Don’t do a boring old Easter basket…here are some creative Easter basket ideas for boys and girls. Yep, these are quite possibly the most adorable and creative Easter basket ideas ever! I just love all things Easter; green grass, bright colors, pretty flowers. It reminds me how close spring and summer are!

11 Creative Easter Basket Ideas collage of different Easter basket ideas that go beyond the basket - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s get creative with Eater baskets!

Easter Basket Ideas For Kids

The Easter bunny always brings the greatest Easter gifts, but, if you need some inspiration to help the Easter bunny then here is a great idea or two for Easter morning.

All of these kids’ Easter baskets are cute! We pulled all of our favorite Easter basket ideas that are great for a little girl, a little boy, big kids, little kids, kids of all ages. If you want some totally awesome ideas for your Easter baskets this year, check these out. 

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Creative Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

1. Baseball Cap Easter Basket

Use a baseball hat as a basket for an older boy! This genius fun gift idea is from The Resourceful Mama.  She uses it as a tween or teen boy idea which I agree is a hard one to do some years!  With this Easter basket idea, my boys could get things they actually want in their Easter basket.

2. Paw Patrol Easter Basket

If your kids love Paw Patrol, use a big yellow dump truck as a basket and fill it with all their favorite Paw Patrol toys and snacks. What a fun way celebrate Easter. My toddler and preschool age boys would have loved that, but some kids might like more of a traditional Paw Patrol Easter baskets:

3. Little Wagon Easter Basket

A wagon makes the perfect basket for spring gardening! Add tiny gardening gloves and snacks, too. Frogs, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails has a really fun plan for a full wagon of goodies that boys, girls…and yes even adults will love.  Any type of wagon will work:

Awesome Easter themed toys in Easter baskets that aren't really baskets - 5 images of toys filled with Easter basket fillers
Oh the fun of these Easter baskets!

4. Tackle Box Easter Basket

For the fisher kids at your house, a tackle box makes such a fun Easter basket filled with goodies! For the babies and toddlers, you can use the My First Tackle Box toy and make a basket out of that.  Add in a fun fishing game!  Older kids may love the Shakespeare Cosmic Tackle Box in orange or pink.

5. Shopping Cart Easter Basket

This sweet first Easter basket uses a tiny plastic shopping cart full of fun things a baby would love. They use this as a baby gift, but we thought that the shopping cart idea is really genius for Easter baskets!  Here are a few of my favorite toy shopping carts that you could use for Easter:

6. Umbrella Easter Basket

I remember my first umbrella very clearly.  It was blue with white polka dots and a little ruffle fringe around the outside.  That is one reason why I love this Fill an umbrella with Easter treats for a spring-themed basket without a basket idea from Primal Dish.  Here are some great first umbrella ideas you could use:

7. Minecraft Easter Basket

Make your own Minecraft creeper box and fill it with all things Minecraft! It looks like that idea used a Minecraft Creeper Head Costume “mask” which is literally a box (we have one so I recognize it) or you could use the Minecraft Creeper Storage Cubes.  Whether you go with the Minecraft themed Easter basket, don’t miss out on some of these super cute Minecraft Easter basket stuffer ideas.

8. Toddler Shopping Easter Baskets

I love this basket made perfectly for toddlers from Holidappy.  There are so many cute toy shopping baskets that come with or without food.  Here are a few of my favorites:

11 Creative Easter Basket Ideas
These Easter basket ideas are so fun!

9. Sports Easter Basket

If you have a kid that loves baseball this is the best Easter basket ever! It could be themed for any sport, here are a few of my favorite sports themed basket ideas you could fill:

10. Beach Easter Bag

For a tween or teenage girl, use a beach bag for a basket and put in Summer goodies like sunscreen and sunglasses like This Girls Life Blog.  There is literally no end to these ideas!  Here are a few of my favorite beach bags that would double as awesome Easter baskets:

11. Sandbox Easter Box

For a family basket, use a sandbox and fill it with fun outdoor toys like water guns and bubbles.  This could be a great beginning of the summer gift for everyone!  Here are some fun sandboxes to give you inspiration…

4 images of non traditional Easter baskets for kids
Have some fun with Easter baskets this year!

12. Potty Training Easter Basket

If you’ve got a little one ready to potty train, use a potty for their basket from Primaldish.  Before you say, “that doesn’t sound like fun!” check out these fun potty chairs that would make great Easter baskets:

Oh so many fun Easter basket ideas that go WAY beyond the traditional wicker Easter basket!

13. Bubble Easter Basket

Bubbles are the best! And Easter is the perfect time for a Bubble themed Easter Basket. You can add traditional bubbles, bubble toys, even a bubble machine! These are some of our all time favorites:

14. Baby Easter Baskets

Babies can have Easter baskets too! They may not be traditional Easter baskets with chocolate, but these are easy DIY Easter basket ideas to put together. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

15. Crafting Easter Basket

How cool does an art supply filled Easter basket sound? Fill it with all your favorite craft supplies. Sidewalk chalk, crayons, pencils, sticker books, markers, there are so many fun ideas! Some of our favorite ideas are:

16. Reading Themed Easter Basket

Does your child love reading? Then fill their Easter basket with Easter books and maybe a classic book or two. A reading light and bookmark would also be a great addition. Some of our favorite reading is:


Which Easter basket idea for kids was your favorite?

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