Do your toddlers get frustrated with puzzles as they “don’t fit”?? When I was in college there was a children’s museum that I hung out at.   They had this on-going, ever evolving puzzle where kids could create swirling lines on tiles.   Every tile “matched” the one next to it to create a flowing, changeable image. I loved it.   Time for us to create a set for our kids! Puzzle ArtThe way this Puzzle works: Every page from our puzzle printable has 4 pieces on it.   You will want to print at least 3 pages, probably more.   This is a great classroom art activity.     Every child can create their own “piece”. On each tile you can see 8 marks.   You want your swirl lines to begin and end on those “marks”.   After you swirled through all the hashmarks on the page, cut the tiles out.   We used card stock so our tiles would be a bit more durable. DIY Puzzle Art My younger preschoolers were especially enthralled with this activity.   They loved lining up the pieces.   It kept them entertained (and fighting for pieces) for awhile. Want to make this a portable activity??   Cut up the tiles and throw them into an old CD case.   Your kids can create and put together puzzles anywhere – every time it’s a different design!   DIY Puzzle Art Like this DIY Puzzle??   You might like our related posts:

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  1. This seems like funa and usefula ctivity. Puzzles are great way to spend some fun time with your child. Great article!