Science games for kids is full of entertaining STEM and STEAM learning games. Education at home and in the classroom shouldn’t be boring! Grab one of these fun science games and have some fun. My kids love science games. Science has always been my favorite subject and easy science experiments and activities feel like play. Add a little friendly competition and it is the perfect combination for kids and learning.

Introducing Science to Kids

Everyday situations introduce kids to science. Think about the kitchen science of making a recipe, watching bread rise, mixing ingredients and seeing how water falls into a sink of dirty dishes. Look at how the backyard has science lessons everywhere: the flower that wilted, the pile of rocks that made the perfect ride down the family slide, the part of the lawn that always is wet.

Everywhere we look is science! Leveraging kids natural curiosity for science games can give parents, teachers and caregivers even more ways to play show kids how to play with science.

Scientific Games & Kids

  • Adults often ruin it! They over-complicate science or worse, avoid it because they feel like they don’t know all the answers. Stop over-thinking this!
  • Kids love science. They are curious. They have questions. They are fascinated by experiments.
  • Encourage these qualities! These are the qualities that will turn children into budding scientists…willingly!

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