You have to make this DIY chalk paint! This DIY chalk paint is a fun and messy craft that makes playing outside that much more fun. Kids of all ages will have a blast making and playing with this DIY chalk paint. It’s budget-friendly, and great for both younger children and older children, and this DIY chalk paint also gets your kids outside and making art! Win-win!

DIY chalk paint- Make some homemade sidewalk in all colors like blue and pink, and yellow.
Make your own paintable chalk.

Homemade DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint

We can agree chalk is a ton of fun to play with. But have you ever played with sidewalk chalk paint? I promise it is even more fun! Paintable chalk is so easy to make and even more fun to play with! Your kids will love playing outside making beautiful chalk paintings. This DIY sidewalk chalk paint if perfect for kids of all ages! Younger kids and older kids will have so much fun with all the vibrant colors of your own sidewalk chalk paint.

What Is DIY Chalk Paint?

What is chalk paint? Essentially it is a cornstarch paint that dries chalky. It looks very similar to sidewalk paint when it dries, but just starts out as a liquid.

This sidewalk paint is so vibrant and you can make so many different colors! So grab some sponges, stamps, and paintbrushes and start making lovely chalk paintings! My kids have had a blast making and finger painting our fence with paintable chalk. Want to see how it is made step-by-step? Then check out this short video before continuing on to the recipe!

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Video: Make This Easy Sidewalk Chalk Paint Recipe

Supplies Needed To Make This Homemade Chalk Paint:

This cornstarch paint is super easy to make. It only requires 4 ingredients and most of them you may have around your house already.

DIY chalk paint- sidewalk chalk paint ingredients- cornstartch, water, food colors, and dish soaps
It only takes a few ingredients to make this diy sidewalk paint.

How To Make This Super Easy Paint:

DIY chalk paint in glasses- yellow- green- and pink
DIY sidewalk chalk paints are easy to make! Make your favorite colors.

Step 1

In different cups add about a cup of cornstarch.

Step 2

Then add 2/3 cups of water. Be mindful it will be difficult to stir until the cornstarch is fully dissolved.

Step 3

Add a teaspoon of soap to each cup.

Step 4

Then finally, add the food coloring.


It washes right off concrete, but we have to scrub a bit on our fence to get it out of the grooves of the wood.

If you want the paint to last for future paint sessions, microwave it for 30 seconds (you might have to add another ten or so). You want the cornstarch to semi-gel.  

The top of the paint will get a ring of harder looking stuff around it while still having liquid pooled in the center.  

You will need to remix it to work any clumps out and the paint should have a gel-like consistency which has a longer shelf-life.

More Ways To Play With This Homemade DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint

This sidewalk chalk recipe makes great washable paint. You can use foam brushes, spray bottles, squirt bottles, and paint brushes. This outdoor chalk paint are great for so many different fun activities and outdoor activities!

Who would have thought art would be a great fun summer activity.

Our Experience With The Best Homemade Chalk Paint Recipe

We had a blast making our own chalk paint. We even put it in bottles so we could a chalk paint sprayer.

It works best on a smooth service like pavement and concrete, but can be used in sand. It doesn’t have the matte finish, but looks more like colored sand.

The best thing is, we made multiple small batches of so many different colors. It has such simple ingredients I thought…why not! Let’s explore colors.

This easy recipe is one of the best ways to get kids learning about colors and exploring art. Plus, one of the reasons this is the best diy chalk paint recipe is because it’s cheap. Much cheaper than store-bought chalk paint.

Oh, and good luck, kids will squirt each other…mine did. So wear clothes you don’t mind getting colorful with this diy paint chalk.

Preschool Project: Make Your Own Paintable Chalk

Preschool Project: Make Your Own Paintable Chalk

Make this colorful and easy paintable chalk! It's easy to make and even easier to paint with and a great way to get your kids outside and playing in the sun!


  • Cornstarch
  • Water
  • Food Colors (liquid is okay, but the gels are more vibrant)
  • Dish soap


  1. In different cups add about a cup of cornstarch.
  2. Then add 2/3 cups of water. Be mindful it will be difficult to stir until the cornstarch is fully dissolved.
  3. Add a teaspoon of soap to each cup.
  4. Then finally, add the food coloring.


Using gel food coloring will help make more vibrant colors.

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How did your sidewalk chalk paint turn out? Comment below, we’d love to hear from you!

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  1. This sounds cool. If you don’t mix in any food colouring, would that still work? Will you just have chalk paint with a yellowish hue?