{Free Tutorial} How To Draw the Easter Bunny

Guess what? Today we’re going to learn how to draw the Easter Bunny – the cutest one you’ve ever seen! Just follow our tutorial and you’ll be drawing your own Easter Bunny in no time!

Our free Easter Bunny drawing tutorial includes three pages with detailed steps on how to draw a dragon. Grab your pencil and let’s make some cute art!

how to draw the easter bunny
Let’s learn how to draw the cutest Easter Bunny!

Make an Easy Easter Bunny Drawing

Easter is my favorite time of the year to try new crafts and activities, that’s why I know this step by step how to draw the Easter bunny tutorial is going to become one of our most popular tutorials.

When you add a drawing activity to your kid’s day, you’re helping them increase their imagination, enhance their fine motor and coordination skills, and develop a healthy way of displaying their emotions, among other things.

step by step how to draw the easter bunny
Easy step by step how to draw the Easter Bunny instructions.

How to draw the cutest Easter Bunny tutorial

Follow this easy step by step how to draw the Easter Bunny tutorial, all you need is a pencil, a piece of paper, and follow our instructions below.

  1. Let’s start with our Easter Bunny’s head, so first let’s draw an oval.
  2. Draw a drop shape with a flat bottom, and erase extra lines.
  3. Draw the ears!
  4. Draw a smaller oval inside the bigger oval.
  5. Draw a shape that looks like D, facing up the oval.
  6. For our bunny’s paws, draw two arched lines, and erase extra lines.
  7. Let’s give our Easter Bunny hind legs by drawing two ovals. Notice they’re tilted in opposite directions.
  8. Let’s draw its face! Add circles for the eyes and cheeks, half a circle for the nose and curved lines for the mouth, ovals for the paws, and curved lines for eggs in the basket.
  9. Good job! Your Easter Bunny is finished. You can get creative and add different patterns and details to make it even cuter.

You got it! Your Easter Bunny drawing is all done!

how to draw the easter bunny tutorial
Simple and easy Easter Bunny drawing steps!

Kids learn better with a visual guide, that’s why I recommend downloading and printing these steps to make this tutorial easier to follow.

Download here:

How did your cute Easter Bunny drawing turn out?

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