We like puzzles.  We like parties and we like breakfast.  Combine all three for this puzzling snack.

Breakfast puzzles cut a pop tart into the shape of puzzle pieces and notch them together.  Fun slumber party food.

Create a fun kids breakfast

These puzzling pop tarts are so much fun to eat!  Last time we had a slumber party we grabbed a box, I think these were the strudel type.  We are not huge fans of junk food usually, but these are super easy to grab and make for a large crowd without any complaints!  They are great for a treat.

To make the personal puzzles (pictured at the top) we suggest grabbing a scrap of papet and sketching out your design.  Then put your paper design on top of your pop-tart, use a toothpick and poke holes in your paper along your lines into the tart.  You can now see where you need to cut the pop-tart in order to create the puzzle pieces.

The large puzzle is a great group activity.  Give each child a pop tart.   Start with one kiddo and notch theirs.  They eat the scraps.  Then lay that puzzle piece on top of the other one.  Using the toothpick method from before, punch a line of holes along the pop tart so you know where to cut the puzzle piece.  With a knife (or even your fingers if it was lined well with the toothpick), put that notch out and eat the leftovers, continue all the way around the puzzle until each piece is notched.  The kids can put the pieces together for a “unity event” before munching.

Pillsbury Puzzle using a pop tart

I love activities that bring people together!

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