Free Printable Shark Color by Number for Shark Week Fun

We are back with new educational, engaging, and fun Shark Week Printables with this shark color by number worksheet for kids.

These color by number for kids are one of the best ways there are to help your kid practice their numbers and colors. Color by number is so much fun because the picture gets more and more defined as you follow the color key.  This shark color by number printable is great for kids of all ages and likely best for those with number skills up to the number 10.

Shark color by number pdf printable from Kids Activities Blog shown on a white background with colored pencils and paint
Math is so much fun when Sharks are involved! Make learning fun with these color by number coloring pages.

Free Shark Week Color By Number Pages

We believe printable coloring pages are very important to stimulate kids’ creativity, help them express themselves, and practice pattern recognition.

Not only that, but color by number coloring pages are important educational tools to prepare the preschoolers for school.

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Shark Week Printable Coloring Pages
Shark fans can use anything to color these worksheets: markers, markers, even watercolor!

Shark Week Color by Numbers Worksheets

Just grab your markers, colored pencils or crayons, and start coloring each section according to the number assigned to it! In the end, they’ll have adorable and unique Shark drawings that you can put on the fridge.

Two shark printable worksheets in this set

  • First shark printable page is pictured above with a large shark swimming in the ocean near the ocean floor with seaweed and coral at the bottom. Kids will need colors: red, beige, yellow, green, blue, navy blue and baby blue.
  • The second shark printable page shows two playful sharks laughing and swimming together with seaweed and coral along with sand on the bottom of the sea floor. Kids will need colors: red, orange, yellow, green, baby blue, beige and navy blue.

Download & Print Shark Color by Number pdf Here 

Silly Shark Fact: Did you know that sharks change teeth every 8 days? Crazy, right? That’s because they eat so energetically that they can lose a couple of teeth every time they eat.

Shark Week Printable Coloring Pages
We know your little one will love our Shark Week themed activities as much as we do!

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 Did your kids enjoy the shark color by number worksheets? Which was their favorite color by number activity?

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