There are so many great science toys and science kits for kids that make science learning fun. Kids Activities Blog loves science and all the fun it brings and thinks STEM and STEAM learning should be fun and games.

Awesomely Fun Science Toys for Kids

The absolute best toys usually extend beyond “just playing” and that is where the best science toys for kids comes in! Science toys leverage kids’ natural curiosity through play…and extend the fun for hours, days and months!

Best Science Toys

Our handpicked list of our favorite science toys here at Kids Activities Blog is among our favorite homemade science toys and science projects that end with a playful result.

Kids of all ages love these! Pick from our list for the best science toys for kids, toddlers, preschoolers all the way up to teenagers!

Science Subscription Boxes for Kids

Our giant list of subscription boxes for kids has the best science subscription boxes for kids of all ages. What I personally love about these is that they are so good as gifts. It is the science gift that keeps on giving!

Kids love the variety of science experiments, games and activities that each subscription box contains. You can’t go wrong with this subscription toy!

Awesome Science Gifts

Choose a science toys as your next gift for kids. Science gifts are sure to please — they aren’t labeled “boy” or “girl”. Science is fun for all! We love that kids of all ages can play with science.

Smart Science Kits

On our favorites list is several science kits for kids — both bought and DIY. Either makes an awesome gift for the next kid birthday or holiday.

All Science Toys for Kids