Today we have a collection of DIY Bouncy Balls, because there is something about those bouncy balls that every child loves. A rubber ball is so small and simple, but one of the best childhood toys that costs just a few pennies! The perfect size for play.

homemade bouncy balls collection pictured - blue homemade super ball, glowing bouncy balls, octagon ball, rubber band balls and more
Which homemade bouncy ball will you choose to make at home?

Homemade Super Balls

There is so many options to make and play with these homemade bouncy balls that your kids will be occupied for hours. Making your own bouncy ball is a fun craft for a birthday party making party favors. DIY bouncy balls are a great gift as a completed ball or as a craft kit for the recipients to assemble themselves.

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Why homemade bouncy balls?

Exactly! Why? You can buy perfectly formed bouncy balls inexpensively! So why go to the trouble?

  1. When you make your own bouncy ball, you can control and be fully be in charge of the ingredients you put it in.
  2. DIY bouncy ball project are a great science project as well as a super cool DIY project for older kids.
  3. When making bouncy balls, you can easily customize your bouncy balls (color, size, shape and even consistency).
  4. Using this bouncy ball craft at a party, allows for personalized bouncy balls as birthday treats.
  5. The process of making bouncy balls is a great sensory experiences from bouncing on a hard surface to the proprioception required to catch the flying ball of bright colors.
a selection of four homemade DIY bouncy balls - homemade super balls that glow, 4 different shape options shown, rubber bands and which of the homemade balls had the best performance?
So many fun options of homemade super balls that you can make at home!

How to Make a Bouncy Ball

When I was searching for DIY bouncy balls I didn’t expect to find so many different variations of it. Here are the ones I really liked, and that I put it on my to-do list with my kids. Some require more adult supervision than others… mainly because some of the ingredients. Most bouncy ball recipes will require these ingredients:

  • 2 tablespoons warm water
  • 1/2 teaspoon borax (find it in the laundry detergent section of your local store)
  • 1 tablespoon glue
  • 1/2 tablespoon corn starch

Make sure to look at each recipe as they will require some other items.

1. Easy Bouncy Ball Recipe for Kids

easy steps how to make a bouncy ball - from measuring to stirring to child holding finished bouncy ball from Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make our own bouncy ball!

Experiment with how to make a ball with this homemade bouncy ball from here at Kids Activities Blog.

2. Make a Colorful Bouncing Ball

how to make a bouncy ball from the 36th Avenue - 4 finished bouncy balls in a row on a white table
Oooo! What color bouncy ball will YOU make?

Super colorful and pretty bouncy balls. Best bouncing performance guaranteed. via The 36th Avenue

3. DIY Bouncing Balls that Glow

how to make a glowing bouncy ball from Growing a Jeweled Rose - glowing goop, hand rolling glowing ball and 9 finished bouncy balls in glowing colors on black background
Let’s make a glowing bouncy ball!

Can it get any cooler? Glowing bouncy balls. via Growing a Jeweled Rose

4. Video on How to Make a Rainbow Bouncy Ball

Check out this video tutorial on making a bouncy ball from Happy Toys:

5. Loom Bouncing Ball Technique

bouncy balls made from loom bands from Red Ted Art - girl holding three loom band made bouncy balls
Make a bouncy ball from loom bands!

Who said bouncy balls can’t be made from loom bands? It reminds me of the rubber band balls of old. Check out the fun from Red Ted Art.

6. Easiest Bouncy Ball Idea

bouncy ball finished and held by child next to face from mama Smiles
What a cool bouncy ball!

Want a 100% fail proof bouncy ball that your kids can make at home? Try making these bouncy balls! via Mama Smiles

Using Bouncy Balls in Art & Science

The good news is that hand-eye coordination is not the only childhood skill that can be improved with some big ball play ideas!

7. Rolling Art with Bouncing Ball

activities with bouncy balls - painting with balls is a popular art activity for kids - this shows brightly colored paint in blue, green, red and pink
Use your homemade ball for an art project like this!

Bouncy balls can also roll. Check out this Homemade Marbled Bouncy Balls & DIY Ramp. via I can teach my child

8. Make a Ball Machine

How about a bouncy ball machine to play with all those bouncy balls you made. Invent a Bouncy Ball Machine. via Inspirational Laboratories

9. Bouncing Sensory Play Idea

A perfect sensory play with bouncy balls for a baby. via Hands On As We Grow

10. Jumbo Bouncing Ball

text: how to make a super bouncy ball from Totally the Bomb
Now THIS is a super high flying bouncy ball!

Make a super bouncy ball that really bounces high. It’s a jumbo one. via Totally the Bomb

11. Science Experiment Bouncing Ball

This bouncy ball is not your typical one. However it’s a great way to teach your kids some chemistry and get excited about brushing their teeth more often. via How wee Learn

12. Let’s Make Ball Art

Have a ball art with Thomas and Friends. via Crayon Box Chronicles

Homemade Bouncy Balls Tips

  • Most of the homemade bouncy balls are made with BORAX, which is not edible and is toxic, so watch the little ones carefully when they making or playing with the balls.
  • These balls are homemade so they won’t be bouncing everywhere at the same height. Kids will have to experiment and find the best bouncing spots for their DIY balls. I promise, this part is fun.
  • After done playing, make sure to store these bouncy balls in the Ziploc bags and put it in the fridge. Keep it there until the kids are ready to play again.
homemade super ball selection from Kids Activities Blog - pink and yellow balls, glowing colorful rainbow collection, rubber band ball and blue homemade bouncy ball - large
Let’s play with our homemade bouncy balls!

Kids Bouncy Balls and Sensory Play

Physical and Occupational Therapists have used bouncing balls when treating things like sensory processing disorders:

  • Small rubber balls like the homemade ones discussed above have different textures, sizes and bouncing patterns that all give different sensory input to a child.
  • Immersive experiences like a ball pit have a very different sensory reaction than holding a single ball.
  • Different ball sizes when played together can give sensory stimulation that innately allows kids to learn to compare and contrast. Think of all the differences between bouncy balls, exercise balls, a hop ball, yoga balls, balance balls, beach ball inflatable toy or tennis balls! They all look, feel and react differently.

Our Favorite Homemade Bouncy Ball Kits

Want a kit that has all the items you need all together? We got you! These bouncy ball kits are great for kids, gifts, and can be used to get kids more interested in science. It’s fun and educational!

What ingredient in a bouncy ball makes it bounce?

Cornstarch is a common ingredient that adds a bounce to a bouncy ball. When mixed with water, cornstarch creates a bouncy, flexible putty. Or, you can use a rubber band to add the bounce factor to a ball. When a rubber band is stretched and then released, and it will snap back to its original shape and bounce. And if you want something with a more rubber-like consistency, choose the ingredient combination of borax, glue, and food coloring. Just mix those ingredients together and you’ll have a bouncy ball in no time that bounces up and down.

Can you make a clear bouncy ball?

Yes you can make a clear bouncy ball by using a clear rubber material, such as a silicone rubber or a polyurethane rubber, to create the ball. These materials are typically used to make molds or casting materials, and they can be purchased online or at a craft or hobby store.

Can you make bouncy balls with glitter glue?

Yes, it is possible to make a bouncy ball using glitter glue. Glitter glue is a type of craft glue that contains fine particles of glitter suspended in a clear or colored adhesive, but it is still craft glue! That means you can substitute glitter glue for craft glue in any of the bouncy ball recipes and add a sparkly effect to your bouncy ball.

More Fun DIY Crafts from Kids Activities Blog

Did your kids make their own bouncy balls? How did the process go? What was your favorite bouncing ball project?

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