Halloween luminaries are great to light up the Halloween night! Make them cute, make them creepy, all of them are perfect for a spooky craft! I absolutely love Halloween, and making Halloween lanterns and luminaries is something I try to do every year. You can certainly make lanterns any time of year. 

30 Halloween Luminaries to Light Up the Night

Halloween Luminaries

These are so unique and some of my favorite Halloween décor. Whether you’re making your own Halloween night light, home décor, or are decorating your porch and driveway, these Halloween luminaries are sure to cause your little ones to squeal with delight!

There are all sorts of materials that can serve as lanterns or luminaries. Can you think of anything around your house that could light up the night?

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Safety note: instead of candles, try LED tea lights, which make a great alternative to real flames!

Halloween Luminaries to Light Up the Night

From mason jars, to spray paint on the outside of the jar, to string lights, to fairy lights, you can make your own Halloween lantern either for yourself of even a Halloween party.

There are so many great ideas to make this Halloween season light up with different colors of light. We have so many Halloween lantern ideas, I’m sure you’ll find one you love!

Jars, Bottles, Cups & Cans Halloween Lanterns

30 Halloween Luminaries to Light Up the Night

1. DIY Halloween Night Light

This DIY Halloween night light is made from an old Ovaltine container! So cool. from Kids Activities Blog

2. Colorful Skull Luminaries

Crafts by Amanda shares these cool Colorful Skull Luminaries.

3. Halloween Painted Jar Luminaries

These Halloween Painted Jar Luminaries have been circulating the web since 2009. via Crafts by Amanda.

4. Gauze Mummy Luminary

Fun Family Crafts shared this cute Gauze Mummy Luminary.

5. Candy Corn Bottle Luminaries

Saved by Love Creations turned empty bottles into these Candy Corn Bottle Luminaries.

6. Halloween Baby Jar Luminaries

Polymer Clay shares these darling Small Jar Luminaries!

7. Halloween Plastic Bottle Luminaries

Fave Crafts shares how to make these Plastic Bottle Luminaries from recycled items.

8. Glowing Ghost Luminaries

We love these super simple Glowing Ghost Luminaries from Fun Family Crafts. Loving these spooky fun Halloween lanterns.

9. Plastic Cup Jack-o’-lantern Luminaries

Happy DIYing turned ordinary tableware into these Plastic Cup Luminaries.

10. Tin Can Halloween Luminaries

This Old House provides a detailed tutorial for making Tin Can Luminaries.

11. Mummy Jar Luminary

Kids will love this adorable Mummy Jar Luminary from Shared.

12. Black Tin Can Lanterns

By painting her cans black, Jolly Mom turned a classic into these Black Tin Can Lanterns.

13. Flying Witch Lantern

This Flying Witch Lantern is explained over at Making Lemonade

14. Spooky Milk Jug Lanterns

Hope you’ve been saving your milk jugs because these Milk Jug Lanterns from Making Memories with Your Kids are a must.

15. Painted Ghost Luminaries

Crafts by Amanda shares her Ghost Luminaries from painted jars.

Pumpkins & Jack O’Lanterns Halloween Lanterns

30 Halloween Luminaries to Light Up the Night

16. Mason Jar Pumpkin Lantern

This mason jar pumpkin from Love and Marriage is perfect for little crafters. It is so easy and fun! I love these Halloween mason jar lanterns.

17. Paper Pumpkin Luminary

I love the way this Paper Pumpkin Luminary glows! Via Smile Mercantile.

18. Wax Paper Pumpkin Luminary

100 Directions explains how to turn one of those cute little pumpkins into this darling Wax Paper Pumpkin Luminary.

19. Drilled Pumpkins Lanterns

The Garden Glove shares how to make Drilled Pumpkins for your porch. What a great Halloween lantern.

20. Paper Mache Paper Pumpkin Lanterns

Head over to Red Ted Art and make some darling Paper Mache Tissue Paper Pumpkin Lanterns.

21. Jack-O-Lantern Luminaries

Also over at Red Ted Art you’ll find these Jack-O-Lantern Luminaries.

22. Tissue Paper Jack-O-Lantern Jars

Pinterest has a great tutorial for making these Tissue Paper Jack O Lantern Jars.

Paper, Vellum & Paper Bags Halloween Lanterns

30 Halloween Luminaries to Light Up the Night

23. Black Paper Lanterns

I love the spooky feel these Black Paper Lanterns from The Paper Millstore give off!

24. Colorful LED Light Luminaries

I spotted these gorgeous Colorful LED Light Luminaries over at Halloween Forum. This Halloween lantern is so great!

25. Printable Vellum Luminaries

Use any printable you like, or these ones shared by Kimberly Crawford to make these Printable Vellum Luminaries.

26. Printable Paper Luminaries

Vellum isn’t the only thing that you can use! Check out these Printable Paper Luminaries from Not Just Decorating.

27. Simple Stenciled Paper Bag Luminaries

Make Simple Stenciled Paper Bag Luminaries from paper bags. via Modern Parents Messy Kids

28. Paper Bag Leaf Lanterns

River Blissed shows you how to make these beautiful Paper Bag Leaf Lanterns.

29. Spider Web Luminaries

If you head over to Aunt Peaches she’ll show you how to make Spider Web Luminaries.

Unique & Quirky Halloween Lanterns

30 Halloween Luminaries to Light Up the Night

30. Melted Bead Luminaries

Remember those melted bead sun catchers? Make some Melted Bead Luminaries too, via Sarah vs. Sarah.

31. Skeleton Hand Luminaries

These spooky Skeleton Hands glow in the night from Formal Fringe.

32. Cheese Grater Pumpkin Luminaries

Who would have thought?? Katie Did It – she made cool Cheese Grater Pumpkin Luminaries. Love these cheese grater Halloween lanterns.


Fake eyeballs Halloween Lantern covered in plastic bugs, LED light inside, and white spider web and green netting

Which Halloween luminary will you be making? Let us know down below!

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