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We have a happy place filled with easy things to do with kids that don’t require special skills, lots of money or advance planning. <–no one has time for that!

Meet the Kids Activities Team

Holly Homer - Founder & CEO, Kids Activities

Holly Homer

Founder & CEO

Holly is the mom of 3 boys.  She and her husband run the company from the suburbs of Dallas, Texas.  They have partially homeschooled their kids (now 17, 19 & 22) since Kindergarten.

Beyond Kids Activities Blog, Holly’s latest project with Rachel Miller (who was the original founder of Quirky Momma) is Pagewheel which harnesses the power of AI in a useful way (what???) to create quick products which automagically produce the sales page, delivery page and thank you email + more in 15 minutes or less.

While Holly has a master’s degree in Physical Therapy, she diverted her skills to non-traditional places online. She is obsessed with algorithms and can be found speaking, teaching and coaching. She loves SEO and the strategy behind content and is happy to participate daily in trenches of online tasks.

She is the best-selling author of four books

Holly is slightly social media obsessed and can be found teaching what she has learned at HollyHomer.comlive videos on her FB page and live videos on her FB page.

Holly Homer’s Speaking Engagements & Media Appearances

Holly Homer speaking at No Excuses Summit - Kids Activities Blog

She has spoken at blogging, marketing & mom-centric conferences like:

  • Bloggy Bootcamp
  • Emerging Tech
  • Declare Conference yearly 2013-2019
  • Blog Elevated 2013 & 2014
  • Project Mom 2013 & 2014
  • Women Get Social
  • Focused
  • Social Media Marketing World 2015, 2016 & 2020
  • No Excuses Summit
  • Blissdom 2019
Holly Homer on the Today Show - Kids Activities Blog

She has been featured on multiple radio interviews TV appearances and podcasts.

Here are some of her favorite appearances:

Greg Homer, M.D.


Greg has been part of this whole online thing since day one (even if it was against his will). He saved Holly by taking over the financial side of the business early on. Without this, Kids Activities Blog would not be online today.
He is a board certified Radiologist and advises Kids Activities Blog on all-things medical.
Greg can be found behind the camera at the Homer’s home video studio. He is partial to green screens and has a knack for editing and creating silly video intros.

Janine Suvak - Systems, Kids Activities Blog

Janine Suvak, M.D.


As KAB’s Chief Systems Engineer she makes sure our team has the time and energy to write and create.

She is a former U.S. Army Flight Surgeon and combat veteran.  Janine is not-so-secretly a nerd and lover of coding and software automations.  She is a two-time award-winning mobile app developer & author.  

You may find her learning to fly. Her garden is currently well-tended since she is stuck at home!

Kristen Yard - Kids Activities Blog

Kristen Yard

Communications Strategist & Writer

Kristen is mom to an amazing 12-year-old daughter who is the Rory to her Lorelai. When they aren’t spending time together reading, writing, or attempting to bake, Kristen is a blogger and YA author, who runs her own business, helping creative entrepreneurs find the time to chase their dreams!

She is the author of the book, The Fall: (A Havenwood Falls Novela).

Kristen’s New Normal: Wondering when I stopped writing YA dystopian and started living it…

Jordan Millsap

Head Writer Wrangler

Jordan lives in Texas with her wonderful husband and takes pride in being a homemaker and living a simple life.

She enjoys taking care and supporting her friends and family and local law enforcement.

She has a number of hobbies which include: painting, cooking, D&D, anything Lord of The Rings or Star Wars, and games.

Monica - Kids Activities Blog

Monica Soto


Monica is a copywriter and translator with a degree in Foreign Languages.

She loves writing, cooking exotic meals and volunteering in her community.

After working in a manufacturing plant as a translator, she decided to quit and travel to Finland for 3 months to chase the Northern Lights and meet Santa Claus.

She’s now back in Mexico where she lives with her family and 2 rabbits.

Karen Delgado - Kids Activities Blog

Karen Delgado

Graphic Designer

Karen is a graphic designer with 8 years of experience in several digital marketing agencies. Now she creates images and content for kids, and she loves it!

She always has been (and always will be) a dance student.

Karen has a restless mind always thinking about new projects, music and the beach!

She lives in Chihuahua, Mexico with her boyfriend and their two dogs.

Shauna Callaghan - Kids Activities Blog

Shauna Callaghan

Magician: Web Design & Hosting

Shauna has been designing & developing WordPress websites since 2007. She’s the owner of Servously, a highly managed WordPress hosting platform.

Shauna has been responsible for keeping Kids Activities Blog live and beautiful on the interwebs since it’s inception.

She lives in Flower Mound, TX with her three teenagers & three dogs. In her free time … oh wait, she’s unfamiliar with that concept.

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Holly Homer and Noah


  • Pageviews on Kids Activities Blog – 3+ Million/month
  • FB likes (Quirky Momma) = 3.4 Million
  • Pinterest followers = 430K with 10+ million monthly viewers on Pinterest
  • Twitter (@4kidsactivities) = 21.2K
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  • Daily email list of 250K

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