Looking for the best butterfly craft ideas to do with your little ones? Then you’re in the right place! We have a compilation of the best, most beautiful butterfly craft ideas for kids of all ages. Bigger kids and younger children alike will love these fun butterfly crafts. Plus, these crafts are perfect whether you’re at home or in the classroom.

Butterfly craft ideas Feature Image - collage of 9 butterfly crafts for kids including three watercolor butterflies on a blue wall, foam cup butterfly painted pink, DIY butterfly wings on child and a butterfly card kids can make
We hope you enjoy these fun butterfly crafts!

Gorgeous Butterfly Craft Ideas

Here at Kids Activities Blog, we love beautiful butterflies and we love spring crafts… Combine both, and we have the most amazing and cute butterfly craft!

We made sure to add easy butterfly crafts for the whole family: easy butterfly crafts for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners, and more complex butterfly crafts for older kids and adults (who says we can’t enjoy a fun activity creating butterfly arts too?).

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So get your craft supplies, your pom poms, hot glue, construction paper, colored paper, pipe cleaners, and anything else you have around the house. Besides, these crafts are a great way to help enhance our little kids’ fine motor skills while having so much fun. It’s a win-win situation!

So, are you ready for some fun crafts? Keep on reading!

1. Butterfly String Art Patterns Using Coloring Pages

Butterfly string craft with black yellow and pink string and pins
String art is a very fun craft to make.

This butterfly string art is very easy to make. Let’s use coloring pages as string art patterns to make a butterfly. The best thing is how easy it is to make, even for beginners. But if you want a challenge, there are two more slightly complicated ones.

2. Butterfly Suncatcher Craft Made with Tissue Paper & Bubble Wrap!

Butterfly Suncatcher craft with tissue paper, twin, paint, bubble wrap
Aren’t the butterfly suncatchers colorful and pretty?

I love how this cheerful butterfly suncatcher craft brightens up my home’s windows, plus, it’s fun and easy for kids of any age to make at home or school. You only need bubble wrap, paint, twine, tissue paper, and other simple supplies.

3. Paper Mache Crafts For Kids: Butterfly – Flutter! Flutter!

Paper Mache Butterfly Craft with paint, paper mache, and wire
Let’s learn about butterflies with some fun crafts!

This simple paper mache butterfly is a great introduction craft to paper mache. It requires the simplest shape to which cardboard is glued before the painting starts.  It is also the perfect project to celebrate the end of lessons on the life cycle of the butterfly.

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4. Simple Butterfly Mobile

Simple Butterfly Mobile Craft with felt, beads, strings on a bush

This simple butterfly mobile is made with felt, beads, and wire. The wire can be easily hung from beds, walls, windows, or lamps, and beading on wire is a great activity for kids as the wire is much easier to hold and bead onto than string. Overall, this is a very complete craft.

5. No-Mess Painted Butterfly Craft

No Mess Painted Butterfly craft with ziplock bag, paint, and pipe cleaner
A very unique butterfly craft.

Kids adore this no-mess painted butterfly craft because it’s unique, colorful, and they get an amazing sensory experience without the mess. You’ll love how simple it is to clean!

6. Earth Day Craft: Butterfly Collage

Earth day butterfly craft with flowers, dandelions, twigs, bark, googly eyes, glued to pink paper
Anything works with this nature craft.

This Earth Day butterfly craft is so much fun to make as it doubles as an outdoor activity – simply walk around the garden or a park, and pick up things in nature to make butterflies with.

7. Sponge Painted Butterfly Craft For Kids

Sponge painted butterfly craft with paper, pipe cleaner, popsicle sticks, paint blue background
Each time you make this craft, it will be different and unique!

Everything can be a tool for creating a work of art! In this case, we are using a sponge to make a sponge painted butterfly craft. You’ll need a loofah bath sponge, paint, craft stick, pipe cleaner, and the free template. From The Resourceful Mama.

8. A Marbled Paper Plate Butterfly Craft

Marbled paper plate butterfly craft with pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks and marker on wood background
Look at how cute these paper plate butterfly crafts turned out.

Even simple paper plates and popsicle sticks can create such beautiful crafts. This simple paper plate butterfly craft for kids starts with our favorite shaving cream marbling technique then allows for additional decoration of the butterfly. From The Artful Parent.

9. Easy Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft – A Fun Spring Craft for Kids!

Coffee filter butterfly craft with pipe cleaners, and paint on grass
We love colorful crafts.

This coffee filter butterfly craft is so much fun to make with kids! If you need butterfly craft ideas, this one is a fun spring craft for toddlers and early elementary-aged kids. This craft is also a great way to learn about colors, shapes, and develop fine motor skills.

10. Colorful Egg Carton Butterfly Craft for Kids

Egg carton butterfly craft with paint and glittered pipe cleaner on a blue background
We ALSO love recycled crafts.

This egg carton butterfly can be made by kids of any age and they can choose whatever colors they want! Super cute for a spring time art project or for quiet time. From Crafty Morning.

11. Foam Cup Butterfly Craft

Foam cup butterfly craft with blue painted and glitter wings, googly eyes, and pipe cleaner antennas
Let’s welcome Spring time with this craft.

Bright and colorful butterfly crafts are a must for spring time! This foam cup butterfly craft is so much fun for kids of all ages – and you can be sure they’ll love the googly eyes. From I Heart Crafty Things.

12. Beautiful Watercolor and Black Glue Butterfly Craft

Watercolor butterfly craft and glue with pom poms and pipe cleaners and googly eyes
It’s time to get colorful!

Here’s another watercolor craft! This watercolor and black glue butterfly craft will bring some crafty fun into your home this spring season or any time you decide to make it. From I Heart Crafty Things.

13. Tie Dye Baby Wipes Butterflies

Tie Dye baby wipe butterfly art with clothes pin, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes
Who knew baby wipes could be crafty as well?

Today we are making a butterfly tie-dye baby wipe art. If you’ve already got baby wipes, then this craft will be super easy for you as the only other supplies are markers, clothespins, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners. From I Can Teach My Child.

14. How to Make a Paper Butterfly Garland

Green, pink, orange, and purple butterfly craft garland
Enjoy your new pretty garland!

We love garlands – especially beautiful butterfly garlands! This one is pretty easy to make and the best thing is that it will brighten up any dull space, or work well as party decoration. There’s so much you can do with it! From My Poppet.

15. Cupcake Liner Butterfly Clothespins Craft

Glitter cupcake liner clothespin butterfly craft with blue background
This butterfly craft is suitable for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

This craft is for the ones who have an abundance of cute cupcake liners that are not being used {giggles}. Let’s use a few to make some clothespin butterflies! You can also add a magnet on the back to stick on the fridge or just make them for kids to play with. From Crafty Morning.

16. Puffy Tissue Paper Butterfly

Tissue paper or crepe paper butterfly craft with marker, paper, and orange wings
We can’t wait to try this craft out!

This butterfly craft uses tissue paper or crepe paper and looks so pretty when it’s all done! If you’re making this craft with little kids, it might take some time, but we promise you’ll love the finished result. From Crafts by Amanda.

17. Butterfly Mask Craft With Free Printable Butterfly Template

Glitter and paper butterfly craft on a popsicle stick with purple background
I love the details in this craft.

We wanted to share a craft that is also suitable for toddlers and preschoolers, like this butterfly mask craft. This tutorial includes a butterfly template, making it really easy for kids to do. Just download and print the butterfly printable and follow the easy step by step instructions from Messy Little Monster.

18. Clay Footprint Ring Dish – A Beautiful DIY Butterfly Keepsake Craft

Salt Dough baby foot butterfly craft keepsake ring dish with rainbow wings
We love crafts that we can keep forever.

Follow our easy step by step instructions to learn how to make a diy butterfly clay bowl from air-dry clay, which is also a beautiful keepsake. This craft is so much easier to make than it looks, so try it out today. This one is perfect for younger kids like a baby or toddlers, and older kids can design their own clay dish. From Messy Little Monster.

19. Line of Symmetry Butterfly Craft

Line of symmetry butterfly craft with pink, red, and blue wings and popsicle sticks, googly eyes, pipe cleaner
Butterflies really do make the cutest crafts.

This Line of Symmetry Butterfly Craft is a fun and creative process art activity that your kiddos are sure to enjoy, all while learning about symmetry. From A Dab of Glue Will Do.

20. Clothes Pin Butterfly Magnet Craft For Kids

Pom Pom and pipe cleaner butterfly craft with googly eyes on a wood background
These butterfly crafts also double as toys.

Follow this super easy tutorial to make a clothespin butterfly, a fun activity that can be enjoyed by kids of all ages, and can continue to play with it even after they’re done making it. From The Inspiration Edit.

21. Handprint Butterfly Craft For Kids

Handprint paper butterfly craft with polka dots and googly eyes on a white background
Here’s another cute butterfly keepsake.

This handprint butterfly craft for kids makes a fun activity for spring, summer or anytime your kids are learning about insects! This one craft is made using your child’s handprint, making it completely unique and one of a kind. You’ll want to cherish it forever! From Simple Everyday Mom.

22. Butterfly Printing With Sponges

Sponge painting blue and yellow butterflies on white paper
Everything can create a work of art.

This super quick and easy sponge butterfly printing art idea is fun to make and also suitable for kids of all ages – adults included! You’ll need paint, kitchen sponges, hair elastics, and paper. That’s it! From The Craft Train.

23. Sponge Butterfly Craft

Glitter and sparkle pipe cleaner sponge craft
There is so many things at home that can be used for making the most beautiful crafts.

Here’s a different sponge butterflies craft, but it’s still a really fun Spring craft idea for kids, and the finished butterflies make great fridge magnets. They’d make a cute handmade gift idea for Mothers Day too! From The Craft Train.

24. Nature Finds: Butterflies

Nature twig butterfly craft with colorful paper wings on wood background
Look at how unique each craft is.

Kids will have a blast making this butterfly craft by spinning paint in a salad spinner. No two crafts will ever look the same! Plus, you can use objects found on your walks to the park. From Make It Your Own.

25. Easy No Sew Felt Butterfly Craft

Magnet felt butterflies with pipe cleaners
Use these butterfly crafts anywhere you can think of.

There are so many possibilities with these felt butterflies: fridge magnet, hair clips, photo frames, presents… Whatever you use it on, we are sure it will look lovely. Grab your favorite colored felt and let’s make a felt butterfly! From A Cultivated Nest.

26. Butterfly Washi Tape Craft for Kids

Washi tape popsicle stick and foam butterfly craft
Pretty washi tape butterfly crafts!

Now, it’s time for using some pretty washi tape! Yes, today we’re making a mini washi tape butterfly craft! These pretty craft stick butterflies can be turned into magnets or left as is. From Artsy Momma.

27. DIY New-Sew Tulle Butterflies Tutorial

No Sew Tulle butterfly craft and beads
These crafts look so whimsical.

This DIY tulle butterfly craft is more suitable for adults as it uses delicate supplies, but once it’s done, your kids can use it to decorate their room, toys, or whatever they want. The finished result is beautiful! From Bird’s Party.

28. Soda Pop Tab Butterflies

Soda pop tabs with glitters and paint with pom poms and pipe cleaner butterfly craft
Such a gorgeous butterfly craft.

We are using pom poms and pop tabs to make this butterfly craft! Just follow the step by step tutorial and you’ll have your own beautiful soda pop tab butterflies. From Crafty Morning.

29. Bow-Tie Noodle Butterfly Craft for Kids

Bow Tie noodle with paint and marker butterfly art with blue background and noodle grass
Even pasta can be turned into beautiful crafts.

Guess what? To make this craft, we’re going to use bow tie pasta… and it’s not for eating! We are going to turn them into pretty little butterflies using neon chalk markers. They look great and they dry very fast! From Crafty Morning.

30. Butterfly Birthday Party Invitation In A Box

Birthday invitation butterfly craft with blue monarch butterflies
What an original way to invite people to your party!

If you have a birthday party coming soon, then these butterfly birthday party invitations in a box are the best way to invite your friends and family. Get your ribbons and anything you want to use to decorate it, and have fun creating them! From DIY Inspired.

31. DIY Easy Ribbon Butterfly Tutorial with Video

Ribbons and bead butterfly craft with wood background
Where will you put your ribbon butterfly?

This is an easy way to make ribbon butterfly by folding the ribbon and tie at the center, it’s so simple and the result is so gorgeous. You can make it as decoration for fashion and home. From Fab Art DIY.

32. Butterfly Crafts for Kids :: Crochet Pattern

Yarn and crochet butterfly craft on a bush
You don’t need to be an expert to make this crochet butterfly.

These delightful crochet butterfly crafts are just so gorgeous. It is an easy crochet pattern for beginners, and you can hang them up as butterfly wall decor or as a mobile. They are striking and whimsical! From Fine Craft Guild.

33. The Kids Will Love These Adorable and Easy Paper Butterfly Crafts Tutorials

Follow the simple instructions and watch the video tutorial to create fun butterfly art and crafts with kids! Use these butterfly crafts ideas to teach kids to be creative and imaginable plus educate them on butterflies! From For Every Mom.

34. Make Butterfly Papel Picado video

Here’s a craft that uses a different material – papel picado! These butterflies flutter beautifully in the wind and are simpler to make than what you’d expect. Just watch the simple step-by-step craft video tutorial and have fun! From Happy Thought.

35. Easy Pop Up Butterfly Card

Pop up monarch butterfly craft card
Wish someone a happy birthday with a homemade butterfly card!

We love this easy pop up butterfly card because it makes a great Mother’s Day card or birthday card. This is so easy that even younger kids can make them, although might need a bit of adult assistance. From Red Ted Art.

36. Rainbow Butterfly Cork Crafts

Wine cork butterfly craft with paper wings, markers painted, and pipe cleaners
The googly eyes are definitely the best part {giggles}

We have an adorable little butterfly cork craft, that is super easy for younger kids to make too. Why not make them using brightly colored paper and make a set of rainbow butterflies? From Red Ted Art.

37. Kids Craft: Clothespin Butterfly

Silver sparkle glitter pink tulle clothes pin butterfly craft
Kids will have so much fun with this craft.

The clothespin butterfly is a fun craft that lets your child use their imagination in creating something from everyday objects. Glitter, ribbon, pipe cleaners… anything is game. From Ben Franklin Crafts.

38. Make Your Own Cardboard Butterfly Wings

Cardboard paint and paper butterfly craft wings to dress up with
Can you believe how cute these butterfly wings are?

We wish we could fly like butterflies… but since we can’t, some DIY butterfly wings will do! Follow the step by step tutorial and watch your little one enjoy being a butterfly for a day. From Fun At Home With Kids.

39. Tie Dye Butterfly on a Stick

Stick butterfly craft with string, clothes pin, coffee filter, and paint
We love crafts that can fly too!

 Let’s create an adorable tie dye butterfly on a stick that we can fly around the house! Butterflies crafts are adorable but when you add the element of flight they become even more magical. From Housing a Forest.

40. Footprint Butterfly Flower Pot

Planter with baby foot prints that look like butterfly  craft
What a creative way to make a butterfly craft!

Kids will have so much fun using their feet to create a beautiful butterfly flower pot. It will double as a keepsake that you can treasure forever. From Mama Papa Bubba.

41. B is for Butterfly: Letter of the Week Preschool Craft

Letter B Butterfly craft with tissue paper and black paper
Let’s learn the letter B using butterfly shapes.

If you’ve got kids in preschool or you simply want a craft to practice their ABC’s this B is for Butterfly craft is just for you. They’re simple, but beautiful and they adorn our windows for months! From Crystal and Comp.

42. Tissue Paper Butterfly Craft

Sequin, tissue paper, ribbon, pipe cleaner, paper butterfly craft
Let’s get creative with these butterfly crafts!

To make this tissue paper butterfly craft, you’ll need lots of different brightly colored tissue paper sheets, colorful ribbons, sequins, foam shapes, and colored pipe cleaners. From In the Playroom.

43. Kids Craft: DIY Butterfly Magnets

DIY magnet clothespin butterfly craft with pipe cleaners and glitter
Make as many butterflies as you want.

These butterfly magnets are colorful, fun, and easy to make. The best part is that you probably already have most of the supplies at home. Perfect for younger kids! From Mom Endeavors.

44. Bright and Beautiful Butterfly Craft

Rainbow pipe cleaner, pom pom, glitter, foam, and paper butterfly craft
You’ll want to make many of these butterfly crafts.

Let’s learn how to make these fun and brightly colored butterflies with your kids. This is a really easy craft and you probably have all these supplies on hand. This one is perfect to enhance fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. From Mom on Timeout.

45. Stained Glass Butterfly Craft

Colorful tissue paper suncatcher butterfly craft
Isn’t this butterfly craft beautiful?

You probably already know we love stained glass art. That’s exactly why we had to share this craft with you – This stained glass butterfly is simple to make and adds some color to your windows! From Typically Simple.

46. Yarn Butterfly Craft

Popsicle stick, beads, and yarn woven butterfly craft
Use different colors to make this craft.

Make a gorgeous yarn butterfly craft using this simple weaving technique (great for fine motor skills). This is a fun kids craft for Summer or Spring and the finished butterflies could easily be given as a handmade gift or kept in a dolls house. From The Craft Train.

47. Decorate a Butterfly Collage Art Activity for Spring

Decorate your foam butterfly with buttons, sequins, gems, stickers, and pipe cleaners
How are you going to decorate this butterfly craft?

We also love collage crafts! This butterfly collage is a process art activity that develops fine motor skills and creativity. From Fun Learning For Kids.

48. Butterfly Squish Art

Butterfly Craft squish art with paint and paper
We love using our crafts as home decor too.

This colorful butterfly squish art is a fun and engaging process art activity for kids. It’s a hands-on way to learn about the symmetry of real butterflies’ wings and it also makes a lovely art display to hang on the wall. From The Crafts Train.

49. Faux Stained Glass Butterfly Craft

Faux stained glass butterfly craft on a blue background
Let’s make a beautiful faux stained glass craft.

Here’s another faux stained glass craft! Let’s learn how to make a faux stained-glass butterfly craft using cardstock, glue, watercolors, and the free printable butterfly template. This is a great craft for older children or adults. From Crayons and Cravings.

50. Quick and Easy Butterfly Cupcakes

Quick and Easy butterfly edible craft
Who doesn’t love edible crafts?!

What about a “craft” we can also eat? These butterfly cupcakes are easier to make than what they look, in fact, even the kids can make them. From Picklebums.

51. Butterfly Origami with a Dollar Bill

butterfly craft ideas - dollar bill origami - dollar bill folded into a butterfly shape on a colorful background - Kids Activities Blog
Make a Dollar Bill Butterfly!

We love origami and this butterfly origami idea uses a dollar bill! What fun! Make “millions” or a strategic few to give as butterfly gifts.

Check out these pretty crafts from Kids Activities Blog

Which butterfly craft is your favorite?

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