These Easter coloring pages are perfect for kids of all ages. Toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten kids will love coloring all of these fun and simple Easter coloring pages. Whether you love Jesus or the Easter Bunny we have Easter coloring pages for everyone whether you printing these off at home, in the classroom, or Sunday school!

Text: 25 Easter Coloring Pages featured on Kids Activities Blog- printable coloring pages, doodle pages, bunny pages, shaving cream paint bunny, and story books.
There are so many great free printable Easter coloring pages to choose from!

Easter Coloring Pages

We love coloring pages and are super excited to pull together a whole bunch o’ Easter coloring pages for kids!

My boys never liked to “color”, but add some paint or glue and coloring pages take on a whole new adventure.

Free Printable Easter Preschool Coloring Packet

Make sure you grab our free Easter coloring packet and Easter activities!

You can even mix it up and grab your paints, glue, and glitter! Cut the pictures out to work on your fine motor skills or even add crafting items like tissue paper, pom poms, googly eyes, make it your own!

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Free Printable Easter Coloring Pages

1. Easter Egg Doodle

Easter coloring sheet with funny sayings and doodles- Kids Activities Blog
This Easter egg doodle is fun and whimsical

This three-pack of of Easter Egg Doodles is a super cute doodle art with silly sayings that are egg-cellent. Colored pencils or markers would be perfect for these pages!

2. Easter Egg Coloring Pages

These Easter egg coloring pages are PRECIOUS!  Create your own custom egg pal by adding accessories and limbs to an egg. You could use glue or you could use a paper fastener and a hole punch to watch it’s arms and legs move.

3. Cute Easter Coloring Pages

Let's color eggs - Easter egg coloring pages for kids - Kids Activities Blog FB
There are so many to choose from!

Here is a HUGE pack of 25 cute Easter coloring pages. Surely there is something in here that will delight every child. These coloring pages have the Easter bunny, Easter eggs, a little boy hunting for eggs, a little girl holding a giant egg, Easter chicks, and more!

4. Egg Coloring Page

This set of Easter egg coloring page has some blank eggs to start from scratch decorating or some basic outlines to embellish. There are 3 different Easter eggs to color! Color the one with zig zags, the polka dotted one, or the one with swirls!

5. Easter Cards

Easter coloring pages- Happy Easter printables that can be given as a card with a bunny on it
These Easter cards are so much fun to color.

This Happy Easter Printable could be used as a coloring page or as simple Easter cards to send to a friend or relative. The printable is simple and says Happy Easter with cute little bunnies on it! They even have a place to sign your name at the end and send love to the receiver.

6. Bunny Coloring Pages

These Bunny Coloring Pages are made of big shapes for wide crayons! There are also some simple dot-to-dot activities in this set. These are perfect for preschoolers and kindergarten students who need a little more practice with their fine motor skills.

Printable Easter activities that allow you to make a paper Easter bunny with an egg body, eyes, mouth, carrot, hands, feet, and ears.
Create your own Easter bunnies with this coloring activity sheets.

7. Religious Easter Coloring Pages

These simple Biblical coloring pages are perfect for Sunday school or family time worship from Crystal and Company. These religious Easter coloring pages are a great way to teach your kids about the true story of Easter.

8. Easter Bunting Printable

Easter coloring page- Bunny garlands a child is coloring blue and red
Use these Easter coloring pages to make garland decorations!

This Easter bunting printable can be colored and then strung together into a festive holiday bunting! Use crayons, glue and glitter, or even water color to create a colorful bunting. Don’t forget to add a white fuzzy tail! Mini white pom poms work best or go wild and use different colors. What a fun idea from East Coast Mommy.

9. Easter Coloring Book Printable

Not Just Cute always has fun ideas and this is no exception. This is an Easter Egg coloring book for early readers to read and follow the directions. Using this Easter coloring book printable not only works on your child’s fine motor skills, but reading comprehension as well.

10. Easter Bunny Coloring Page

Easter Coloring Page- realistic bunny with bow and egg and Easter under it
This realistic Easter bunny is so cute and fun to color.

This simple line drawing from 3 Boys and a Dog would work great for glue and a handful of cotton balls! Your child will love this Easter bunny coloring page as it does include a cute, realistic, looking bunny with a bow and an Easter egg.

11. Peeps Coloring Pages

Sassy Dealz has created a very unique craft project that starts with a PEEP-like coloring page. It is perfect for Easter time and is also a fun sensory project as the puffy paint is a new and fun texture for your child to experience. I really like these peeps coloring pages.

12. Jelly Bean Coloring Page

What Do We Do All Day has a really cute spring “rain” coloring page. It is raining jelly beans on umbrella-protected chicks. This jelly bean coloring page I think would be best done in colored pencils or thin markers as the pictures are a little bit smaller and more fine.

Easter coloring pages with an Easter bunny, little boy with an Easter basket, an Easter chick, an Easter chick in a basket, and an Easter bunny holding a basket, and a little girl holding a giant Easter egg.
How cute are these Easter coloring packs?

13. Easter Holiday Coloring Pages

This set of Easter holiday coloring pages has fluffy bunnies toting woven baskets on a hunt for eggs just waiting to be colored. The lines are bigger so it is perfect for crayons! It is from Itsy Bitsy Fun.

14. Free Printable Easter Coloring Pages

I love these very creative and intricate designs from Doodle Art Alley. And the best part is, you’ll find a coloring sheet for everyone, adults, older kids, even younger kids! 

15. Easter Egg Hunt Poster

Easter Coloring Page- Easter egg hunt printable with a boy holding an easter egg
Can you find all the Easter eggs on this coloring page?

Because I love Easter decor, this Easter egg hunt poster is awesome and totally colorable from Teachers Pay Teachers, and it is free!  It would make a really cute placemat for Easter brunch.

16. Easter Bunny Coloring Pages

But as much as I love Easter decor, I adore the Easter bunny. Easter bunny coloring pages depict SO many bunnies to choose from over at Super Coloring!

17. Easter Egg Coloring Pages

Adorable Easter coloring pages- realistic bunny with floppy ears black and white
How cute is this bunny coloring page with its floppy ears!?

If you like Easter activities as well as coloring sheets, then you’ll love these printables! This fun coloring activity from Make and Takes is perfect for the older child who might not embrace the whole coloring idea.

18. Free Easter Printable Coloring Page Poster

Color this giant poster! These free coloring pages have Easter bunnies, Easter eggs, banners, and even spring flowers! Everyone will love this Happy Easter coloring page.

19. Giant Easter Egg

Easter Egg Coloring Page- Decorate Easter black and white Easter egg with lace and lines
Decorate your very own paper Easter egg!

This egg-shaped coloring extravaganza from Mr. Printables will keep kids busy for awhile…I promise! It is a giant Easter egg that is very similar to a zentangle. Color each picture within the egg. You could even print this off as a poster. I would suggest this for older kids, maybe first grade and up. Colored pencils would be ideal for this as well.

20. Easter Gift Box

Because we like to hand out gifts for Easter, this coloring sheet can be folded into a box! What a fun way to make a paper craft from Easter Colouring. It is small enough to hold small treats like fun sized candies or stuff like M&M’s and jellybeans!

21. Easter Coloring Sheets

Happy Easter Coloring pages- Girl and boy bunny holding an Easter bunny- text: Happy Easter
This is the cutest Easter coloring page! So precious!

Oh my goodness! How precious are these Easter coloring sheets? Two bunnies holding a basket surrounded by sweets from The Organised Housewife.

22. Bunny Coloring Page

Need something for your smaller child? This bunny coloring page is super simple and super cute.  A big egg and a chick peeking out from A to Z Teachers Stuff. This would be perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and even kindergarten kids.

23. Easter Elmo Coloring Sheet

Elmo Easter Coloring pages- Elmo with an Easter basket and eggs
Elmo likes Easter too!

Say Happy Easter with Elmo! This simple coloring page is of Elmo holding a very full Easter basket with the Easter bunny! This super cute coloring sheet is from All Kids Network.

24. Easter Coloring Crafts

Color something silly like this juggling Easter bunny or this beautiful Easter egg. Don’t want to color? No problem! There is also Easter mazes. These graphic coloring pages are from Woo! Jr

25. Fun Easter Coloring Sheets

Beautiful Realistic Easter coloring pages- Bunny with a house in the trees
This Easter coloring page is stunning!

Where does the Easter bunny live? Well, he lives in the forest in a little wooden house of course! This lovely coloring page is a piece of art in itself from Phee McFaddell.

26. Printable Happy Easter Pictures

Who helps the Easter bunny move eggs around? Thomas the Train does! These printable happy Easter pictures show just that! There are several train Easter coloring pages over at Thomas the Tank Engine Friends.

27. Easter Egg Printable

Easter coloring page- blue background, blue red, purple, yellow brown paints, picture of black and white Easter basket
Color this Easter coloring sheet or paint it!

Use finger paints, and of course your fingers, to fill up this big Easter basket! I adore this from Sassy Dealz. It is a large scale Easter basket just waiting for finger painting!

28. Happy Easter Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty is so cute! So is this Happy Easter Hello Kitty coloring sheet! You’ll find this Hello Kitty page over at Net Art. Hello Kitty is holding a bird next to a big Easter egg and pretty flowers.

29. How To Draw A Bunny Coloring Pages

What better way of celebrating Easter than drawing and coloring a bunny! You can make your bunny look just like the Easter bunny! You can draw cute pictures and make then color them! You’re drawing your own coloring picture. What a fun activity.

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Religious Easter Coloring Pages

30. Easter Pictures To Color

Religious Easter coloring page- stories from the Bible Jesus, the Cross, disciples, Jesus carrying cross, Jesus rising 3 days later
Learn about Jesus and His disciples this Easter!

Easter pictures to color can help your child better understand Jesus, His disciples, and the real story of Easter a little better. Help them learn the Easter story through coloring pages from My Little House.

31. Easter Craft Tree

This is super cute from Sunday School Kids.  It is an Easter tree complete with hanging eggs just waiting to be decorated! Colored pencils or thin markers would probably be best here as the lines and spots are a little fine.

32. Religious Easter Coloring Pages 

Here are some coloring pages that celebrate the real Easter story from I am That Lady. There are 25 different religious Easter coloring pages to choose from!

33. Fun Easter Coloring Pages

Jesus Has Risen Easter Coloring Page- 3 Crosses and the tomb Jesus rose from with colored pencils
Jesus has Risen! That’s what Easter is about!

From the religious side of Easter to the modern side, there are all the facts on this fun free Easter coloring pages. Perfect for kids of all ages, but particularly great for older children who can read.

34. Jesus Coloring Page

What better way to celebrate Easter than with this Jesus coloring page! Perfect for teaching about His death on the cross and Him rising from the dead 3 days later!

We Have Even More Easter Printables From Kids Activities Blog

How did your Easter coloring pages turn out? We’d love to hear from you!

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