85+ free printable Easter coloring pages that are kid-approved for spring holiday fun.

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85+ Cutest Free Easter Coloring Pages for Kids

Our printable Easter coloring pages are a simple spring activity that you can have ready for kids in just a few minutes. Families love celebrating Easter together, and coloring is a great way to get the entire family in on the fun.

Free Easter Coloring Pages for Kids

As a mom, some of my favorite memories with my young children are sitting at the dining room table together coloring. I still have some of the early drawings where our family looks like big-headed stick figures!

Now that my kids are older, they’ve gotten much better about coloring within the lines. But it is so fun to see some of their early coloring sheets and how far they’ve come!

What better way to spend time with your kids than printing some free coloring sheets and having a coloring session together?

Coloring can reduce stress and boost creativity in kids and adults. It helps support hand-eye coordination and can help young children learn to follow directions.

What is an Easter coloring page?

Kids love to color, and we’ve made it super easy for parents to give them what they want! Simply click on one of our Easter coloring sheets for kids to get a free download that you can print right at home.

Why will my kids love Easter egg coloring pages?

Decorating Easter eggs can be messy and time consuming. Our free Easter egg coloring templates make this tradition happen with paper and crayons. Kids can use their imaginations to color and decorate their own using our paper Easter egg coloring sheet.

Don’t want to design your own Easter eggs? No problem! Doodle art coloring sheets are ready for some color!

There are even simple Easter bunny coloring pages that young children will adore. Older kids will have fun with a coloring page craft to create paper dolls that look like Easter eggs!

Do you have religious Easter coloring sheets?

Easter is a Christian holiday, so we made sure to include religious coloring pages to print and take to church. We like to bring an activity bag for kids to service that includes quiet activities, like coloring books.

Why should I download your Easter coloring activities?

Our list includes more than 85 different sets of spring coloring pages that are perfect for Easter, or just because. We’ve also included some learning activities, games, and worksheets that can also be colored, so kids can have fun while they are learning!

How do I print free coloring pages?

Choose your spring coloring pages from our list. Click on the download link within that page, and your coloring sheets for kids will open in the PDF reader on your computer. Print the pages from this PDF reader. Don’t have a PDF reader? Download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free.

Keep scrolling to see images of all the free available coloring pages you can print…

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