Coloring games for kids that you can print & play! Let the competition (& imagination) run with these simple, free and fun kids’ printable activities.

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30+ Fun & Free Printable Coloring Games for Kids

At Kids Activities Blog we are a little obsessed with coloring pages, mazes, and color by number which all add up to coloring games for kids! While coloring games can take on the form of a lot of different worksheet activities, we like to think there is a little extra PLAY involved in these activities for kids.

Best Online Coloring Games

Kids of all ages from preschool, kindergarten, elementary school, tweens, teens and adults can play through these coloring pdf sheets. Most are educational activities, but kids don’t mind because they are exploring the game and having a really good time.

Introducing Colors, Numbers, Letters & More

We always feel like the best way to learn is through play. Introducing new concepts like colors, numbers, and letters is so much easier when it is done with a coloring game. Browse through the games pictured below or if you are looking for something specific, check these printable activities:

Keep scrolling for so many fun coloring games you can download & print at home.

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