Easy April Fools Pranks for Family to do at Home

April Fool’s Day approaching and we have some easy pranks for parents to play on kids! For years, our family has enjoyed this silly holiday, trying to trick one another with harmless fun.

Many of our pranks have gone down in family history, and have become fun inside jokes between us.

Funny April Fools Day Pranks for Parents to Play on Kids - Kids Activities Blog - little girl doubled over laughing
Surprise your kids with a really silly April Fools prank!

Happy April Fools Day

There are a ton of great ideas floating around out there to fool your peeps.

Here are 10 of our favorite tried & true (meaning they worked on my kiddos!) easy April Fools Pranks that you can play on your kids at home this year.  

Hilariously Good Happy April Fools Day Pranks for Parents to Play on Kids

These April Fools pranks have been one of our most popular articles here at Kids Activities Blog with the funny pranks being shared across social media hundreds of thousands of times!

 10 April Fools Pranks for Parents to Make Kids giggle - giggling girl
The best part about playing a prank on your kids is they never expect it!

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Yucky Toothbrush Prank

Blech! Sprinkle a little salt on your kid’s toothbrushes the night before.  The salt isn’t very noticeable mixed in with the bristles and the taste will definitely wake up the kids!

Bed Swap Prank

Where Am I?If your kids are heavy sleepers, put them in a different bed once they are asleep. Imagine their surprise waking up in the wrong bed the next morning! (This one is a favorite in my house!)

 Blue cow prank on kids - pretend your milk came from a blue cow - shown is a gallon and glass of blue milk
All the cows in the world turned blue last night…

Blue Milk Prank

A blue cow… WHAT! Tint your milk jug with food coloring the night before, and serve your kid their breakfast with a colorful new addition.  This joke gets better and better the longer you can keep it up with a straight face!

Cereal Switch Prank

Where’s my Rice Krispies? Switch bagged cereal within their boxes, and see how long it takes for your kids to find their favorite.

Another favorite cereal prank is the frozen cereal trick…it is epic!

Insect Infestation Prank

EEK! Buy realistic toy flies and spiders and hide them in your family’s lunches! If you have enough fake flies, bugs and spiders you could invade an entire room in the house.

TP the Room Prank

What a mess! Toilet paper your kid’s room as they sleep. Make sure to have the camera ready when they wake up!  The benefit is it takes way less TP to toilet paper a room than a neighbor’s house!  Not that I know for sure…{giggle}

Tower of Babel Prank

Goedemorgen! If your child has a smart phone or tablet, change the language on your their smart devices to a different one. Make sure you know who to change it back, though.

A related prank is to change their name on the device.  I only know this one because it is something my kids do to me continually and it makes them laugh hysterically.  Right now my phone thinks I am named, “Awesome Dude 11111111111NONONONO”.  It does make me giggle when Siri says it.

Fast Growth Prank

OUCH! Stuff a little toilet paper in the ends of their shoes, and watch them think their feet grew overnight. What funny pranks for kids!

 turn everything up side down - all the pictures on the mantle are upside down
Turn the world upside down!

Upside Down Prank

Turn your house upside down! Turn photos, toys, and furniture–anything that works, upside down the night before.  Depending on how observant your kid is, it might take a few minutes for them to notice!

Yard Prank

For Sale? Put a for sale sign up in your yard the night before. Try to get one with a MLS box, and print flyers that say April Fools! Watch your neighbors go crazy!

10 April Fools Day Pranks for Kids - lots of fun pranks for kids
Let’s play a prank!
Is April Fools Day A National Holiday?

No, April Fools’ Day is not an official national holiday in any country. April 1 is an informal celebration observed mainly in the United States, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Britain. In France it is known as Poisson d’Avril (April Fish). April Fools Day is celebrated by playing pranks on family and friends. People also share funny messages on social media or send fake news stories to each other. Since April Fools’ Day is not a public holiday, stores and public services remain open for business. Despite its informal status, April Fools’ Day is a popular annual celebration that has been celebrated for centuries in different forms around the world and is still widely observed today.

More Fun Pranks to Do at Home, Practical Jokes & Jokes

It doesn’t have to be April Fool’s Day to enjoy pranks for kids! Here are some of other of our favorite ideas for practical jokes.

What Fun April Fools Day Pranks have you tried on your kids? Comment below! 


  1. Oh, I can hardly wait til my grand daughters get a bit older. What fun! thanks for the great ideas.

      1. Honey Boo Boo says:

        For April Fools Day I put mud in my mommas pudding cup but she ate it anyways

        1. Radical dame says:

          Gross your mum is weird what what did she eat next a mud cake haha lol lol lol ttyl

          1. Last year we put mud in dads hat. When he woke up we told him to try it on and ……. U can imagine the rest!!!!

        2. i put poop in my brothers cearel and said it was the best thing in the world

        LOVE BRITTANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Ben Waller says:

          pranks are so much fun!!!

        2. Anonymous says:

          that is like soooooo old really jk hi

      2. wow great prank but its kind of old

        1. I agre with you that is kinda old


      4. Anonymous says:

        y just try ur best jk u do need help

    1. what about me? what prank should i do?

      1. If your mom or dad are watching TV, wait until they go some where to get refills or go 2 the bathroom. Then go to the TV room and wrap toilet paper all around the place they’re sitting. Then, change the channel to Tree house. Shut all the lights off and, if they have something they’re drinking, pour it into a bowl. And if they are eating something, Turn it upside down. Write them a note ahead of time that says “Mom(or dad), Read this to smile!” fold it in half and on the inside write, APRIL FOOLS! HA HA!. Tape a piece of light colored string to the back of the note and put the note on the coffee table. Take the string and hide somewhere they won’t be able to see you. When they try to pick the note up, pull the string and the note should move a bit. Do this three or four times until they look mad. Then, let them read the note. When they start looking around to see where you are, jump up and say: ”APRIL FOOLS!”. It’s very funny to see the look on your parents faces! LOL!!


        2. that is so cute i will have to try that!!


    2. I know right.Get them good

  2. Last year I TP’d my kids’ bedroom after they fell asleep. They woke in the middle of night and TP’d the dining room and living room in return!
    I’m looking forward to trying a few of these this year. Thanks for new ideas!

    1. please be careful. some pranks can do more harm. I would not suggest placing anything on ceiling fans. Especially ribbons, scarves,yarn, etc. anything that can get looped around someone’s neck. this can cause strangulation cause fatality or child can get hung when the ceiling fan is turned on.

      1. Be careful when you choose a prank for kids…it needs to be age-appropriate and actually FUN!

        1. you dont hav to do it if u dont want to……………………………it’s just a crazy fun idea

          1. I like April’s idea.

          2. Anonymous says:


        2. Thanks so much for these practical joke ideas! Can’t wait to try one on April Fools Day!

          1. Yay for pranks!

          2. take a joke!

        3. You are such a party pooper

          1. I am having so much fun watching these comments about April Fools pranks parents can play on kids!

          2. Do you have any more ideas?

          1. hahahaha

        4. GeorgiaSouthernBelle says:

          SMH some ppl are so uptight!! Lighten up already it’s just good silly clean fun aint nobody gonna get hurt, GREAT IDEAS!!!!
          I work in real-estate and see NO harm in putting the for sale sign up!! So sad we have people in this world that cant crack a smile and has to take everything serious, glad im not living that poor poor pitiful boring life!!!

        5. My house has been up for on the market for 5 months now. so i guess this joke doesn’t quite work for me. lol Robbers will know if the house is vacant or not. If it was vacant what would they steal.???

    1. I bet your hubby was relieved to find out it was a joke! One year I hid the lawn mower b/c hubby left it out over night – he thought someone had stolen it and was so mad!

      1. omg so funny i love that post!

  3. We put a for sale sign in our neighbors yard a few years ago on April Fools. For the phone number we put 401-2010…the date πŸ™‚



  4. I have been looking for a way to get back at my 13 yr old son for putting a rubber band around the sink sprayer 2 years ago…he got me good! Right before work! I am soooooo tp-ing his room. Thanks!!!!!

    1. I haven’t tried the sink sprayer idea- mainly because I didn’t want to have to clean the water mess!!!

      1. the sink sprayer 1 is sooooooo worth the water mess i have got the kids plus company wen they came to dinner i love this 1 the shock of water is priceless

          1. Giggle

    2. aha we used to do this all the time to my dad and he got so mad at us!!!!lol

    3. I put a rubberband around the sprayer last year. I went on with my chores, etc. Later, I went to use it, and forgot I had put the rubberband on it. Sprayed myself! lol

  5. Demi Mist says:

    This year April Fools Day is on a Sunday, so a good prank is to wake your kids to go to school.

    1. That is great! I heard a fun prank was to get your kids up a few hours earlier than normal on a school day and then take them out to a fun breakfast.

  6. I love the blue milk. My daughter’s favourite books are the Charlie & Lola series and Lola has pink milk, so I might try that!

  7. My kids are too young to understand these, but I am going to try them on my husband! So funny!

  8. Stacy Bolen says:

    Fill Oreo cookies with toothpaste and pack them in their lunch or serve for breakfast.

    1. That could be dangerous if fluoride toothpaste is used. If the children would accidentally swallow the toothpaste it could harm them. Swallowing any amount of toothpaste beyond the amount typically used for brushing can cause fluoride poisoning. Just trying to help.

      1. Alexandria says:

        You would have to swallow several tubes of florid toothpaste for anything to actually happen.

      2. what does toothpaste have to do with oreo fake toothpaste. obviously its not real. and its only a joke

        1. ummm nevemind i was thinking of something else lmao

    2. You could give the kids the Oreos with the tooth paste for a night time snack. And have some for the adults, without the toothpaste!

    3. toothpaste is harsh on the stomach. be ready when the school nurse calls ya saying your kid is not feeling good as he/she overdosed on toothpaste

      1. how about scraping the cream out and place fluff instead or sunflower butter

    4. I did the toothpaste in the oreos to my husband. He spit it out real quick. It took a while to do, because the cookie part kept cracking when I tried taking out the cream. Got it though! πŸ™‚

    5. fun but safe says:

      toothpaste is poisonous in large doses… i would not suggest this at all . if you dont believe me, read the warning in small print on the box … says do not ingest and tells you to contact poison control.

  9. amber whitehead says:

    i wish i’d have thought of the 4 sale sign lol

  10. Okay, these are great!!!! Unfortunately, my kids are all sick on April Fools Day this year! We may have to reschedule, though, because these are just too good. Love the “move them to a different bed” one. I have one who is a heavy enough sleeper to pull that off!

  11. This was not an April Fool’s joke, but one year when my mother and step-father were on vacation, their friends pulled an elaborate stunt. They put yellow crime scene tape up all around the yard and house, drew the outlines of bodies in the driveway, and left some sort of red condiment all over the place. Looked like there had been a blood bath. It was the funniest thing and my folks were shocked when they got home. Just wish I had gotten photos.

  12. post an ad on craigslist for a free Xbox / PS3. put some dumb story on why you are getting rid of this item for free. Put your friends name and number as the person with the item. Sit back and wait to hear from your friend. My buddy received over 500 calls/text messages last year!

  13. one year I switched cars with my husband while he was at work…he had no idea until he tried to come home at the end of the day, and couldn’t find his car, but saw one that looked very familiar in his parking spot!

    1. Love this one! Will try my darnedest to remember this one!

    2. at least he did not call the police for a missing vehicle

      1. Awesome pranks! I need to remember these…

  14. hmmm..here are a few good ones 1) put pennies in the door part of the ice dispenser .. right on top of the flap not in the ice )not to many or the weight will drop them out early), send the kids to get a glass of ice. 2) Open up oreo cookies and replace a little of the cream with salt,place back in the cookie jar. 3) Tie everything on someones desk ( ie tape, pencil holders water bottle )with fishing line push the chair in as far as it goes and then tie the fishing line to the chair. The victim will pull out the chair to use the desk and everything tied to the line will fall. 4) My son hates pickles but loves pringles I found dill pickle pringles and replaced every other chip of his favorite flavor with the dill ones. 5) clear nail polish the bar of soap in the shower so it does not work. 6 ) tape a piece of paper to the ceiling near the door, tape fishing line to the paper and the door. place hole punches or confetti on top of the paper. When the victim opens the door the fishing line will make the paper drop the confetti 4/1 is my favorite holiday

  15. My husband worked in a grocery store, and for fun he and his friend super glued a quarter to the floor. Fun to watch people try to pick it up. The lengths some people go to just for a quarter. They have done it on more than one occasion and some of the same people still tried to get it off the floor!!

  16. you can always wake them up super early on a saturday morning and let them think they are late for school.

  17. We made jello in their juice glasses the night before. Oh let me tell you 2 out the the 3 kids tried and tried.
    The oldest thought it was great and laughed and laughed. going to have to think of something to top it this year that is not a mess or alot of work.

  18. I called my son and asked if I had left my phone on his coffee table…he will get me this year!

  19. My favorite is to switch the hinges on the fridge to the other side, but leave the handles where they are. (This doesn’t work on side by side fridges). It takes tools and a little time, but the reactions when the kids can’t get the fridge to open is awesome.

    1. brilliant, too bad i have a side by side lol

  20. A friend of ours always does really good ones and this past year she sewed all of her husband’s underwear with just a little thread together so when he got out of the shower that morning and grabbed a pair of underwear it all just kept coming out of the drawer.

    1. You can do this just as easily with paperclips! It’s hilarious

  21. The best prank I’ve ever pulled on my kids was buying them each their favorite candy bar, but switching out the contents with a DIFFERENT candy, and resealing them. They were SO DISAPPOINTED when they opened their candy bars (because I tried to put in something they wouldn’t like) that 2 of them started crying!!!!! I STILL laugh when I think about it!

  22. ShesCountry says:

    One year on April fools when my sister and I were little my parents played a joke on us that night. They went across the whole length of their bedroom door with plastic wrap and started shouting OMG girls come quick hurry hurry.we hopped out of our bedrooms and ran towards their room then BAM faces smooshed up against it like a window..haha neither of us were hurt and it was pretty hilarious.

  23. Hosta Lady says:

    A few of my favorites- start packing hard boiled eggs in lunches and then one day (April fools) pack a raw egg instead.
    Leave the plastic wrapper on the cheese when making a sandwich, pack it in their lunch that way
    For those that have lift up handles, put peanut butter under the handle and when they lift it up the first reaction is “oh ______!”

  24. One year at work someone took all the balls out of the “mice” at the computers. Worked like a charm. I only had to pick up the mouse to know, because it wasn’t heavy enough. Great prank

    1. If you have a laser mouse you can also put a post it note under the mouse, over the laser and it won’t work.

      1. scotch tape works, too, and is less obvious.

    2. Just used masking tape. Worked well! Thanks! Can’t wait until my son uses it!

  25. My brother in law got out all of the Christmas decorations including the tree and ornaments. My sister wrapped a bunch of empty boxes and the stuffed the stockings with things like paperclips and gross candy.

  26. I made a “chore” list for my boys… Of some quick things
    I needed help with before we had some April fools fun,
    1 make your bwd and then get back in it.
    2. Take all the clothes out of your closet and put them on all at the same time.
    3.,go mow the yard with the finger nail clippers one blade at a time…..
    They still tease about the list

  27. Lisa Walls says:

    April Fools Pranks:
    One night I put up craft paper between the bedroom doors and filled it with foam peanuts and when they opened the door all the “peanuts” came pouring out on them. Too Funny.

    I served ostrich eggs for breakfast: a mound of cool whip with a half of apricot, the kids really thought I went and found ostrich eggs. They Loved it!

    1. Lisa Walls says:

      You can also use a half of canned peach as well.

  28. When making a sandwich add some cheese (already sliced) & leave the playstic on, so when they bite into it the don’t get cheese they get plastic.

    1. Knowing my husband he would finish the sandwich and have a tummy ache before he figured it out.

    2. Linsey DeLuca says:

      I had surgery a year or so ago and my son was being sweet and made me a BLT only it was a BLC…he used cabbage instead of lettuce. I laughed so hard but it was his thoughtfulness made so sweet.

  29. April Fool’s 2011, backfired on me. My mother had taken ill and was moved to Arkansas to live with my sister (we live in Arizona!). On our way to school that April Fool’s day, I told the kids that because money was tight we had to move. They asked where? I said probably closer to Grandma. They asked in unison, “how close?”. I answered, “how close is Arkansas?”. My 13year old daughter shrieked “we’re moving to Arkansas?” and burst into tears. My 15year old son exclaimed something I didn’t quite catch over my daughter’s hysterics. I had to immediately tell them I was kidding and that was “April Fool’s”. My daughter glared at me and didn’t say another word to me the rest of the day! My son, after recovering a little, thought it was a hilarious prank and proceeded to tell all his classmates that he was moving to Arkansas! He was so convincing, I even got a really nice letter from one of his teachers. Apparently he neglected to add the “April Fools” at the end of the day! I had a lot of explaining to do at the school. I am a little weary of pranks now.

  30. I love these now I’m gonna get my grown grandson-son really good, gonna fix him a great breakfast with the peach, eggs(cant find any ostrich eggs around her anywhere) potatoes and toast plus whip cream and hot sauce if I can fake the hot sauce will have to try something to make it look different. I have puled many rick on my 5 grown kids when they were little but this is the best, I raised my grandson from birth, 8 hours old, I’m 74 now and need something good to laugh about & I Love tormenting this guy He is the life of my life now cant wait will try to let you know LOL
    . Thanks for such great reading for a change on facebook

    1. use tomato juice to replace hot sauce. Saw it done in a movie.

  31. I like the blue milk. I did something like that last year on my two kids, they saw the milk was white, they saw their “empty” clear cups, but when I poured it their milk was pink… I had put a few drops of red food coloring at the bottom of the cup before they got up. πŸ™‚

    1. This is a good one! I was looking for something harmless, and not mean. I like the added twist of putting the food coloring in my kiddo’s cup instead of in the whole gallon of milk!

  32. Wanna good trick for 4-1? Well here’s one!! πŸ˜‰
    1. You’re at school and its your turn to read aloud so u read starting on the right and moving left! See if your class can figure out how and what you are reading! See if they start cracking up or not. It’s really funny to hear and see!!!

  33. Wanna good trick for 4-1? Well here’s one!! πŸ˜‰ You’re at school and its your turn to read aloud so u read starting on the right and moving left! See if your class can figure out how and what you are reading! See if they start cracking up or not. It’s really funny to hear and see!!!

  34. Fill the kid’s cereal bowl 3/4 full of milk & cereal *witha spoon in it*. …freeze. Top it off with a 1/2 inch of milk when serving.
    My fav from college is to put vaseline on the doorknobs…..or toilet seat. (evillaugh)

  35. My mom has tried the milk one, It was for st. Patricks day and she dyed it green, but to her surprise the milk was old, she served us spoiled green milk in a bowl full of cheerios. Something I will never forget! thanks mom.

  36. I have done caramel covered onions on a stick….look just like caramel apples! Baby powder on ceiling fans…my kids hate 4/1. They have learne to get me back…I have found vinegar in my shampoo and coffee pot…they also unplugged the garage door opener. Clever kids.

  37. Trish McLennan says:

    The one I’m going to do to my teens is switch out the chips with veggies and then reseal the bags. April 1st fell on a weekend this year, but they are getting it this year. I can’t wait!

  38. A really funny prank my mom and dad pulled on me growing up was on Christmas morning. They kept all the Christmas presents in their bathroom and put sticks and rocks under the tree. First thing they hear Christmas morning is my little brother and I playing with the sticks and rocks. They got so mad!!!

  39. Last year for April Fool’s Day, I went into the settings on my sister’s phone and made an autocorrect of my own. Every time she typed the word ‘yes’ or ‘okay’, it would autocorrect to say ‘explosive diarrhea’. She’s not so tech savvy and took a long time to figure it out. It was hilarious!

    1. That is the most hilarious thing ever Holly!!!
      I will have to try this on my Mom & Dad!!!

    2. I am so trying this on my husband this year except i’m going to take it a step farther….i’m going to set calendar events with things to do that aren’t really there….like say he’s got a dr’s appt at 830…therapy at 10….dentist appt at 12 LOL….

  40. Haha, #10 might be the best

  41. A friend re-tiled the bathroom for his wife while she was gone. She came home to a hot pink checkered bathroom. It was done with contact paper over every other tile and was easily removed to show the real tile.

  42. Every year we get my grandparents and have done some pretty funny things! Here’s a couple!!!
    1. We such sticky notes all over the car in their garage then when they had to go somewhere they had to spend like 10 minutes taking them all of. There were even some inside the car too.
    2. We made some hard-boiled eggs but little did they know one of them wasn’t boiled. When my grandpa cracked it they ended up with egg all over the chai in the livingston.
    3. This one is the best of all! Every morning my grandpa takes a shower when he wakes up. So the night before my dad went over to take a shower. They live next to us so it wasn’t that hard to come up with an excuse for why he had to take one over there. When he was in he dumped out the shampoo and put RANCH DRESSING in the bottle instead. It just do happened thant my grandma took a showe that night. She said she washed her hair once and when it didn’t foam up she got more “soap” and washed it again. She said she did this like 2 more times before she noticed the smell and all the little black specs!!!! IT WAS HILARIOUS WHEN SHE TOLD US THE STORY!!!! πŸ™‚

  43. One year my mom replaced all the sugar in the sugar bowl with salt. This was a time when my dad would pile the sugar on in heaps and bounds. So when he finally took a bite it was spewed all over the room.
    Another one I had done to me by my brother was saran wrap put on the toilet bowl right below the seat (that wasnt so much a nice one)
    Another one that I did to get him back was putting Kool aid in the shower head so he had to go to school with red hair and it took a while for that to wash out cause red stains worse than all the other colors. Then he had to live with it being pink heheh

  44. I had fun just reading these!!

  45. Cut the corner off of a dollar bill and tape it under their keyboard, rug, etc.. and then tape a print-out “rage face” beside the dollar bill clipping. When they lift the item to grab the dollar, they will see the rage face and get a good laugh:)

  46. Pinterest brought me here and I loved reading ur ideas as well as the hilarious comments. Great site πŸ™‚

  47. I can’t wait to try these. My 10 year old is always thinking of pranks. She learned to make coffee for me and then one morning poured pickle juice in my cup instead of cream. I laughed just reading these!

  48. My sons birthday is April 1st. He was 4 weeks early. I find it is appropriate to play pranks on him every year. I love these ideas, thank you for sharing!!!

  49. My favorite is changing my facebook birthday to April 1st. You get tons of birthday wishes, until someone who knows better busts you. Change it near the end if March.

  50. OK, when my son was in 1st grade, I had to pack a daily snack for him to have at school. So I packed him a little tupperware container with cookies…DOG cookies. And then taped a note “april fools! :)” under the lid. He loved it and his classmates loved it – and his teacher got a big laugh.

  51. take the inside of oreos put toothpaste inside

  52. I need a way to prank my 16 year old brother. Ive never done this before and I really would like to get him for after all the 13 years of pranking hes done to me! Thanks! Can’t wait!

  53. I’m in 9th grade now but when I was in 7th grade my brother was in 8th and before school me and my best friend took a ton of pads and tampons and put them in his locker and then during lunch my friends locker was across from him and when he opened it they all poured out she has it on video it was so funny!!!

  54. I cant wait for tomorrow! Im coloring the milk, and my husband works the midnight shift tomorrow so hes planning on playing XBox… so I swapped all the batteries backwards in the controllers so they still have the weight but he wont be able to figure out why they wont come on! Then reversed his password on his phone and the language to spanish!

  55. BeBe momomom says:

    omg !! so gonna try these to see if the will work

  56. I would love it, if you would put this up on our blog. We are trying to inspire fun family traditions, and we couldn’t help include April fools day in our Linky party this week. Any way I would love to see this one linked up. it is full of really fun ideas.
    with love,

  57. Today for April fools I am doing a few pranks, one prank I am going to do is baking soda in the toilet, another is making “brown-e’s” lol wrote e on a paper in brown ink. Later today I am going out for lunch with a friend and we are going to tell the waiter that it is their birthday, can’t wait to see the look on their face

  58. I have a good trick to play on your parents.
    When they go to sleep, put a cut into a short piece shoelace
    That sorta looks like a bug and put it on their face
    They will think it is a bug and scream when they wake up.

    Another prank for kids to pull on their teachers is if you have a twin,
    Switch places at school and act like each other. See how long it takes for your teacher to figure it out.

  59. My daughter sprayed Pam cooking spray on the toilet seat this morning. I sat down, and slid all over. haha! She also shaped cream cheese onto the top of her brother’s deoderant. lol

  60. these are very lame except for thr blue milk and tp ur childs room!!!!! i wanted to knw some for our parents

  61. LaToya Dickey says:

    My daughter and her friends used your silly food prank, putting toothpaste inside of an Oreo cookie, at school, unfortunantely the friend it was for didn’t take the bate, but a passer by asked if she could have it the girls said yes she took a bite hours later she went to the nurse stating she had a tummy ache the nurse called Poison and Disease Control, who told the nurse to give the child milk or ice cream and she would be fine but instead called the girls mother told her to take her to the doctor because consuming toothpaste is dangerous; therefore, leaving my daughter, only, suspended from school for 4 days because according to the school principal for “reckless endangerment”.

  62. I suppose instead of toothpaste in the oreo, for those concerned over causing stomach upset, maybe you could try creamcheese or vegetable shortening.

  63. Oh my! I guess we do need to make sure the prank will be well received!

  64. I am enjoying reading about all these pranks for kids!

  65. I just came across your website and I like how you have different age categories. Thanks for the great tips and fun things to do.

  66. Super fun ideas for pranks

  67. My favorite is the blue milk prank idea

  68. Okay, these are awesome pranks, but unfortunately, my kids are all sick on April Fools Day this year! We may have to reschedule, though, because these are just too good. Love the move them to a different bed  one. I have one who is a heavy enough sleeper to pull that off!

  69. For April Fools last year….Well my dad is a manager, and has one of those swivel chairs, that go down a little when you sit…Needless to say I bought an air horn, and taped it to the bottom of his chair. He didn’t notice til he sat down, and it went off, he jumped up and ran out of this office. Boy was he laughing when he realised what had happened!

  70. Great ideas you may want to spell check next time. I think who is supposed to be how.

  71. I love that practical joke idea Tom!

  72. Joe Harper THE GREAT Says: says:


  73. Nice Posts. A Fun Prank for Your family members and friends. Getting new ideas, sms and images for April Fool’s Day celebration.

  74. Prateek Bansal says:

    I am going to make my friends, there kids april fool. I have already planned everything and these Pranks are really going to help me alot. Thanks a lot for sharing such an awesome article with us,

  75. My kids are adults now, but I’ve…

    Put their undies in the freezer,
    Told my son that Kirby Puckett (his favorite MN Twins Baseball player at the time) retired
    Shut off the breaker that runs the TV
    Mixed up their cereal into different boxes
    Go running into their rooms and wake them up by singing “Happy Birthday” while jumping on their beds

    I loved April Fool’s Day when my kids were young! πŸ™‚

  76. Thanks for all the fun prank ideas for kids!

  77. Funny ideas for pranks

  78. one year my mom told me and my brothers that she was pregnant my little brothers started crying when they found out it was a joke. πŸ™‚

  79. I put salt in my sister’s cereals lol it was so funny and salty

  80. Hello, Neat post about funny things

  81. Kayla and Alexandria says:

    These pranks are so fun!

  82. thanks for the information

  83. varun gupta says:

    good one keep it up

  84. thanks for sharing this joke tips

  85. Luciana Baker says:

    I’m 11 yrs old, and I really want to prank my parents this year. Do you guys have any suggestions? I can’t do one that makes a big mess or is mean to them. Thanks!!

  86. Luciana Baker says:

    Also, I strongly agree with Kayla and Alexandria

  87. Sam pinnock says:

    don’t forget to wear watches loose and other things you need to wear and shoes and soft slippers on the wrong feet and clothes pjs underwear inside out back to front and backwards and the wrong way around and turn everything upside down in your house items and wearing things loose and turn all the batteries upside down in your remotes and anything else in your house

    1. Kristen Yard says:

      Lol, Sam! Good tips!

  88. Sam Pinnock says:

    they are good tips I hope you done that

    1. Kristen Yard says:

      We are so glad that you enjoyed them, Sam!

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