There are so many fantastic homemade paint recipes!  I’m surprised I actually still buy paint from the store because I could be just whipping it up at home. We have a huge list of ways to make your own paint at home.  Some of these are even edible so even the littlest ones can craft with you! 50+ Ways to Make Homemade Paint

50+ Homemade Paint Recipes

Scratch and Sniff Paint – Remember scratch and sniff stickers? You can make your own paint version! Finger Paint – Use a handful of ingredients already sitting in your kitchen cabinets to make your own finger paint. Skittles Paint – Use skittles to make this colorful (delicious smelling) paint.   Just make sure you don’t eat all the candy first.   From Mama Papa Bubba. Homemade Tempera Paint – Add egg yolk to chalk to make your own tempera paint. Sidewalk Chalk Paint – Turn your sidewalk chalk into outdoor paint with this simple technique.   From Artsy Momma. Bath Paint – Paint in the bathtub!   Did you know you can make a fun tub paint from shaving cream and food coloring?   From Laughing Kids Learn. Edible Finger Paint – To let your toddler try paint without worrying about them ingesting it, make this edible finger paint.   From Creative Connections for Kids. Ice Paint – For a hot summer day, a fun way to play outside is to make this ice paint!   From The Stepford Wife. Lotion Paint –   For a fun messy play idea, make this lotion paint kids can rub all over!   It cleans up quickly in the shower. From My Nearest and Dearest. Jello Pudding Paint – Use a box of jello pudding to make paint that is edible!   From Craftulate. Here  are the rest of the homemade paint recipes.  You can even add your own!   By linking up, you give other blogs permission to link back to your site and use one photo in a roundup post.   Family friendly links only, please.

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