Every year, we look for new and fun ways to decorate Easter eggs. There are so many creative egg decorating ideas out there! From dying eggs with food coloring to painting them, these ideas are perfect for your next Easter egg hunt.

35 Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs - collage of Easter egg designs and egg decorating ideas for kids
Let’s get creative with egg decorating ideas!

Easter Egg Designs

Painting Easter eggs is a nostalgic activity that I absolutely love doing with my kids. We sit down and have a great time and get them ready for the Easter Bunny to hide!

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However, doing the same thing each year when it comes to coloring eggs can get a little old, so here are many great ideas to mix your Easter egg decorating up this year!

35 Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

1. Prefilled Easter Eggs

Fill plastic Easter eggs with gak for a fun surprise! These prefilled Easter eggs will be a hit! These are a fun alternative to candy and is less likely to stink if you forget where you hide it.

2. Paper Mache Eggs

These colorful paper-mache eggs from Fireflies and Mudpies are so fun! It gives each Easter egg a stained glass look. I love it!

3. Monster Easter Eggs

To create Dinosaur Dracula‘s monster Easter eggs, you just need googly eyes and your imagination and Paas’ mini monster’s kit.

4. Rainbow Eggs

Whoa! These eggs from No. 2 Pencil are the brightest rainbow eggs we’ve ever seen! Most eggs are pastel and the color is sheer. Not these ones! The color is so intense.

5. Tie Dye Easter Eggs

Tie dye Easter eggs to add fun texture to them, with this idea from The Nerd’s Wife. All you need is food coloring and paper towels! How cool!

6. Tie Dye Easter Eggs

A Little Pinch of Perfect has another really fun way to tie dye Easter eggs! This one all you need is markers and baby wipes. I would have never thought of this!

7. Easter Egg Designs

Add designs to your Easter eggs with this cool trick! Use hot glue to make so many different Easter egg designs.

8. Kool Aid Dye

Dye Easter eggs with Kool Aid — they smell amazing! Loving this idea from Totally the Bomb. This Kool aid dye also looks like the traditional dye, very light and pastel.

9. Crayon Easter Eggs

Try this fun idea from The Nerd’s WifeAdd crayon shavings to warm hard-boiled eggs for a fun way to decorate! It makes for a very colorful egg!

10. Easter Egg Ideas

Need more Easter egg ideas? We have got you covered. We just love these cute little carrot Easter eggs from A Night Owl Blog!

Cool Easter eggs that look like Pokemon, Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Wars, Super heros, and Disney

Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

11. Cool Easter Egg Designs

Looking for cool Easter egg designs? Then use temporary tattoos with your kids favorite characters to decorate eggs.

12. Minion Easter Eggs

Kids will get a kick out of these Minion Easter eggs, from A Pumpkin and a Princess. Perfect for any kid that loves the minions from Despicable Me.

13. Ninja Turtle Eggs

Ninja Turtle eggs, from A Princess and a Pumpkin, are simple but so fun! Not only are these fun for any Ninja Turtle fan, but they’re kind of nostalgic!

14. Superhero Eggs

These superhero eggs, from Create Craft Love, are made with free printables. Make on of Batman, Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, Ironman, Captain America, even Spiderman!

15. Disney Easter Eggs

Disney Easter eggs, from Smart School House, are so easy to make. All you need is fake Disney tattoos! They’re so simple to do!

16. Pokemon Easter Eggs

You’ve gotta catch these Pokemon Easter eggs, from Just Jenn Recipes! Make some that look like Pikachu, Poke Balls, Jiggly Puff, any of your favorite Pokemon.

17. Star Wars Easter Eggs

Paint Star Wars Easter eggs! This idea from Frugal Fun 4 Boys is perfect for little fans. What I love about these, is the Star Wars Easter eggs are made from wood, which means your little one can play with them all year long.

18. Minecraft Easter Eggs

Got a Minecraft fan? They’ll love these Minecraft Easter eggs from  Totally the Bomb. These creeper eggs make the best creeper craft for the holidays.

Easter egg dying ideas with polka dots, elaborate designs, ombre designs, squiggly designs, and two toned eggs.

Easter Egg Decorating

19. Easter Egg Coloring

Our Best BitesSilk-Dyed Eggs have the most intricate designs! This is the coolest and would be a cool Easter craft for older kids. You can find silk ties at the thrift store!

20. Egg Decorating Ideas

Want some unique egg decorating ideas? Use glue dots to add glitter to your Easter eggs with this idea from The Nerd’s Wife.

21. Cool Egg Designs

You’ll love these cool egg designs. Draw on hot eggs with crayons for a fun effect with Jenna Burger‘s creative technique!

22. Easter Egg Painting Ideas

Here are some amazing Easter egg painting ideas that uses edible food color spray. These ombre Easter eggs, from The Nerd’s Wife, are made with edible paint!

23. Dying Eggs With Food Coloring

Dying eggs with food coloring can be so much fun. I love Crafty Morning‘s idea to mix your colors in shaving cream before adding the eggs — so fun! What a beautiful egg.

24. Monogram Egg

The Nerd’s Wife‘s Monogram Easter eggs are modern and stylish. Plus, it is a must in the south. As a southern woman, I can attest to the need to monogram many things and now I can do my Easter eggs as well.

25. Pipe Cleaner Bunny

How cute are these little Pipe Cleaner bunny eggs, from The Nerd’s Wife? They’re so simple using only markers, and pipe cleaners, but they’re so cute. Love these!

26. Cracked Easter Eggs

Cracked Easter eggs, from Good House Keeping, are a fun edible treat. The actual egg part is colorful and fun!

27. Sugar Easter Eggs

The Nerd’s Wife‘s idea to decorate Easter eggs with colored sugar is both fun and edible! These sugar Easter eggs are so cute and colorful! Plus, the texture is really neat.

28. Plastic Easter Egg Craft

Turn plastic eggs into adorable spring chicks with this sweet craft from Fireflies and Mudpies. This plastic Easter egg craft is perfect for kids and the best part is, you can still hide them!

29. Cute Easter Egg Designs

These two color eggs, from Unsophisticook, are so bright and fun! There is a base color and then the squiggly line is a totally different color! Love it!

Easter egg decorating ideas that look liked striped eggs, fruits and veggies, gumballs, and emojis.

Creative Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

30. Easter Egg Dying Ideas

Looking for some easy Easter egg dying ideas? Pour dye onto eggs for this gorgeous look, from Creative Family Fun.

31. Happy Easter Emoji

My kids would get a kick out of these emoji Easter eggs, from Studio DIY. These Happy Easter emoji eggs will be a hit with almost everyone who has ever used a cell phone.

32. Easter Egg Design Ideas

We found one of the cutest Easter egg design ideas! We just love these ice cream cone Easter eggs, from Kara’s Party Ideas. This is fun for the whole family.

33. Gumball Machine Egg

You have to try A Joyful Riot‘s idea of turning Easter eggs into super cute gumball machines! They’re so work, and a fun Easter craft! This is my favorite Easter egg design.

34. Cute Easter Egg Ideas

Here is another cute Easter egg idea! Turn plastic Easter eggs into fruits and veggies, with this fun craft from Brit & Co.! What fun Easter egg decorating ideas.

35. DIY Lace Doily Easter Eggs

These DIY Lace doily Easter eggs are so cute! Littlered Window has created a very simply and classy Easter egg decorating technique! It’s be a fun way to use brown eggs.

What Supplies Do I Need To Decorate Easter Eggs?

There are so many different ways to go about decorating Easter eggs! As far as supplies, you can go minimalistic, and use what you have at home, or you can take it to whatever level you want!

  • First thing’s first, save an old tablecloth, or buy a cheap plastic table cloth and gloves (usually, I’m the only one who cares to wear them in my family… gotta protect that mani!) to minimize on mess for clean-up.
  • Hold onto any extra paper cups, old cups, or bowls you might have. These work well for holding the dye. I prefer using clear plastic cups. I just wash them and put them away with our Easter decorations, so that I can reuse them each year.
  • You can buy a ready-made kit to dye Easter eggs, or use food dye. If you’re looking for natural ways to decorate Easter eggs, there are “all-natural” egg dye kits, made from vegetable and fruit pigments! Natural dyes are great! You should be able to get them at a craft store or make them yourself.
A mom and daughter with bunny ears painting Easter Egg decorations on boiled eggs.

Use Things Around The House for Fun Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

As you’ve seen above, there are all sorts of different ways to dye Easter eggs, using things you already have around the house.

  • Hold onto broken crayons that you might have, so that you can melt the shavings down, or use the broken pieces to draw on a warm hardboiled egg. Sharpies also work well, or you can use food-grade markers, instead.
  • For gripping the eggs as you put them in the dye, I usually use tongs. You can buy all different sizes. The smaller tongs are easier for kids to maneuver.
  • Once it’s time to dry, there are a few options for items to use to store your eggs. I prefer to use an egg rack, because it’s sturdier than the “poke out holes” on the back of the dye box (although that does work, too).
  • Another good idea is using the bottom of the egg carton. If you put the eggs inside the carton, they will stick. The bottom side of the carton’s divots aren’t as deep, and offer support without the egg sticking as much. This works better with the grey cardboard egg containers. The styrofoam ones tend to stick.
  • Once my Easter eggs are dry, I love to show them off on a pretty egg platter, in an egg carousel, or in a bright and cheery Easter basket! One year, I used a glass cylinder vase and filled it with our eggs as a centerpiece for the Easter dinner table!

Easter Crafts and Recipes From Kids Activies Blog:

Easter Crafts and activities for kids

What is your favorite method for decorating Easter Eggs? Comment below!  

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