This simple craft creates hours of play opportunities because you can make your own bubble shooter bubble wand with very little effort and it is an easy bubble activity for kids of all ages. This easy DIY bubble wand only needs 2 supplies that you likely have on hand: rubber bands and drinking straws. Just add bubble solution and you are blowing bubbles!

Make your own bubble shooter by kids activities blog - a group of homemade bubble wands (colorful) shown in a series of plastic cups
Whether you call it a bubble shooter or a bubble wand, your kids will have hours of play!

Let’s Make a Bubble Shooter Wand

This DIY bubble shooter was born out of desperation. At one time we had many bubble wands, but I couldn’t find any of them. Inspired by the addictive bubble shooter game, we decided we needed to create the arcade experience.

This Do It Yourself Bubble Shooter is so easy to make that home or on the playground in the classroom and the kids had so much fun exploring the way their new bubble wands worked.

Best Bubble Shooter Craft

Bubble Shooter Defined

A brilliant mechanism combining bubbles and the act of shooting.

-Kids Activities Blog

What we came up with is half bubble shooter and half bubble wand. No matter what you call it, blowing bubbles is fun and creates that addictive gameplay! {Giggle}

Oh, and if you don’t feel like making a bubble shooter today, check below where we have our favorite bubble shooter products listed.

How To Make a Bubble Shooter

DIY Bubble wands are a fun activity to do, and you can even make homemade bubbles to go with it. It’s so much fun. The best part is, making a bubble blower is easy!

Making your own bubble wand is so easy, even your kids can help!

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Supplies Needed

Instructions for Constructing A DIY Bubble Shooter

Step 1 – Attach the Straws Together

Take a bunch of straws (kids can choose the suitable color combination they want) and attach them together by wrapping them with a rubber band.

If you don’t have rubber bands within easy reach, don’t worry. Just use some masking tape, sticky tape or even pipe cleaners to join the straws together.

Step 2 – Optional Cut Straws to Different Length

You can also cut the straws to a shorter length; this may be very useful if you don’t have many straws but have many children to entertain.

Steps to make Easy DIY Bubble Shooter Wands in homemade bubble solution ready to blow bubbles
Load Up Your Bubble Shooter Wand with homemade bubble solution!

Step 3 – Make Homemade Bubble Solution

Step 4 – Play with Your Bubble Shooter

Let’s blow bubbles with your DIY Bubble Shooter and shoot bubbles in different directions in the backyard. Kids can play with the aim of the bubble shooter and vary the pressure of their breath to see how the results change in their real life bubble game.

It is lots of fun!

small child using a bubble shooter wand to blow bubbles across the backyard fence
Watching the bubbles leave the DIY Bubble Shooter Wand pointed in one direction and then slowly waft to the sky…

Blowing Bubbles with DIY Bubble Shooter Wand

This play is really satisfying for children as they make lots of bubbles with each breath.

The action needed for creating bubbles with the bubble shooter is always exhaling and never inhaling.  This will keep bubble solution out of kids’ mouths.  <–But just in case, always use a non-toxic bubble solution that is taste-safe.

It is amazing how quickly they learn the proper coordination to get just the right amount of bubble solution into the shooter wand.

Bubble Stick

Just make sure for littler children, they blow, and don’t suck in. It may seem obvious to us, but smaller children may not understand the concept. And no one wants a mouth of warm water and soap bubbles.

Littler kids may need a little help, but overall this is great for kids of all ages, from younger children to older kids. Whether it is a sunny day or an overcast day.

What Should I Do If the Bubble Solution Falls Off the Bubble Shooter?

Generally, this is an issue of the bubble solution not being thick enough. A bubble shooter does better with a more “sticky” bubble solution to allow it to not slide or sputter off the end of the straws. If you made your own homemade bubble solution, add more of the thickening agent. Common bubble solution thickening agents are glycerine and corn starch.

DIY Bubble Shooter {Make Your Own Bubble Wand}

DIY Bubble Shooter {Make Your Own Bubble Wand}

This Do It Yourself Bubble Shooter is so easy to make that any home without bubble wands will probably never have to buy another bubble wand again!


  • straws
  • rubber bands


  • (optional) scissors
  • bubble solution


  1. Take a bunch of straws and attach them together by wrapping them with a rubber band. If you don't have rubber bands within easy reach, don't worry. Just use some masking tape or sticky tape to join the straws together.
  2. You can also cut the straws to a shorter length; this may be very useful if you don't have many straws but have many children to entertain.
  3. Mix up a batch of bubble solution.
  4. Let's blow bubbles with your DIY Bubble Shooter Wand! It is lots of fun!

Bubble Shooter Classic Arcade Game

This activity was inspired by the fun bubble shooter game where you pop bubbles to climb to a high score.

Psst…you can play the free online games here.

But I needed to get the kids OFFLINE and have their next bubble experience to be with IRL (in real life) bubbles.

Favorite Bubble Shooters for Kids

  • This 5 pack of Wind Up Bubble Gun Blasters include LED lights and is a bubble blower that you can use inside or outside.
  • This 2 Bubble Gun pack comes with bubble solution and plays music. Great fun for boys and girls. I like that the bubble solution fits into the bubble shooter.
  • This is more of a bubble machine than a bubble shooter, but it is pretty awesome. It is the Bubble blower machine for kids with adjustable speeds and a large bubble solution tank.
  • This Jurassic Dinosaur Light Up Bubble gun is delightfully dinosaur! It comes with bubble solution that fits into the bubble shooter.
  • This Shooting Game is a skill game with challenging levels using colorful balls using laser aim. It doesn’t use bubbles, but reminds me of a version of bubble shooter online game.

More Bubble Fun from Kids Activities Blog 

Bubbles, bubbles, and more bubbles! Kids and adults alike love to blow bubbles. Still wanting more bubbles? Check out these great bubble activities from some of the other bubbly, but oh so quirky…

Did your kids love making these simple bubble shooters?  What are their favorite ways to blow bubbles?

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  1. @Kelly – if the bubble solution is spraying out of the bottom of the straws, you might consider thickening the solution a bit. You can add glycerine or cornstarch to your solution which will make the bubble solution more stretchy and “sticky” to the straws.

  2. I appreciate, cause I found exactly what I was looking for. You have ended my four day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

  3. I tried this yesterday with my kids and it didn’t work very well. I used about 8 straws and a tall cup of bubble solution. After we dipped and blew, it just sort of sprayed out of the bottom of the straws without making bubbles. What are you tricks to making it work?

  4. This looks like a wonderful idea–I linked to it on my PreschoolPowolPackets Facebook page! Thanks for sharing!