Printable Letter Mazes Worksheets

Letter maze worksheets combine some of our favorite things: letter recognition practice with solving a maze. Kids can follow the path through the letters and find the end by only choosing the right letter.

Letter Mazes

These letter mazes are not only a great way to work on problem solving skills, but aids in learning the alphabet and reading. Which fits in perfect with the rest of our kids learning printables.

It’s time to practice the letters and we have a super fun way of doing it – print these letter mazes!

There are 5  mazes all together and with all of them kids will be practicing upper case letters.

We have a maze with letter A with an apple for some visual help, then we’ve got a maze with letter B for bananas, letter G maze for grapes, letter P maze for pear and letter S maze for the always delicious strawberries.

Download Letter Maze Worksheets here

Visualizing and being able to see the different fruit will allow them to associate different words with letters which will help them retain the new information better.

So many benefits from such a fun activity!

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