Science experiments for kids that are great for home or in the classroom. Science for kids doesn’t have to be boring or complicated! Kids Activities Blog loves easy science activities, games, toys and projects.

These very simple science experiments are parent & teacher approved and kid-tested fun. Do not worry if you do not have all the answers, these science activities, projects and experiments will get kids asking questions and searching for answers.

Over a million kids have tried and loved these activities in the last year. It is so fun to think about the smiles, giggles and discoveries made at home and in the classroom. I can’t wait to hear what your kids think!

What is a Kids Science Experiment?

Scientists complete a series of steps to see if what they think (hypothesis) might or might not be true.

It is the same for kids! Yes, the process may be simpler with more common household items involved, but the main question is the same!

Kids, like scientists, can observe, modify and chart results and decide if the hypothesis is supported.

Instead of a laboratory, Kids Activities Blog’s scientific experiments can be done in the kitchen, the dining room, the backyard, the park…or anywhere else your science takes you!

How to Introduce Science to Kids

Preschoolers and kids of all ages are attracted to science because of their natural curiosity and their need to know WHY! When introducing science to preschoolers, you want to use this!

No need for lectures.

Kids love to play with science!

Hands-on learning with things around the house will build on simple science concepts they have already figured out.

If you are looking for science fair projects, then you have found a great place to start. You will need an idea, a question, an experiment, study of the results and then a way to display it at the fair — usually on a poster board!

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