Let’s do some cute bug crafts with kids! These sweet insect crafts are more adorable than creepy and crawly and a fun way to explore the insect world. Kids of all ages will love making these bug crafts especially preschool. They use simple craft supplies and can work in the classroom or at home easily.

bug crafts activities snack food insect
Let’s have some fun with bug crafts for kids!

Fun Bug Crafts for Kids

Creepy and crawly? Yes!

We have selected the best 20 adorable preschool bug crafts, activities and food ideas may have you singing a different tune as you explore the outdoors with your children.

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Bugs are fascinating creatures, and kids tend to be intrigued with the unique way they are made. 

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Favorite Preschool Bug Crafts

bug craft ideas for kids - 5 insect crafts shown that kids can make
Oh so many fun bug crafts and activities for kids!

1. Beaded Dragonfly Craft

These beaded dragonflies and lightning bugs by I Heart Crafty Things can be made by kids of a variety of ages and are not only adorable, but work on fine motor skills during creation. You could turn this into a beaded dragonfly keychain as well!

2. Coffee Filter Butterfly Arts & Crafts for Kids

Tie Dye Coffee Filter Butterflies are easy to make and fun to play with. Meaningful Mama shows you how it’s done. Making a coffee filter butterfly is easy and is one of the better bug crafts for little hands.

3. Light Up Firefly Craft

Y’all! Your kids are going to love making this firefly craft that really light up. Apartment Therapy nailed it with this idea. I think this would be a great preschool bug craft as it isn’t too hard to do.

4. Make Cute Bugs Using Spoons

Paging Fun Mums made cute bugs using plastic spoons. You’ll have to head over to check out her different variations. Give them googly eyes, antennas and legs using pipe cleaners, and don’t forget to color them some wings!

5. DIY Egg Carton Caterpillar

What a great activity! Egg carton caterpillars couldn’t be cuter! Megan from Balancing Home shows us how to re-create this simple craft. Plus, I love any craft that let’s me recycle. It helps keep the Earth healthy for all the cute bugs and critters.

6. Egg Carton Ladybugs Craft

Save your egg cartons! Preferable the cardboard ones. And follow Buggy and Buddy as they make egg carton ladybugs with wings! So cute!

Cute Easy Bug Crafts for Kids

bug crafts activities kids
These fun project ideas include insect crafts for bees, lady bugs and caterpillars!

7. Bug Craft that Turns into a Bug Game

Looking for some bug crafts and activities? Your craft becomes a game after you make this spring time tic-tac-toe game from Chicken Scratch NY. How awesome is that? Painted rocks are super cute, I’ve always loved painted rocks because they’re so versatile.

8. Garden Snail Craft

Okay, technically this one isn’t a cute bug or cute insect, but they’re still outside and in the garden where most bugs are! I’m loving this tissue paper garden snail from Room Mom Extraordinaire. Don’t have tissue paper? That’s fine, you can still use construction paper.

9. Cute Bug Book Buddies Craft

The book buddy bugs from Meaningful Mama become a bookmark after the craft fun is over. These cute bug book buddies are perfect for your little readers and will help them keep up with where they are in the book without dog earing the poor books.

10. Make an Insect Craft

Easy Child Crafts teaches us how to make this cute bee from a recycled toilet paper roll. This insect craft lets up recycle again by using up toilet paper rolls! It is actually really cute with it’s googly eyes and big grin!

11. Ladybug Balloons You Can Make

Ladybug Balloons are fun to make, but they also become a great tactile experience for kids. Squeezing the balloon helps relax children as well. Kids Activities Blog shows us what to put inside these little guys.

12. Popsicle Stick Bee Craft

How cute is this popsicle stick bee? Kids Craft Room has put together an adorable bee craft that is black and yellow. It has a cute smile, googly eyes, antennas and wings!

13. Paper Plate Ladybug Craft

Grab your paper plates, googly eyes, construction paper, and paint! Because we are making paper plate ladybugs today! Crafts by Amanda has made the cutest ladybug and this craft is great for kids of all ages.

Bug Activities for Kids

bug activities for kids
Oh so many fun bug activities for kids!

14. Bug Games For Kids

Kids Activities Blog has a few free bug printables available for you: Color Bugs Memory Game, Bug Activities Sheets, Love Bug Coloring Sheets. How adorable are these bug coloring pages and games?

15. Dig Up Bug Fossils Activity

Your little geologist will love making bug fossils with play-doh. What a clever idea from No Time for Flashcards. What could make this a little more fun, is making some bug fossils, letting them harden, and then hide them in the sand to excavate! 

16. Caterpillar Worksheet for Preschool

My Very Hungry Caterpillar number learning activity is a very fun and smart way to get kids working on their numbers. Great idea from Ken and Karen. This worksheet is geared towards teaching kids 3-7 vocabulary. 

17. Life Cycle of A Butterfly Printables

Mama Miss has a number of clever ideas to help kids learn about the life cycle of a butterfly – free printables provided. Kids often see butterflies and enjoy their beauty, but I don’t think a lot of smaller kids understand the metamorphosis that takes place for that beauty to appear.

18. Make Edible Dirt

This edible dirt by Kids Activities Blog will have your kids digging for worms in a safe, tactile and hilarious activity. This is a very messy activity, but a delicious one! This sensory activity is a great way for children to play with both mud and worms!

19. Adorable Paper Bag Firefly Craft

I Heart Crafty Things has the cutest paper bag firefly craft! Look how sweet it’s big ole eyes are and how it glows. This is the perfect bug craft for kids, because it’s so cute!

Bug Snack and Food Ideas for Kids

Bug themed foods that include lady bugs, grapes, bees, and mud and worms.
Let’s eat bug themed snacks and fun treats!

20. How To Make A Ladybug

Want to know how to make a ladybug? These ladybug pretzels are as cute as they are tasty. Meaningful Mama shows you how to recreate this pretzel treat. Who doesn’t love chocolate covered pretzels?

21. Bee Themed Food

Twinkie’s were the solution for Hungry Happenings when she went to create these stunning bumblebee themed food. I actually really like this idea. It’s so simple, and a great little treat.

22. Bug Snacks

Don’t worry we’re not feeding bugs or eating bugs. Just snacks in the shape of bugs! These butterfly snack packs are a fun grab-and-go spring snack for kids, from Meaningful Mama

23. Bee Treats

Meaningful Mama creates these yummy pineapple bumblebees for her daughter’s spring themed birthday. These bee treats have pineapple, chocolate, and chips! It sounds weird, but the sweet and salty combo works very well together.

24. Bug Themed Food Ideas Perfect for a Bug Party

Looking for some bug themed food ideas? Look no further! Your kids will only be grossed out for a second before they take a bite of these tasty dirt and worm cups. You’ll love all the bug birthday ideas featured here at ikatbag. I remember my teacher making this for us when I was in kindergarten many years ago.

Learning About Bugs Through Crafts & Activities

Bugs don’t have to be scary, and even your little ones who may not be the biggest fan of bugs will love these cute insects! Bug crafts are a great way to show your child we really don’t have to be afraid of most bugs and each craft can serve as a science lesson.

Older kids can take on an insect craft project and then learn more about the details while younger kids may be mastering the fine motor skills required to complete the bug craft.

Fall Nature Crafts

Looking For More Insect Inspired Crafts And Activities?

Which of these bug crafts was your favorite? Which insect craft will you be trying first? Did we miss any?

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