These rock ideas for kids are really fun and we hope they inspire kids of all ages to try making some unique rock art projects at home or in the classroom. Think of rocks like a blank canvas. The possibilities are endless! You also don’t necessarily need any paint to create a masterpiece. We have some fun rock ideas that you are going to love.

rock art idea - painted rocks that look like cactus sitting in gravel in plant containers
Source: Facebook

Rock Ideas for Kids

My kids and I are spending a lot of time in our backyard. But living in the Midwest means the weather is still just so-so, and we can’t garden.

So what are we to do?

Let’s paint rocks!

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How to Get STarted with Rock Art

Step 1

Go on a rock scavenger hunt, collect as many rocks as you can in all shapes and sizes, and clean them off.

Oh, and if you want to skip the scavenger hunt, there are lots of cool rocks you can buy here.

Step 2

Start creating rock art!

Building with Rocks

  1. Encourage your kids to sort the rocks by shape and color.
  2. Then, start organizing them into designs, like flowers. Alternatively, glue the rocks onto other surfaces, like outdoor planters.
  3. Want some unique candlesticks using rock art? Put the largest rock on the bottom, then get stacking with some glue reinforcement along the way. 
Rock art: Building with Rocks - small houses built with little stones ornately resembling traditional architecture on a front yard
Source: Facebook

I liked this project we found on Facebook where they created buildings out of rocks. These little houses would make the cutest fairy houses too!

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Painted Rock Art

Materials Needed for Painted Rock Art

Painted Rock Ideas

While I’m all for encouraging my kid’s creativity by having them create whatever they want, here are some ideas to get you started with rock art:

1. Paint Silly Faces on Rocks

Rock art: Painted rock ideas - a glass jar filled with rocks with drawn and painted rock faces
Source: Facebook

This is probably easiest with a Sharpie marker or paint pen. Make each rock a different face expression. Channel your inner emoji!

2. Paint Rocks Like Animals & Bugs

Painted Rock art: Lady Bug Rocks - Rock Ideas for Kids with a paint brush finishing the last of 3 lady bug rocks
Let’s paint rocks like bugs! These are cute lady bugs

Bugs and animals, like ladybugs, snails, turtles, or bees.

Bonus: you could create two sets of animals and use them in games like tic tac toe with rocks.

3. Paint Rocks to Look Like Cactus!

Rock art: painted rocks to look like cactus plants in colorful planters in the image there are many of these all smooshed together
Let’s make rocks look like cactus plants!

 Turn the rocks into plants, like cacti.  

3. Frog Rock Painting for the Win

Rock art: several stones all painted and placed together that look like a large bullfrog
Source: Facebook

This super cute garden frog is made up of several large rocks all painted with the adorable frog face and body in mind.

4. Paint Rocks to Look like a Turtle

Painted rock art: 5 rocks painted and set together to look like a green turtle - childrens art project
Paint rocks to look like a turtle!

Ok, when I saw this cute painted rock turtle, it reminded me of the painted rock frog for the garden, but seemed more doable with kids and manageable due to smaller rock sizes involved! Grab your green paint and a black marker and you will have everything you need to make a painted turtle rock.

5. Paint Rocks to Look Like Food

Fruit and vegetables, like pretend strawberries, eggplant, carrots, and more. (Just remind your kiddos to not eat them). 

Small rocks? Turn them into seeds or flower petals and affix them to popsicle sticks. For the younger kiddos, you could also encourage them to paint each rock just one color. Once they’re done, line them up outside so they look like rock caterpillars, for example. 

6. Paint Colorful Patterns on Rocks

Rock art: Paint colorful patterns of dots on a rock in a mandala pattern
Beautiful hand painted mandala stones lies on the rocks

Painting colorful patterns can be fun and calming! Try a series of dots like you see in the intricate painted rock above. Younger kids may do better decorating with paint markers or permanent markers before tackling a paint brush.

7. Paint a Rock Statement

rock art: a large flat rock painted purple with the painted words, you make the world a better place
Write a message on a rock

Kids can write encouraging statements on rocks and leave them for others to find. Check out our kindness rocks ideas.

8. Paint a Rock Family

Rock art: painted rocks that look like people of an entire family in a wooden bin
Paint a rock that looks like each member of your family!

Start with a mini-me rock and then paint a rock for each member of your family choosing rocks that might indicate their size in relation to each other. What a fun thing to display in your home!

Decide How You’ll Display Your Rock Artwork

While you could keep your lovely creations at home in flower pots, consider putting them out. In the front yard, neighbors can see the fabulous rock art.

In the backyard, add them to your garden to give it some extra color and character. With rock painting the world is your oyster. Literally, you could paint a rock to look like an oyster. 

Check out how this teacher appreciation painted rocks and the path that was created.

More Rock Ideas from Kids Activities Blog

Which of the rock ideas for kids are you going to try first?

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