We have a massive packet of free Easter printables: Easter themed printable games, worksheets, Easter word searches, search and finds, Easter color by number, paragraph writing worksheet, spelling practice and more! We have Easter printables for kids of all ages in this free pack. Use these fun Easter printables at home or in the classroom.

Free Easter Printables - printed pdf files shown on a colorful background with a dot to dot of a bunny and a color by number for Easter fun - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s print these free Easter printables!

Easter Printables for Kids

Whether you are looking for Easter printable fun at home or for the classroom, we have a bunch of free printable Easter learning games for you!

You will find educational Easter worksheet and activity pages for kids of all ages from preschool up to 7th grade. These Easter worksheets are broken up by age group, so you can quickly find which one you’ll need.  All these sheets were donated by our friends over at Spelling Classroom.  THANKS!

Free Easter MaZes You Can Print

1. Easter Bunny Maze Printable

Free printable Easter maze for kids - Kids Activities Blog
Print off this Easter maze! Help the Easter bunny find the eggs.

Help the Easter bunny find the Easter eggs in this Easter maze printable.  Kids of all ages will have a ton of fun trying to find the right maze pathway.

2. Easter Ladder Climb Printable Maze for Kids

Easter Ladder Maze - Free Printable - Kids Activities Blog
In this Easter maze, follow the ladders!

Only use the ladders to find the path for the Easter bunny from start to end (where a big full Easter basket sits).  In fact, you will see how kids pick up eggs along the way to fill the Easter basket!

Printable Easter Color by Number

3. Easter Color by Number 1-9

Free Printable Easter Color by Number Worksheet - Kids Activities Blog
Reveal the hatching chick in this Easter color by number!

Follow the color legend at the bottom to color in: red, orange, yellow, purple, green, light green, light blue, dark blue and pink.  You can use colored pencils, crayons or markers to color in the picture by number.

Printable Easter Dot to Dot Worksheet

4. Easter Bunny Dot to Dot

Easter bunny dot to dot worksheet - Kids Activities Blog
Connect the dots by number to reveal the Easter bunny!

Draw a line from dot number 1 to dot number 2, then from dot number 2 to dot number 3, 3 to 4 and so on!  Continue to join the dots until you have connected all the numbered dots.  Then color the picture!

Printable Easter Worksheets

5. Easter Writing Practice Worksheets

Free Easter Say It Trace It Write It Worksheets for Kids - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s practice spelling with Easter words!

There are so many ways to use the Say It! Trace It! Write It! Worksheets for kids.  Younger kids can work on tracing and writing practice along with reading skills.  Older kids can fold over the left part of the page and practice their spelling of the Easter words.

6. Box It Spelling Worksheets for Kids

Box it spelling word practice worksheets Easter - Kids activities blog
What Easter word fits in the box?

Fill in the word boxes with the Easter words of the same shape from the list.  Kids will learn to recognize letter patterns as well as spelling practice.  Oh, and it is fun!

7. Easter Word Search Worksheet

Easter Word Search for Kids - Kids Activities Blog
What a fun Easter word search!

Kids can search for the Easter words to circle in this word search.  There are Easter words like: hop, hunt, candy, Sunday, basket, dove, eggs, bunny, church, Easter, love, pray, chick, spring and carrot.

23 More Easter Printables & Worksheets for Kids

We have just shared with you 7 of the 30+ pages in this Easter printable pack — and it is free!  The rest of the pack includes:

  • Easter Complete It Worksheet – Fill in the blanks with correct letters to spell each word
  • Definition Matching – Put the number of the correct Easter word next to its definition
  • Easter Crossword – Fill in the right word based on the definitions for words: ACROSS & DOWN
  • Easter Spelling Quiz Worksheet – Choose the correct spelling of the word that best completes the sentence
  • Easter sentence writing Worksheet – Write a sentence for each Easter word
  • Easter paragraph writing Worksheet – Using the word bank of Easter words, write a paragraph
  • Rabbits Word List – Check out the words and definitions you need to know
  • Variations of these worksheets with the theme of Peeps, Rabbits & Eggs

Download & Print the Free Easter PDF Files Here

Solution for Easter maze with bunny at the start and eggs at the finish - Provided by Spelling Classroom for Kids Activities Blog
Let’s solve this printable bunny maze.

More Easter Printable Fun from Kids Activities Blog

Which Easter printable worksheet was your child’s favorite?

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