Butterfly Snack Bags  are a creative and fun way to package snacks for school. I like to send  them for my son’s preschool class because the kids love getting to play with their butterflies, and the teacher can use left-over butterfly clothespins for displaying artwork!

Butterfly Snack Bags

DIY Butterfly Snack Bags

I love this simple idea because it is super inexpensive, the kids can help make them and they are pretty impressive at a party or as a gift…let’s elevate those snacks with ease! We made our butterfly snack bags with some spring sparkle, but you could decorate them to fit a specific theme too.

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Supplies Needed to Make DIY Butterfly Snacks

Directions to Make Butterfly Bags

Steps 1 - 4 How to Make Butterfly Snack Bags - collage of image steps to make bags, paint clothes pins and add butterfly anntenae

Step 1

The best thing to do is get all of the clothespins painted first.  We clipped ours onto the edge of a craft supply bin while painting them.

Step 2

While the clothespins are drying,  fill the snack bags with snacks such as cereal, pretzels and grapes (cutting them in half will help them fit better too).

Step 3

Glue a pipe cleaner  to the back of the clothespin, bend the ends to look like butterfly “antennae.”

Step 4

Decorate the clothes pins with glitter, sequins, paint and anything else their creative minds can think of!  Let them dry completely.

Step 5

Step 5 - How to Make Butterfly Snack Bags - making a butterfly shape out of the snack bag

To make the butterfly shape,  simply spread the snack inside the bag out to each side and pinch the middle of the bag.

Slide the clothespin up over the middle and let go.  The clothespin will pinch the bag in the middle creating what looks like butterfly wings.   The decorated clothespin is the “body” of the butterfly!

Finished Butterfly Snack Bag

Butterfly Snack Bags

Fun, right? If you can’t send homemade snacks to school, try doing this with a bag of goldfish instead. It turns out super-cute, too!


How did your butterfly snack bags turn out? What did you put in them? Anything to suggest? Please let us know if the comments below!

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