Letter maze worksheets combine some of our favorite things: letter recognition practice with solving a maze. Kids can follow the path through the alphabet letters and find the end by only choosing the right letter. These alphabet mazes are great fun for home or the classroom.

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Let’s solve an alphabet maze!

Alphabet Mazes for Kids

These letter mazes are not only a great way to work on problem solving skills, but aids in learning the alphabet and reading. It’s time to practice the letters and we have a super fun way of doing it – print these letter mazes! Click the button to download and print our letter mazes now:

There are 5  mazes all together for kids to practice recognition of upper case letters:

  • Alphabet maze letter A: follow the letter A with an apple for some visual help
  • Letter maze letter B: find all the letter Bs with a bunch of bananas
  • Alphabet maze letter G: follow the letter G to solve the maze for grapes
  • Letter maze letter P: find all the letter Ps and solve for the pear
  • Alphabet letter S maze: solve by following the S letter path for strawberries

1. Letter A Maze

Letter Mazes- Letter A Printed pdf black white and red with fruit worksheet- kids activities blog
This is our first letter maze worksheet! Can you follow the letter a’s?

This is the first page in our letter maze printable set. You have to follow the letter A to follow the maze! Can you find all the letter A’s and make it to the three red apples at the end?

2. Letter B Maze

Letter Mazes- Letter B printed pdf file worksheet maze black white and yellow with fruit-kids activities blog
Here is the second letter maze! Can you find all the B’s and make it to the end of the maze?

This is the second letter maze in our printable set. This letter maze is all about the letter B. Can you follow the letter b’s and make it to the yellow bananas at the end of the maze?

3. Letter G Maze

Letter mazes- letter g maze printed black and white and purple worksheet with grapes- kids activities blog
Can you follow all the letter G’s and make it to the grapes at the end of the maze?

Here is the 3rd page in our letter maze printable set. It has the letter G on it! Follow all the letter G’s and make it to the end of the maze where a bunch of purple grapes are waiting for you!

4. Letter P Maze

Letter mazes- letter p printed black white and green worksheet with pears- kids activities blog
Follow all the P’s to get to the pears at the end of the maze.

This is the fourth letter maze in our printable set. It has pears at the end of the maze this time! Can you follow all the P’s and make it to the end of the maze where there are…1,2,3 pears?

5. Letter S Maze

Letter mazes- letter s black and white and red printed pdf file worksheet with strawberries- kids activities blog
The letter s maze is the last page in our printed maze set.

And here we have the last printable letter maze in our set. Follow all the s’s to not only get to the end of the maze, but to reach the 3 strawberries at the end.

Download Letter Maze Worksheets PDF Files here

We love mazes! So many benefits from such a fun activity!

How to Use an Alphabet Maze

  1. Download and print the alphabet letter maze of your choice.
  2. Identify the letter that you will be looking for in the maze.
  3. Try and find the path where that letter connects to the next same letter and color with a crayon or highlighter. As you find the next connecting letter, you will see a path developing through the other letters.
  4. Solve the letter maze by finding the maze end while only going “over” the right letter.

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Did your kids love the alphabet letter mazes? How did you use them?

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