This Easter worksheet pack is full of Easter fun for preschoolers and Pre-K. Download and print these simple Easter printable worksheets: Easter connect the dot puzzles, find the difference, beginning letter challenge and a count and color page. These preschool Easter worksheets are great for fun at home or in the classroom.

Preschool Easter worksheets Printables  - free Easter themed worksheets for pre-k age kids shown are 4 pdf of the printable pages from Kids Activities Blog
Download & print all the pre-K Easter themed fun!

Printable Easter Worksheets for Pre-K, Preschool & K

We will be learning with bunnies, chicks and eggs with the help of these Easter printables. Click the pink button to download and print this Easter printable worksheet packet perfect for pre-k, preschool and kindergartners with 4  printable pdf pages:

  • Dot to dot worksheet: If your kids love dot to dot worksheets they are going to love this simple bunny dot to dot.
  • Spot the difference worksheet: Next they will have some fun with the spot the difference worksheet where they will have to identify which of the pictures is different than the rest.
  • Easter counting worksheet: There’s also a page with fun counting exercise where kids are asked to color a specific number of pictures.
  • Easter initial sounds worksheet: And there’s also a beginning letter exercise worksheet to help  them practice their letters.

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Easter Worksheets Included in our free Easter worksheets PDF

1. Easter Bunny Connect the Dots Worksheet – Kindergarten & Pre-K

Easter bunny dot to dot pdf worksheet for pre-k and kindergarten level with numbers 1-34
Can you count to 34?

Count aloud and follow the dots to reveal the Easter bunny picture below! This dot to dot explores the number sequence from 1-34. Once the dots are all connected properly, use this as a fun Easter bunny coloring page.

2. Spot the Difference Easter Pre-K Worksheet

Easter themed pdf worksheet for pre-k -- circle the picture that is different: carrots, bunnies, chicks and Easter baskets from Kids activities blog
One of these things is not like the other…

All this Easter Pre-K fun! Can your child circle the picture that is different on each line? Start with spotting the carrot that has a bite taken out of it (hungry bunnies!), then move on to the Easter bunny whose ears are just a little unique, next spot the waving chick and finally the Easter basket with a different sash.

3. Easter Pre-K & Kindergarten Count and Color Worksheet

Pre-K Easter worksheet pdf - count and color activity.  Color 3 bunnies and color 5 carrots from Kids Activities Blog
Can you count and color the right amount?

Awwwww! What cute Easter bunnies and the carrots they love so much. Kids can count to 3 and then color three bunnies. Then kids can count to 5 and color five carrots.

4. Easter Themed Beginning Letter Sound Worksheet

Easter themed pre-k and kindergarten worksheet - circle the beginning letter of chick, egg and carrot
What DOES that word start with?

This Easter worksheet to find the beginning sound of each word may be a little challenging…which is always fun. Especially when some letters don’t sound the same…like “C”. Kids can circle the beginning letter of chick, egg and carrot. A conversation may be triggered…!

Download & Print these Preschool Easter Worksheets PDF Files Here

More Free Printable Easter Worksheets & Fun for Kids

What was your child’s favorite Easter worksheet?

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