Free School Themed Color by Numbers Printable Worksheets for Kids

Today we have some really fun color by number worksheets for kids that celebrate school days. These would make great printable worksheets for the first day of school or as a break from the daily grind of your average school day.

Color by number sheets are a great way to work on numbers and math the fun way! We have two different back to school color by number worksheet packs. One color by number set is a traditional color by number featuring numbers 1-8 with 3 worksheets. The other is a math color by number with 3 worksheets.

Back to School Color by Numbers

Back to School Color by Number Free Printables

These will be perfect for the last week of summer break or for first week of school. The one with the apple is my personal favorite as nothing says “back to school” more than a juicy red apple!

The Basic Back to School Color by Numbers Pack includes:

  • 1 page  with an apple and numbers up to 4.
  • 1 page with a school bus and numbers up to 5.
  • 1 page with a pencil and numbers up to 6.

Download & Print Basic School Themed Color by Number Worksheet pdf Files Here

The Math Back to School Color by Numbers Worksheet Pack Includes:

  • 3 pages with addition and subtraction equations up to number 10.

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Which of the back to school color by number worksheets were your child’s favorite?Save

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