn’t on this schedule! If it is something they are exposed to, they will quickly learn.

How Do Kids Learn Colors?

  • Kids are so curious about the world around them. It is natural for them to start looking at how things are similar and different even from a very young age. Color is one of those things they understand quickly when shown.
  • Introducing the primary colors first is suggested. Showing kids how the red color can be on a leaf, a car, in a crayon, on a house, etc. is key to their understanding that colors aren’t objects, but something that helps them describe the object.

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