Springtime, warm weather and baby chicks all just seem to go together!  Kids Activities Blog is excited to provide this free printable coloring page that is very likely the cutest baby chick that ever hatched.

Download here:

Free Printable Baby Chick Coloring Page from Kids Activities Blog

Printable Picture of Baby Chick & Egg to Color

Our newly hatched baby chick is positioned in 1/2 an egg sitting on springtime grass and flowers.  Two butterflies float around his head ready for brilliant color.  Three puffy clouds surround the cartoon sun complete with raindrop rays.

This download is ready for some color!

Grab your crayons.  You may want to sharpen the yellow!  <–OK, be honest, does sharpening crayons EVER work?

Or a box of watercolor paints could be fun as well.

What about some glue and glitter?

I am getting carried away with all the printable coloring sheet fun.

Download & print:

What Ages Are Best for This Coloring Page?

Our cute little baby chick coloring sheet is great for all ages.  The big open simple shapes are perfect for toddler and preschoolers who may use the big crayons and want something easy.  Because of the finer details like the grassy area and flowers, older kids enjoy it too.  Kindergarten, elementary and even adults can celebrate through coloring, painting or using colored pencils.

Baby chick to chicken circle of life

More About Baby Chicks

Baby chicks are a favorite due to their cute little yellow fuzzy fluffs of giggles and joy.  Watching a chick hatch is surprisingly delightful.  Hatching baby chicks is a 21-day process, but requires special equipment to assure the egg is kept in the most healthy environment.

An egg incubator helps control egg temperature, humidity and will even turn the egg regularly!

Hatched baby chicks under warming light

Even after the chicks hatch, they need a little help regulating their temperature.  Often a warming light is needed to make sure they aren’t chilly.

Easter Coloring Pages

While this baby chick coloring page isn’t exclusive to Easter, it is something that many associate with the holiday.  Eggs, chickens, hens, roosters, baskets and so many other things coordinate with the spring holiday of Easter.

More Coloring Pages that You Might Enjoy

Kids Activities Blog has hundreds and hundreds of free printable coloring pages.  Here are a few that you may want to check out with your crayons ready:

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