These simple color by number unicorn coloring pages are loads of fun for younger kids practicing number identification. Kids will have so much fun bringing some color to this unicorn color by number coloring page set! Using the provided color key, kids can color by number the two unicorns with bright colors. Use the color by number worksheets at home or for classroom use.

unicorn color by number coloring pages
Make learning fun with these unicorn color by number coloring pages.

Cute Unicorns Color By Number Worksheets for Kids

Kids ages 4-7 will love this color by number unicorn printable. Color by number activities are great fine motor skills builders and will help kids with number recognition. Click the pink button to download now:

Unicorn Color By Number PDF File

Use our color by number unicorn pages as an educational tool to help prepare preschoolers for school. With these free color by number worksheets, your little one can explore colors of the rainbow as well as numbers. And for toddlers, they can just be used as fun coloring pages and used as fine motor skills practice.

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1. Color by Number Worksheet – Numbers 1-9 – Unicorn Theme

unicorn color by number printed pdf version - Kids Activities Blog
Print & color these unicorn color by number coloring pages!

The first unicorn color by number worksheet page of this unicorn color by number printable, features a sleepy unicorn napping on the moon, with nice, fluffy clouds, and stars. You will need to use the colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, pink, and baby blue. This unicorn color by number is gonna be so pretty. What a fun free printable color by number worksheet. I love this beautiful unicorn color by number sheets.

2. Color by Number Worksheet – Numbers 1 through 9 – Unicorn Theme

unicorn color by number printable
Grab your prettiest crayons and bring color to this unicorn coloring page.

The second unicorn color by number worksheet or unicorn coloring page features a happy unicorn enjoying a sunbath on a cloud. So adorable! The unicorn looks so happy. Just like the other unicorn color by number worksheet, you will need to use colors like: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, pink, and baby blue. These unicorn printables are great for bother younger children and older children. They can color and learn with our color by number printables.

unicorn color by number
Download and print these unicorn color by number coloring pages today!

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Unicorn Color By Number PDF File

To use these unicorn color by number coloring pages, just grab your favorite colored pencils or crayons, and start coloring each section according to the number assigned to it!

Free Unicorn Color By Number Worksheet SEt Includes

Color legend or key: The colors are numbered at the bottom of each page.

  1. Find the number in the picture.
  2. Find what color it is on the color key.
  3. Color the space the correct color by number.

Recommended Supplies for Color By Number Worksheets

more color by number Worksheets from Kids ACtivities blog

unicorn color by number printable pdf file worksheet black and white on colorful background with coloring supplies- kids activities blog
Once you finish your unicorn color by number, you can try our unicorn color by addition worksheet.

You can download and print all our unicorn printables and create a unicorn coloring book or unicorn activity book. Or you can download unicorn color pages and use them as is. No need to make a number coloring book each page has magical unicorns and are amazing!

Pssst…we have the easiest way to learn writing numbers!

Which unicorn color by number is your favorite? The unicorn and the moon or the unicorn and the cloud? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Thank you for sharing with us these beautiful color by number pages! I would love to download them, but the download button still appears to be broken.

    1. Hi! Thank you for letting us know! We re working to fix this, and I will email it to you once it has been taken care of.

  2. My child likes to do the colors in order and both of these worksheets appear to have no #1 (red) whatsoever. He’s now very frustrated, and refusing to do them. The sheets are very cute, but it appears that someone has dropped the ball.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Since it was an intentional decision to have the same color legend for multiple color by number, this situation will arise on the Kids Activities Blog free color by number sheets occasionally when the color palette chosen by the artist deviates from using every single color. If I might suggest several alternate ways of using these color by number pages:
      1. Have your child look through and cross off colors that are not used. This will help with number recognition and process of elimination with concepts like greater than and less than and 0.
      2. Grab a pencil and have your child assign the colors that are not used to shapes they think would be good that color, red for example.
      3. Start the project with a conversation about what colors they WANT to use and what they want to NOT use and then color the image with and without those colors and see how it turns out before deciding what to do next.

      We are kinda out-of-the-line coloring page people so I am sure we have caused frustrations for others! I hope that helps calm the situation. Have an amazing day.