Tennis.  We love simple kids activities.  The easier the better.  Who needs to get rackets and go to a court to play tennis when you can make an inside version and play in your living room?

Here is a simple way you can  make a paper plate  tennis game, with paper plates and balloons.  Hours of fun!


Make your Paper Plate Tennis Paddles.

You will need craft sticks and duct tape, along with your paper plates.  Paint makes everything happier!

Duct tape the sticks to the back of your plates.


The secret to this game is to under fill your balloon!  It makes the balloons easier to direct with each whack of the paper plate paddles.

Make it fun!  Instead of traditional “tennis” play keep away, try to keep the balloon balanced on your paddle while your pals try to knock it off.

OR… play make a goal for yourself.  See if you can bat the balloon into your goal!
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