Free Ocean Animals Printable Mazes for Kids

Let’s solve a printable ocean animal maze today!

We have 4 different maze puzzles for you to download and print for your kids with an ocean theme.  Between the 4 maze pages, there are 3 different maze levels – easy, medium and hard.

You can have your child work through all four ocean animal mazes or just print the ones for their level.

Ocean Animals Printable Mazes

Your kids will love solving these  ocean animals free printable mazes.

Printable Ocean Animals Maze Set

These four mazes have three levels of difficulty – easy, medium and hard maze levels.  

Seahorse Ocean Maze - Easy - Kids Activities Blog
This is our easiest maze level!

Easy Maze – Printable Seahorse Maze

This Seahorse maze is our easiest printable maze in the set.  It features an ocean animal, the seahorse and some coral as the maze destination.  Use a pencil or crayon to make sure the seahorse goes through the simple curves and corners to the coral.

Starfish Ocean Maze - Medium - Kids Activities Blog
This is one of two ocean mazes that are on a medium level.

Medium Maze Level – Printable Starfish Maze

Help one starfish get to the other with this printable medium level maze.  Kids need to have some maze experience or good pencil skills to be able to move fluidly through this maze.

Fish ocean maze - medium - Kids Activities Blog
This is the second medium level maze for kids.

Medium Maze Level – Printable Pink Fish Maze

Help the orange fish get back to his friends – the blue and pink fish.  Kids will need to have some maze skills to negotiate the more intricate path needed to get the fish to the destination.

Ocean Maze - Hard - Kids Activities Blog
This ocean maze is a hard level which is great for older kids or more advanced younger maze players.

Hard Maze Level – Printable Ocean Maze

This is our hard level maze for kids.  It reminds me a little of the pac-man path with squared off corners and octopus friends in the inner chambers.  Go in at the pink arrow and out at the green arrow.

Good luck!

Ocean Animals Printable Maze Set Includes

  • 1 easy maze with a seahorse and coral.
  • 2 medium mazes; one  fish shaped  and one shaped like a starfish.
  • 1 hard maze with octopuses.

Click to download and print:  Printable Ocean Mazes

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Which level of ocean maze was the best fit for your child?

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