5 Minute Crafts for Kids

5 minute crafts for kids is an extensive collection of easy kids crafts (that the whole family will enjoy). Set a timer and get crafting!

5 minute crafts for kids from Kids Activities Blog - painted rock

100+ Super Quick, Easy & No Set Up Required 5 Minute Crafts for Kids

Do you have 5 minutes? Then you can do a five minute craft!

Creating and building is one of our favorite ways to keep kids busy and engaged, so it’s no surprise that we love 5 minute crafts.

From paper folding to painting and coloring, there’s nothing quite like making art and crafting together as a family. To help get you started, we’ve put together the best activities and crafts that your kids can do in 5 minutes. Kids (and parents!) will enjoy these simple and fun projects.

5 minute crafts for kids - small child painting a sunshine on floor - Kids Activities Blog
No matter how old you are, or your skill level, we have 5 minute crafts for you!

5 Minute Crafts for Kids

Free play is important to childhood development because it allows children to explore, observe, and imitate the world around them. Art is an amazing outlet for free play because children can manipulate different materials in different ways.

But where do you begin? Start by making art accessible to your kids with 5 minute crafts. Simple projects provide a structured way for children to explore art and enhance connections in their brains to learn.

Have you ever started at a blank piece of paper and felt overwhelmed because you weren’t sure how to begin? Sometimes, a small nudge can help get our creative juices flowing. That’s why we encourage families to spend time together making something that takes five minutes or less and doesn’t cause a huge mess. Less stress for parents = more fun for kids.

Simple crafts for kids that take 5 minutes or less from Kids Activities Blog - chalkboard with rocket
Simple crafts are often more about play than the end product!

What skills will my child be practicing through 5 minute crafts?

  • Crafts for kids develop fine motor skills. Grasping pencils, crayons, chalk, and paintbrushes helps children develop their fine motor muscles. This is important for learning to write letters, tying their shoes, and other controlled movements.
  • Art fosters cognitive development. Children learn to create patterns, identify cause and effect, and practice critical thinking by bringing their craft projects to life.
  • Math skills are an integral part of crafting. Concepts like size, shape, making comparisons, counting and spatial reasoning are all math skills that kids can develop through arts and crafts.
5 Minute crafts are not just for kids - adults love them too - Kids Activities Blog - mom and daughter crafting together
5 minute crafts aren’t just for kids!

What materials will I need?

We recommend having a few staple supplies on hand to make your time spent crafting easier:

Do some five min crafts use materials I already have?

That’s totally our thing! We encourage families to craft with what they have in their drawers and cabinets whenever possible. Get started on this super simple pipe cleaner craft or these 20 coffee filter crafts. Got foam cups? Make your own farm set.

Are there quick educational crafts that take only five minutes?

Absolutely! Check out ALL of our crafts that teach letters, like our “C is for Caterpillar” project or letter j crafts.

Is there anything I can just print out in less than 5 min?

YUP. Click and print this flowers craft. You’ll love it.

5 minute crafts for kids from Kids Activities Blog - painted rock in child hand
It doesn’t have to be a complicated craft to be an awesome craft.

Have anything for play pretend?

Play pretend is perfect when you have the kids all day at home. Check out these fun paper plate masks and this fairy wand.

Keep scrolling for 100s more ideas to use that five minutes…

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