71 Epic Halloween Ideas for Kids

We have the best Halloween ideas for kids of all ages. These Halloween ideas range from Halloween activities for kids, Halloween party ideas, Halloween crafts, Halloween printables, Halloween recipes and more!

We are confident that you will find the exact right Halloween idea that you are searching for! Nothing is more fun than a good-natured Halloween scare! 

Halloween Ideas for Kids

Fun Halloween Ideas and activities for Kids

Whether you are planning a party at home or for school, these Halloween ideas for kids are the perfect way to get spooky! 

Do your kids love ghosts, ghouls, fake blood, and vampire fangs? Do they prefer cute costumes, dressing up as their favorite characters, and carving pumpkin faces?

Whatever you love about Halloween, we’ve got plenty of Halloween crafts for kids, spooky worksheets, printables, creepy Halloween recipes, and kooky party games!

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Easy Kids Halloween Crafts 

Here at Kids Activities Blog we have a scary ton of ideas for Halloween crafts for kids. Check out our BIG list of Halloween projects for kids, Halloween crafts for kids and Halloween arts and crafts.

1. Toilet Paper Roll Halloween Crafts

Toilet Roll Black Cats – Make a black cat with this recycled craft tutorial!

2. Dollar Tree Halloween Decorations

Dollar Store Halloween Craft Hacks – These 15 fun Halloween crafts will save you time and money!

3. Soda Bottle Bat Crafts

Soda Bottle Bats – A little paint, a couple googly eyes, and some creativity transform this soda bottle into an adorable bat!

4. Halloween Coffee Filter Craft

Halloween Coffee Filter Craft – This preschool Halloween craft is sure to make little ones smile! All you need is a coffee filter, orange construction paper, markers, a squirt bottle, and your imagination.

Halloween Bottle Cap Spiders that are black with black pipe cleaner legs and googly eyes.
These bottle cap spiders are amazing crafts and even cooler Halloween decorations.

5. Spider Bottle Cap Crafts

Recycled Bottle Cap Spiders – There’s nothing to fear from these creepy crawly recycled spiders!

6. Halloween Paper Crafts

20 Halloween Crafts for Kids – We’re in love with all of these adorable Halloween crafts!

Spooky Halloween door crafts for kids and families - shown are 6 different front door Halloween decorations that are homemade and can be done on your front door
This Halloween craft is as big as your front door!

7. Halloween Front Door Decor

Halloween Front Doors Decor – Decorate your front door with our favorite Halloween designs!

8. Halloween Luminaries

Halloween Luminaries – Looking for a way to light up the night? These Halloween luminaries are perfect!

9. Halloween Footprint Art

Footprint Ghosts – Use your feet to create the spookiest ghosts around!

Spooky Eyeball Halloween Bracelets/Cuffs that are black with eye balls on them
These Spooky Eyeball Halloween Bracelets are great for Halloween!

10. DIY Halloween Bracelets

Spooky Eyeball Bracelets – These adorable cuff bracelets are made from cardboard tubes and a whole lot of giggles!

11. Haunted House Ideas

Mini-Haunted Houses – Have a spooktacular time making these tiny haunted houses!

12. Simple Jack-o-Lantern Craft

Sewn Jack-o-Lantern Bag – This adorable sewing craft for kids is perfect for catching all of those Halloween night treats!

paper plate spider Halloween craft for kids - simple craft with painted paper plates big googly eyes and spider pipe cleaner legs
Let’s make paper plate spiders as our Halloween craft today!

13. Spider Craft

Halloween Spider Craft – This easy paper plate craft is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers!

14. Glow In The Dark Halloween Cards

Glow in the Dark Halloween Cards – Use cookie cutters to make some awesomely spooky glow-in-the-dark Halloween cards!

steps to make a halloween jack o lantern night light craft with kids using recycled items for crafting
Raid your recycling bin and then let’s make a jack-o-lantern craft!

15. Halloween Night Light

Halloween Night Light – Say goodbye to the dark with this easy super cute DIY Halloween Night Light craft!

Free Halloween Printables: Halloween Activities for Kids to Print

There are so many free and fun printable Halloween coloring pages, worksheets and printable games. Theses Halloween printables are a great way to entertain kids in the classroom, at home or at your Halloween party. Check out a wide variety of Halloween coloring pages here at Kids Activities Blog!

Free printable Halloween coloring pages for kids - black cat and jack o lantern witch on a moon and broom and monster pdf coloring pages shown
Let’s color some Halloween coloring pages!

16. Printable Halloween Coloring Pages

Halloween Coloring Pages for Kids – Enjoy some coloring time with these kid-friendly Halloween coloring pages!

17. Printable Halloween Math Worksheets

Halloween Math Worksheets – Get some math practice in with the help of some Halloween math worksheets.

18. More Halloween Math Printables

Halloween Math Printables – Learn math with these Halloween math printables that can also double as coloring sheets.

Printable baby shark halloween coloring pages for kids to color showing Baby Shark and the shark family trick or treating in the ocean
Let’s color Halloween coloring pages with Baby Shark…doo doo doo BOO!

19. Baby Shark Printable Halloween Fun

Download and print these adorable Baby Shark Halloween coloring pages for doo doo doo BOO! fun.

20. Haunted House Coloring Pages

Our free printable haunted house coloring pages are perfect for kids of all ages for Halloween.

21. Jack o’ Lantern Coloring Pages

This zentangle jack o lantern coloring page is fun for kids or adults. The intricate pattern is perfect for your favorite handful of orange colored pencils.

22. Halloween Tracing Pages to Print

This Halloween tracing worksheet pack are so fun for younger kids who are developing pencil skills like older toddlers, preschoolers and Kindergartners.

23. Scary Cute Black Cat Coloring Page

Our black cat coloring page was designed by a teen artist who also will show you the best way to shade and color!

Trick or treating coloring pages showing candy overflowing from jack o lantern bucket after a night of candy gathering on Halloween - pdf on wooden backdrop
Candy coloring pages just in time to grab your trick or treating bucket!

24. Halloween Candy Coloring Pages

Free printable Halloween candy coloring pages that are set next to pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns.

25. Carved Pumpkin Coloring Pages

This simple jack-o-lantern drawing is a great coloring page for younger kids to celebrate the Halloween holiday.

26. Trick or Treat Coloring Pages

Let’s start our trick or treat fun early with this trick or treat coloring page for kids.

27. Printable Boo! Coloring Pages

I love these big, bold and slightly frightening Boo Coloring Pages for kids.

Haunted house with full moon behind it coloring page for Halloween pdf shown
Let’s color a haunted house!

28. Haunted House with Moon Coloring Pages

This is a really fun haunted house with full moon coloring pages set. Kids of all ages can use bright and scary colors to finish the artwork.

29. Printable Halloween Masks for Kids

These printable and free Halloween masks for kids are fun to print and decorate then wear.

Halloween Party Games for Children

Here are some of our favorite Halloween games for kids. These work great for a Halloween kids party, a Halloween classroom party or as a fun Halloween game anytime!

Halloween party games for kids - shown are ooey gooey Halloween sensory experience, ghost bowling and making paint chip Halloween puzzles

30. Halloween Games for Kids of All Ages

Ultimate Halloween Games for Kids – Here are some of the best and spookiest Halloween games around for your next Halloween party!

31. Halloween Paint Chips Puzzle

Halloween Paint Chip Puzzles – Turn boring old paint chips into these fun Halloween puzzles!

32. Mummy Wrap Game

TP Mummy Game – Break out the toilet paper, because you’ll be wrapped up in this game for awhile!

33. Halloween Math Games

Halloween Math Games – These Halloween-inspired math games are a scream!

Halloween Sensory Bin with black and yellow spaghetti noodles and orange, yellow, and green bath beads.
This Halloween sensory bin is slimy and fun!

34. Halloween Sensory Bin

Brains and Eyes Halloween Sensory Bin – Dig around in a DIY version of brains and eyes with this fun activity. Blind-fold older kids for extra Halloween game fun!

35. Ooey Gooey Halloween Game

Halloween Ooey Gooey Sensory Activities – Prepare to get messy with some hands-on sensory activities!

36. Halloween Word Games

Halloween Sight Word Game – Make funny sentences and learn to recognize Halloween words with this fun sight word game for kids!

ghost bowling game for Halloween - make this easy ghost bowling game for kids and play at a Halloween party
Let’s ghost bowl!

37. Halloween Bowling

DIY Ghost Bowling – This kid-tested, parent-approved indoor bowling game will be a howling good time!

38. Candy Corn Printable

Printable Halloween Games for Kids – These fun printable games are perfect for home or school!

39. Halloween Science Games

Halloween Science Experiments – Create flaming ghosts with marshmallows and enjoy more activities with these fun science experiments and games!

Kid-Friendly Halloween Recipes

One of our favorite things about Halloween is the fun Halloween food! Snacks, desserts and even sandwiches get frighteningly creative…and tasty!

Halloween treats- candy corn sugar cookies, mummy pops, and Halloween drinks.
Yum! Candy corn sugar cookies, Mummy pops, and Spooky fog drinks!

40. Halloween Sugar Cookies

Candy Corn Sugar Cookies – Bake up a batch of these adorable (and tasty) candy corn-inspired sugar cookies!

41. Halloween Treats With Candy Eyes

Sweet Treats for Halloween – These five fun Halloween treats are super frighteningly delicious!

42. Halloween Treat Ideas For Kids

Halloween Treats for the Family – From Halloween popcorn to mummy pizzas, these finger foods make the perfect Halloween treats.

43. Halloween Drinks

Fog Drinks – These spooky beverages will be the hit of your next Halloween party!

44. Halloween Breakfast Ideas

Halloween Breakfast Ideas – “Donut” be afraid of these spooky breakfast treats on Halloween morning!

Halloween treats- brownies with white frosting, Halloween bark that is purple and green with candy eyeballs, and banana pops with orange frosting and white and black sprinkles
Halloween brownies, Halloween candy bark, and Halloween banana pops are the best Halloween treats.

Spooky Treats for Halloween

45. Harry Potter Pumpkin Juice

Harry Potter’s Pumpkin Juice Recipe – This healthy juice is the perfect autumn drink!

46. Halloween bark Recipe

Homemade Halloween Bark – You know your bark candy Halloween recipe is special when it has eyes!

47. Halloween Banana Pop

Halloween Banana Pops – Frozen banana pops are always fun, but these have a Halloween twist!

Halloween dirt cups recipe that makes halloween parties and halloween dessert much more fun
Let’s make Halloween dirt pudding cups!

48. Pumpkin Patch Dirt Pudding

Spooky Halloween Pudding Cups – These yummy Halloween treats are perfect for your Halloween party, and so easy to make! All you need are pudding cups, Reese’s peanut butter ghosts, Brach’s mellowcreme pumpkins, and Oreos.

49. Best Halloween Cookies

Halloween Cookies – It’s a toss up which Halloween cookie recipe we like best, but the melted witches are a top contender.

50. No Bake Halloween Snacks For Kids

No-Bake Bats and Mummies – These frightfully good snacks are perfect for a Halloween party!

51. Scream Cheese Brownies

Scream Cheese Brownies and Oreo Cookie Pops – Check out these Halloween desserts that your kids are sure to love!

Halloween costume ideas- checkers board, Dia de los muertos costume, and an iPad costume.
Halloween costume ideas: checkers board, Día De Los Muertos make up, and iPad costume.

Easy Halloween Costumes for Kids

52. Best Halloween Costumes

Top Kids’ Halloween Costumes – Will your little one be a princess or warrior? There are fun costume options for everyone!

53. Princess Costumes

Princess Halloween Costumes – Let your trick or treater dress up like the princess you know she is!

54. DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Homemade Halloween Costumes – These adorable DIY Halloween costumes are easy enough to whip up in a weekend!

55. Trippy Halloween Makeup

Face-in-Face Halloween Makeup – This Halloween makeup tutorial makes any costume come to life!

Halloween costumes-mario and luigi, teenage mutant ninja turtles, dragons, ninja, jedi, and super heroes.
More Halloween costumes from video game characters, movie characters, dinosaurs, and more!

56. Boys Costumes

31 Totally Awesome Halloween Costumes for Boys – From a knight in shining armor to a lumberjack, these boys’ costumes are fun and easy to make!

57. iPad Costume

iPad Halloween Costume for Boys and Girls – This free, DIY Halloween costume is perfect for your technology-loving child!

58. Halloween Masks

Halloween Mask Printables – Create your own DIY Halloween costume with one of these printable Halloween Masks for kids!

We have even more easy costumes to make for babies and toddlers- like: this mermaid costume with a green head band, shells, and blue and green tutu, a baby dressed up like popcorn with a white and red blanket wrapped around it's carrier and popcorn on a cap while mom is dressed up like a movie theater employee with a red bow tie and white shirt. We also have a little yoda who is wearing a brown robe but has a green had with long green ears. The homemade cow costume is black and white with pink slits in the ear. Mom dressed her pregnant belly up like a jackolantern by drawing it on an orange shirt. The last one is a mummy costume, a onsie wrapped in gauze with googly eyes.
Look how cute these are! I love the little popcorn Halloween costume.

59. DIY Baby Halloween Costumes

DIY Costumes for Babies – These infant Halloween costumes are too cute for words!

60. DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Homemade Halloween Costumes for Kids – Forget expensive costumes, because these DIY designs are even cuter!

61. Family Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes for the Whole Family – Make it a family affair with these Halloween ideas for kids and adults with super costume ideas!

62. Top 10 Halloween Costumes

Top 10 Halloween Costumes for Kids – These costumes make Halloween dress-up fun for everyone!

Halloween Ideas for Kids

More Halloween Ideas for Kids From Kids Activities Blog

What is your family’s favorite Halloween, craft, recipe, or activity? Comment below! 

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