Today we have the cutest bunny printables for younger kids – toddlers and preschoolers will love our simple bunny coloring pages and easy dot to dot worksheets – numbers 1 to 7 & numbers 1 to 12. Use these cute dot to dot puzzles and bunny coloring pages at home or in the classroom.

cute bunny coloring pages - Kids Activities Blog - shown is one bunny and carrot coloring page and two simple bunny themed dot to dot worksheets
Ahhhh…what a cute bunny coloring page!

Easy Bunny Dot to Dot Printable Worksheets

Oh the cuteness that abounds in these simple bunny coloring pages that make awesome Easter coloring pages or are perfect for any time you want bunny pictures to color. Click the green button to download the dot to dot puzzles & simple bunny coloring page now:

Grab the crayons, the paint set or some glue and glitter to have some bunny fun…

Simple & Cute Bunny Coloring Page

Free cute simple bunny coloring page pdf - Kids Activities Blog - pdf screenshot of bunny coloring page for kids
This cute bunny coloring page shows a bunny hugging a carrot!

What a cute bunny appears on this free coloring page for kids.  Our bunny is clutching a carrot.  The bunny may be worried you will steal the carrot!  Grab your crayons and color the cute bunny any color you think is best.

Easy Bunny Dot-to-Dot Worksheet

Free bunny dot to dot 1-12 for kids - Kids Activities Blog - free pdf version of the bunny dot to dot that turn into bunny coloring pages
After you connect the dots on the bunny, then make it a bunny coloring page!

This bunny dot-to-dot easy worksheet has numbers 1 to 12 which is perfect for preschoolers learning their numbers or kindergartners who will master the task quickly and make time to color the bunny picture afterward.

The more difficult bunny dot to dot may work great for Kindergarten age kids. Now we have an easier dot to dot worksheet too…

Easiest Carrot for Bunny Dot-to-Dot Worksheet

Free super easy carrot for bunny dot to dot worksheet for kids - Kids Activities Blog
After connecting the dots, color the carrot picture!

Younger kids will love the easy bunny dot-to-dot page.  

This big carrot dot-to-dot worksheet is super simple with numbers 1 to 7.  Preschoolers will easily count aloud while connecting the dots.  Once the picture of the carrot (perfect for our cute bunny) appears, they can grab the orange and green crayons and make it look really yummy.

There are three Bunny Activity sheets in this set of bunny pictures to color

  1. Bunny coloring page – bunny and carrot
  2. Bunny dot-to-dot – this easy pattern goes from numbers 1-12
  3. Carrot dot-to-dot – this easy pattern goes from numbers 1-7

I feel the need to pull out an orange crayon right now!

Print Easy Bunny Coloring Pages

It doesn’t have to be the Easter bunny, but it certainly can be a cute one. Click here to download and print the entire cute bunny coloring page series pdf files:

More Simple Dot to Dot Worksheets

Show Us Your Finished Coloring Pages

We love when you post pictures of your kids completed coloring page creations on our FB page.  We get such a kick out of how each one is so different and every kid makes it his/hers.  Please post your finished bunny coloring pages today!

More Bunny & Easter Coloring Pages from Kids Activities Blog

What color will you need to color the bunny coloring pages?

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