These original egg coloring pages are Easter doodle art with funny egg sayings. Doodling designs are fun Easter activities for kids of all ages and adults. Color these drawn Easter eggs or be inspired to use them as patterns for doodling your own art. Use these Easter egg doodles coloring pages at home or in the classroom.

Egg Coloring Pages - Kids Activities Blog - 3 printed pdf versions of the Easter egg doodles coloring pages shown on a colorful background
Print one of these silly egg saying coloring pages for kids!

Doodle Art Egg Coloring Pages

These egg doodle coloring pages have more complex designs will appeal to your elementary school aged kids, tween, teens and adults.  Younger artistically inclined kids may find them a creative challenge to color as well. Click the button to download the Easter egg doodle art you can color now:

Let’s pass down the Doodle Art coloring pages tradition from our childhoods, shall we? We’ve created these Easter Coloring Pages with popular egg sayings in the old Doodle Art Poster style for your kids to download, print out, and color. 

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Doodle Coloring Page #1 – You are a Good Egg

You are a Good Egg Coloring Page - Kids Activities Blog
Color the You are a Good egg doodle coloring page!

The first doodle egg coloring page says, “you are a good egg”!  Flower and circle doodles surround the egg saying making it an uplifting and positive statement.

Doodle Coloring Page #2 – Don’t Lay an Egg

Dont Lay an Egg Coloring Page - Kids Activities Blog
Color the Don’t Lay an Egg Coloring page!

The second egg doodle coloring page says, “Don’t lay an egg!”.  The dictionary defines lay an egg as informal language that describes “to fail completely”.  While you color this cute doodle coloring page you can ponder how NOT to do that…!

Doodle Coloring Page #3 – Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

Dont put all your eggs in one basket coloring page - Kids Activities Blog
You can color the doodle art that tells you not to put all your eggs in one basket.

The third egg doodle coloring page says, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”.  Which is really good advice.  In fact, who knew that all these wise sayings were inspired by eggs?  

Download & Print the Doodle Art PDF Files Here

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Supplies Needed for Egg Doodle Coloring Pages

Color Your Egg Coloring Pages

You are a good egg coloring page pdf colored with bright colors
What colors are you going to use to color your egg coloring pages?

Have fun not only coloring the intricately drawn Easter Eggs, but learning a few fun phrases to add to your vocabulary while you’re at it.

I love using the pastel colors: yellow, pink, blue and green for these egg designs.

Big thanks to the artist behind these awesome coloring pages.  They were drawn freehand by artist Lea Ann Stundins of Mommy’s Wish List who was obsessed with Doodle Art coloring posters as a child.



Which egg saying is your favorite? Which doodle art egg are you going to print first?

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