We have hundreds of free kids coloring pages that you can download and print! Choose from all different coloring sheet themes, cute coloring pages, Zentangle designs, holiday coloring pages for kids, celebration printables,  learning activities — worksheets & easy coloring pages, and more.

Oh, and we have coloring pages for adults too! (Shhhh…we ARE adults and we like to color too!)

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Our Massive Collection of 250+ Free Printable Coloring Pages for Kids and Adults

Unique and original FREE printable coloring pages for kids of all ages (including some adult coloring pages you don’t want to miss). Here at Kids Activities Blog we have been creating amazing coloring sheets & projects for years!

This is where you can find some fun non-screen activities that get back to traditional creative play: cute coloring pages, Zentangle designs, holiday coloring pages for kids, coloring pages for girls, coloring pages for boys, easy coloring pages, cool coloring pages, full-size coloring pages, coloring games and more.

OH! And we have amazing coloring pages for adults. <– We like to color, we are adults.

Best Coloring Pages for Kids

Grab your crayons, watercolor paints, or some glue with glitter…coloring pages don’t have to be confined to a coloring book!

The tools you need:

  • Download the free online pdf file from your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.
  • Print the file on your home, school or classroom printer. Most files are created for 8 1/2 x 11 paper size. The coloring page post will note any printable project requiring a different paper size.
  • Ready for Crayola, color, paint, use markers, glue, glitter, found objects from outside and so many other fun and creative ideas…and you do NOT have to stay inside the lines.

Free Printable Coloring Pages

This is a massive online collection of free printable coloring pages. The coloring page gallery below will keep your kids (boys, girls, and adults) busy for more than the afternoon. Use these pdfs as entertainment, additions to lessons, or to explore a favorite subject like: Disney, Pixar, animals, artists, people, holidays, Easter, dreams, Christmas, LEGO, princesses, heroes, dinosaurs, Mickey Mouse, children, months, garden and so many more.

Try our flower coloring pages right now!

Coloring Pictures & Creativity

Coloring helps kids be creative while developing fine motor skills. Coloring artists of all ages find coloring relaxing and a good way to decrease stress and unwind. These free printable coloring sheets are a perfect quiet-time activity.

Easy Coloring Pages

Generally, the simpler, larger shapes are better for younger children because they are easier to color with larger crayons and don’t require as much dexterity and skill. Older kids and adults usually prefer the more intricate and complicated designs allowing them to express their creativity through using finer instruments and more colors.

Holiday Coloring Pages

One of the best holiday activities for kids is also free! Our holiday coloring pages will be the perfect instant craft for those busy days. Choose your holiday:

Best Coloring Pages for Adults

When the coloring book craze came for adults, I have to admit I applauded! Why should kids get all the fun? Coloring can be a relaxing and de-stressing activity. It can be a creative, artistic project to color intricate patterns.

Favorite Adult Coloring Page Designs:

Fun Templates & Zentangle Patterns to Color

Adults love relaxing while coloring our Zentangles patterns. Older kids love the complicated, intricate and challenging designs. Zentangles are perfect for those who are looking at coloring as art because the options are endless.

Coloring Games & Tutorials for Kids

Even more fun for coloring:

Keep scrolling for all the free coloring page choices!

All Coloring Pages for Kids